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work this morning wore me out, but I still got a workout in 💪🏻 going to try and convince Zach to join me for another one after he gets off work!

got my protein packed smoothie to end my workout: banana, coconut, chia seeds, yogurt, and whey 😋

thinking about going to get me some halo top ice cream to satisfy my craving..

Me on the left in May 2015 at 168lbs vs me on the right in October 2016 at 117.5lbs.

It’s good to remind yourself where you started. @fitness-fits-me thank you for your constant support 💛 couldn’t have done it without you.

Happy Sunday!☀️☺️
Although my entire body is radiating with soreness from yesterday’s workout, I woke up feeling smaller and stronger 👌🏽💪🏽these grey Nike shorts aren’t very forgiving but I don’t even need them to be 😎 I finally feel like I’m on the heels of my personal body goals!

You were born to be REAL not perfect
Stomachs roll up when you sit down, hips crease (which I’m personally obsessed with) thighs spread and that’s OK! You’re wasting your time in the gym if you can’t accept the person you are when you sit down, when your bloated or when you have a food baby. Don’t neglect the self acceptance part of your fitness journey 😌