HOW TO: Bird of Paradise

Stand with your feet shoulder distance apart. As you exhale fold forward keeping a mirco-bend to knees. Bring your right hand on the ground to the inside of your right foot. Inhale, and twist at your torso reaching your left hand up towards the sky. Take a few cycles of breath here.

On the exhale flip your left palm to face right and wrap your arm behind your back coming into a half bind. If you have the flexibility, take the full bind and wrap your right arm under your right thigh, so you can interlace your hands behind your back. Stay here for 2-4 cycles of breath.

As you inhale, press into the corners of your left foot and engage your core. Keep your hands interlaced behind your back as you begin to lift your right foot off the ground. Come to stand, stacking your shoulders over your hips, keep your chest lifted. Stay here for 2-4 breaths.

Next, begin to straighten your right leg pointing your toes.

~ this pose is a lot of fun! but it’s important to warm up! practice these HIP OPENERS before you do this pose ~

It’s not always about the big changes. Sometimes it’s the little things multiplied overtime that make the biggest impact. As long as you are headed in the right direction never give up!


Work your way up to forearm balance with Dolphin Pose + Dolphin Plank!

Strengthen your shoulders and core! 

Create stability and length in your spine!

Ground down through your forearms at the same time hug them inwards while you reach your hips up toward the sky!