Height: 5'7 
Before weight: 307
During weight: 183
Goal weight: 150ish

Feeling a bit down and still seeing my old self in the mirror. Just needed a reminder of how far I’ve come.

It’s not just a weight loss journey but a natural hair journey too!
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You CAN Be A Morning Person

This was from a well deserved Sunday Brunch a few weeks ago. Sometimes you just gotta post up next to the Marina, eat some bacon and split a bottle of champagne with your Best friend. This obviously was a very enjoyable morning but unfortunately by body isn’t down with it every day so we have to find ways to enjoy the morning, EVERY MORNING!

We all know we can tell our body feels a certain way as soon as we gain enough consciousness in the am. If I ate pizza at 2:00am compared to having a lean dinner at 8:00 pm, I can feel the difference in my stomach as soon as I roll over. If I wash my face before I go to bed I can wake up and enjoy the 30 second eye rub compared to not washing my face and waking up to a heavy oily setting while I lay there and wonder how much mascara I got all over my pillows. Not Fun. Then your eyes are all swollen and shitty looking and you can bet that you’ve got about T-minus 2 days until that acne kicks in. Literally like a meteor, and there’s no way to avoid it now.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “When you drink tonight, you are borrowing happiness from tomorrow?” Little corny but true. I think some of us are at a point that we’re borrowing happiness from next month. But your mood for tomorrow is generally set by how you feel in the morning and it’s determined not only by if you drank the night before or not but if you overall took care of yourself.

Did you eat well? Did you brush your teeth and wash your face? Did you take a second to think about what you have going on the following day so you are prepared? Did you get at least 6 hours of sleep? Did you drink enough water the day before or are you waking up with your fingers swollen on to your rings?

Do you have a morning routine or do you wake up and watch 73 videos on your phone then go back to bed because you can’t think of anything to do?

Personally, I get up, make my bed, clean up my house, throw some clothes on and go to a café to wake up and see what I have going on that day.

So if you want to get moving a little bit and actually not want to kill yourself by 9:00 am, then try a few (or all) of these tips and notice the difference in your energy and mood every day !

- Drink water through out the day ( at least 4 16 oz bottles)

- Wash your face/ brush your teeth – it catches up to you not only tomorrow but in the long run if you don’t.

- Make sure your room is as dark as it can be when you go to sleep so you don’t interrupt any of that glorious shut eye.

- Don’t eat after 8:00 pm

- Make your last meal of the day some veggies and protein because there is hardly any sodium. (No late night Chinese meals. That salt is gunna stick to you like white on rice)

- Work out for at least 30 minutes at some point during the day. You’ll sleep better.

- Have a general idea of some things that you want to get done the following day so you have motivation and a sense of urgency to get up.

- Whatever your alcohol intake is right now, cut it in half.


Do it for yourself!! You’re the only one that can :)

 Until next time,

Chelsey Rose


The time has come where my days consist of bathing suits, big t-shirts, sandles, snacks and tanning. Im throughly enjoying working from home, writing blogs by the pool and getting outside for my exercise. So since iv’e been home more I wanted to share with you guys some healthy and refreshing drinks and snacks I’ve been having, along with my exercise regimen I’ve been doing, sound good?!

Heres what a day looks like:


- if I’m only doing cardio that day then I don’t have as many carbs so i go with my yogurt breakfast.

     - ½ cup fat free yogurt//fresh berries//mixed nuts (pistachios, almonds, walnuts, dried cranberries) and chia seeds.

- If I’m doing cardio and weights that day then i’ll have either:

     - 1 piece ezekiel toast with MCT oil, 2 eggs whites, ¼ an avocado and fresh salsa

     - 1/3 cup cooked oatmeal with fresh berries

EXERCISE: (Legs and Booty)

- 30 minutes on the stair master or elliptical OR a run outside if i’m not doing weights. 

( 3 sets of 15 for each exercise. When I do weights I also do 30 mins of cardio first)

- leg press (85 lbs) // inner/outer thigh abductors (70 lbs) // jump squats // walking lunges (30 lb barbell) // calf raises (hold 20 lbs) // regular squats (slow) // Deadlifts (30 lbs) // Clam Exercise (with a band above your knees) // Donkey Kicks on Cable Machine (30 lbs)

LUNCH: Now you Need Protein! 

I’m simple. I like things that are healthy, easy to make, and good. For lunch i might have one of these.

- Can of tuna with sriracha and Trader Joes spicy flaxseed tortilla chips

- Protein Shake

- Egg White and Veggie wrap (sauté bell peppers, broccoli, and spinach. Use a whole wheat wrap)

- Spicy Black Beans with steamed broccoli and salsa.

This is usually when i go tan, write, read, maybe grab a chai tea latte (with MTC oil)


Apples and chunky almond butter // Air Popped Popcorn // Mixed nuts // Carrots and Hummus // Juice // 

Now go out there and enjoy the 90′s ! Also, feel free to email me if you want a personalized meal plan and fitness plan :)

15 Minute Leg Blaster

We’ve all been there - It’s Saturday, you’re running errands, cleaning house and trying to catch up on your DVR while laundry is going. The time of your dinner reservations is looming closer and closer. You had every intention of working out but with minimal time to shower and straighten your hair the chances that a workout will happen are decreasing by the minute. Fear not, the Resource Girls have your back.

We hate anything over complicated and expensive and our workouts are no exception. We’ve put together a little fifteen minute leg burnout that will have you feeling like a million bucks in your skinny jeans and still have you making that dinner reservation on time.

What More Could A Girl Want?!

For this fifteen sweat sesh you’ll just need a clock, cell phone timer or some kind of stopwatch. There are five moves you will do for one minute each then repeat two more times for a total of three five minute blocks. Every minute on the minute you will change exercises.

1. Left Leg Dip

Wide squat position, rotate your left knee towards the ground while keeping shoulders and hips square and facing forward with hands behind your head. Once you come back to squat position dip right back down.

2. Right Leg Dip:

Same as number one but use your right leg this time.

3. Air Squats

Feet hip width apart, sit back so butt and legs are parallel to the ground. Make sure head and chest are up and your weight is in your heels. Keep your arms straight ahead and simply squat up and down for the full minute.

4. Ballet Squats

Keep heels glued together and balance on your toes with heels lifted. Bend over so hands are touching the ground, if you can’t reach the ground use a yoga block, hand weights or even your heels if you’re doing this in your bedroom. Then simply squat down and back up with legs straight, always keeping on your tip-toes and keeping your heels locked together. Tell yourself you have the winning lottery ticket between your heels and you cannot let go!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

5. Lunge With A Kick:

Alternating legs lunge back and kick forward. Make sure to keep shoulders and hip square and try to keep your kicking leg straight and extend all the way through the kick.

Step One:

Step Two: (Don’t Forget The Facial Expressions)

Again, do each exercise for one minute and then repeat the entire set two more times. Thanks for sweating with us. We hope this mini leg blaster has your night off to a kickin’ start!

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Here are my 21 day fix results! For 21 days I committed to this program and worked really hard to eat clean, and exercise daily. I started at 140 pounds and now finally weigh 135. 135 has been a goal weight of mine for a long time. I also lost 5 inches total and 2 of those were just from my waist. I couldn’t be happier. I plan on doing another round of the fix to help tone up some more and maintain my weight loss. 

On my hipster shit right now but, remember that girl you made fun of and called manly in high school because her muscles are defined? Yeah? Don’t deny it. You remember her because now you’re doing these fad diets and lifting programs to look just like her and do at least half of what she can. And to the boys that also tormented us, we see you in the gym pumping that iron so you can finally say we don’t lift more than you

We see you boo boo 😘