100 Reasons for my Journey - 1 reason for every pound I want to lose.

1. To be healthier!
2. To buy real skinny jeans.
3. To feel more confident.
4. To get better prices on clothes.
5. To be healthy for my future pregnancies & family!
6. To make it to ONE-DERLAND! (199lbs or less)
7. To feel good about my body.
8. To give the middle finger to anyone who has ever laughed at me, looked at me, or called me names.
9. To learn more healthy recipes.
10. To become a better cook.
11. To buy a brand new wardrobe.
12. To be able to find a bra in Victoria’s Secret.
13. To attract the attention of a sexy as fuck man with a kind heart.
14. To be more energetic.
15. To get into an exercise routine.
16. To not feel self-conscious at the gym.
17. To wave without my arms jiggling.
18. To get rid of my back fat!
19. To smile at myself in the mirror.
20. To look fucking awesome naked.
21. Smile, smile, smile.
22. To gain endurance.
23. To be stress-free.
24. To run a mile in less than 10 minutes.
25. To walk up to the 3rd floor at work without getting out of breath.
26. To look good.
27. Feel good.
28. And be happy.
29. To inspire myself.
30. To buy cute workout clothes.
31. To see the look on everyone’s face when I accomplish my goals.
32. To buy and rock a sexy bathing suit.
33. To look damn fine in a pair of jeans and heels.
34. To feel productive.
35. To do more than 1 pushup.
36. To have faith that I can finally finish something that I start.
37. To wear cute dresses.
38. To feel proud of my legs.
39. To have clearer, softer, healthier skin.
40. To try new activities & exercises.
41. To gain muscle.
42. To lose inches in my waist, hips, etc.
43. To not fear the scale.
44. To be able to be picked up effortlessly by attractive men.
45. To be a success story.
46. To inspire others.
47. To feel like a superstar.
48. Be fabulous.
49. Not be referred to as “the big girl.”
50. To not have diet and exercise recommended by my physician anymore.
51. To buy a little black dress.
52. To buy a little red dress.
53. To eventually be able to beat the crap outta my scale with a baseball bat.
54. To set an example for women like me, who think they can’t succeed just because they failed in the past.
55. To be a more well-rounded person.
56. To be passionate about life.
57. To be passionate about me.
58. To turn this blank canvas into fabulous artwork.
59. To have a smackable ass.
60. To have one chin!
61. To have to decide between a calzone and a salad and choose the salad because it looks more delicious, is more delicious, and makes me feel more delicious.
62. To ban belly aches caused by over eating!
63. To feel completely empowered & on top of the world.
64. To keep the weight off for the rest of my life.
65. To live longer!
66. To be a more active adult.
67. To meet more people!
68. To meet my future husband.
69. And live a happily ever after like in all the best romances.
70. To live the best life I can.
71. To make my mom proud.
72. And to make up for all the money she took out of her 401k when I was a teenager to pay for my botched Jenny Craig attempt.
73. To prove that you DON’T need Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, Atkins, etc. to lose weight…and KEEP IT OFF.
74. To climb to the top of a mountain and be able to tell the world how proud I am of myself.
75. To acquire new & healthy hobbies.
76. To be known for my body, not for my body.
78. To have an attractive face…..AND body.
79. To worry anything other than my weight.
80. To feel confident in my clothing.
81. To not be comfortable in my current life.
82. To open my closet and smile.
83. To open my eyes and really, truly see.
84. To live a life I won’t regret at the end of it.
85. To feel young.
86. To be more limber & flexible.
87. To want to exercise and enjoy it.
88. To create new & better habits.
89. To not have to make this list again.
90. To finally reach my goals…
91. All of them!
92. To know that if I can do this, I can do anything in the whole wide world.
93. To kick fat in the face.
94. To strive toward something that seems unreachable.
95. And reach it.
96. To love myself.
97. To finally be myself.
98. To change myself.
99. To have a family in the future and be a healthy and happy and active mommy.
100. To never again have 100 reasons to change something about myself.

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Losing the "Extra Weight"

“How did you lose all that extra weight?" 

You are dumbfounded every time you are asked that question.


You always answer with the technical approach,

"I just exercise every other day and eat small meals. That’s all.”

You know that isn't even half of the story or the struggle,

because it was more than just simply losing a few extra pounds.

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I don’t look athletic. But here we are, end of June, and this year, I have run 150 miles! (You can see my multicolored mile checkoff list) I’m sporting the medals earned for completing 3 half marathons! The sunburn on my arms is from the 8 hours I spent kayaking this weekend. On top of my cardio, I work out 40-60 minutes a day with the squats and sit ups and a dozen other exercizes. I weigh the exact same as I did six months ago. I look the same as I have for years—size 12 with crazy curly hair and a big smile. Athletes do not all look the same.

Making some good flexing (and tanning) progress! Can’t wait to get to a place that blows my current pic outta the water. 💪 #flexingladies #gunshow #tyrannosaurusflex #bicep #transformationtuesday #transformationfitnation #femalefitness #letmetakeaselfie #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightlossbeforeandafter #fitsperation #fitspo #straightflexin #formerfatkid #curlsforthegirls #bisfortheguys

Some times we give up on things we actually really care about simply because we got lazy or found excuses. You could be giving up something that means everything to you, but you’ve convinced yourself that it can’t possibly be important because if it was, you’d be constantly putting in 100% of your effort into it. This isn’t true. That’s not how reality works. Sometimes people get tired and exhausted and distracted - that’s normal. But don’t let that convince you that it doesn’t matter to you, or that it couldn’t possibly matter to you as much as you thought simply because you’re not putting in the effort right now. We all have our motivated days and our pathetic days and it doesn’t only count as effort if we’re motivated and working hard 100% of the time. It’s effort when we accept our pathetic days, move on from them, and start again. Don’t let your laziness persuade you into thinking it’s not important. It is. You know it. Don’t give up a piece of yourself because people tell you you can’t possibly want it that badly if you’re questioning yourself or doubting yourself. Sometimes, we need to take a step back, breathe, and re-realize it is important and start from square one. We all do. Keep going at it. It will happen.
—  Within this Soul