Solid workout! I’m feeling good about this week! I’m planning to get in an extra workout and to do some cardio over the weekend.

Saturday is going to be a day off because I work in the morning and then am going to my first bachelorette party!
Any advice on how to survive the night??

Shout out to everyone getting ready to go back to school! Submit your favourite school supply/back to school buys to my blog (I’m serious, I love that shit. One of my fav times of year). Tell me what you’re excited for starting the new school year!

Happy hump day!

Haven’t had a good salad for awhile so here it is. Spinach base topped with tomato (homegrown), avocado, tuna, and caeser dressing. Also Indiana grown melon! 👍🏻 #fitspo #fckbeingfat #fitbit #fitbitblaze #fitspiration #fitgirl #fitness #healthylife #healthylifestyle #healthcoach #health #healthspo #fitchicks #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #dontweightforit #youcantstepwithus #nom #yum #ww #loseit #selflove #strength #weightwatchers #girlswithmuscle #like4like #follow4follow

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You Know You Love Dance When..

This morning, I woke up distraught and crying. 


I’d dreamt that I’d competed in my last feis… only to be told post-performance that I would never be able to dance again. Despite never hearing the reason for why I couldn’t dance again, it was heartbreaking.

I am almost 24 years old and, still, I cannot come to terms with the idea of retiring. Despite talking about it, I don’t feel ready to do so until I know I am leaving on a high note. In fact, I have already pushed back my retirement by a few months in hopes of competing in the 2017 All Irelands before I decide to hang up my shoes for good. 

Dance is more than just a sport or extracurricular activity. It’s a passion that many of us hold dear - one we cannot fathom losing.

The point of this post: Never lose sight of your passion.