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Altean Lance hair color?

I flipping love Altean Lance guys, And I love the way he looks when people draw him with brown or white hair but here’s my thing,

brown hair is a human color, in the famous mall episode we are shown actual images of Altean’s through Shiro’s visions and none of them have brown black or blonde hair. 

Then when it comes to white hair, the only Altean’s shown rocking it seem to be the royal family.

The more common colors are shades of blue, purple and orange. sO unless Lance and Allura are siblings in your au,

Consider Altean Lance with dark BLUE hair!!! I have yet to see it but I think it would look good as hell on him and fit better with what we’ve seen !

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Demoman B2 and Spy D3? I know it's a bit OOC for spy but the new comic opened my appetite for fictional angst

Uhhh, that’s way out of his emotional range, if you ask me. He’s not the crying type in my opinion. Here’s another try with a different expression that hopefully fits him better:

Well, I tried :’D

here’s my progress so far (please check before requesting)

The Moon is Kind

Luna has never been a possessive woman. She knows as well as Noctis that their marriage is one of convenience, for the greater good. She knows too that she has ever been his big sister and their combined obligation to supply an heir has changed nothing of that.

It’s nice in a lot of ways, not having the pressure to sleep with him or to try to love him in a way she does not. Nice too because Nyx is still a fresh wound across her heart, still her bodyguard though he keeps his distance now. She wonders, if maybe Noctis, who has given her all that he can, would give her this one last thing.

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I don't give a flying fart who you ship together in this fandom.

I just felt the need to say that.

With the following exceptions:

You should not remove parts of a character you don’t like in order for them to better fit your [crack] ship. (Obviously you have your right to do what you want regardless, but it’s just a shitty thing to do in my opinion.)

Ex. If you want to ship Alec and Jace together. Go for it. (I ship them too. Platonically, mostly, but I do. They have a lovely relationship.) I would never make Jace gay just to put him with Alec, because that would be removing his heterosexuality. Just as I wouldn’t make Alec straight to better fit him with a female I think he would look aesthetically pleasing with or whatever. That would be erasing his canonical homosexuality.

Which I don’t think is cool at all.

However, I don’t see a big issue with making characters who haven’t necessarily had their sexualities clearly defined into whatever appeals to you. If a character flirts with everyone & has only ever been with women, but never stated one way or another what sex they preferred (and if the author hasn’t either) I think it’s fine to ship that character with whoever. (I haven’t read the books in a while so correct me if he is noted as straight only, but if the show wanted to make, Raphael for example, be bisexual; I’d be cool with that.)

All that said. If your ship is part of an endgame couple canonically (Ie. Malec, Sizzy, Clace) and you’d rather see them in different pairings, you have to understand that canonically that won’t happen. It’s your right to ship who you please but don’t go arguing with someone about who a character should really be with, ignoring who they actually end up with, just to justify your ship.

Only time I’m not against this is if the couple are clearly unhealthy for each other and while the book pairs them together they shouldn’t be. (Ex. A couple where one is physically/mentally abusing the other - if you wanna ship the poor dear getting victimised with someone better, then by all means.)

I’m sorry for being rant-y. Just came across someone being a dickwad. I don’t mean to upset anyone with this. Just needed to get it off my chest. If you want to discuss it civilly then feel free. I don’t have the best way with words so if something came off insulting or disrespectful I assure you that’s never my intention. (I probably shouldn’t write rants when I’m pissy. Lol.)

i have the url ‘hivegod’ and rn I’m using it for a resource blog but tbh I’m rly considering using it for ultron & putting more emphasis on like… insect similariTIES LMAO


Okay, so I just made this CRAZY connection and i hope to god I am right.

Sooo, some of you know i might ship Aedion with Elide. Because i have a hard time seeing him with someone like Lysandra, who i think is too similar to Aelin. I think someone who is like, more light hearted like him and less ruthless in terms of emotions would fit him better (but i think lysandra and him is what sarah is headed towards and that’s okay because i love lys). 

BUT i was recently answering an ask about Ansel, here, and i made the connection that Ansel wears wolf armor everywhere and her families sigil is a wolf. AND WHAT IS AEDION CALLED? Yeah, WOLF OF THE NORTH

Think about it. 

-Ansel is light hearted (on the outside), Aedion is light hearted (on the outside),

-Ansel is an orphan, Aedion is an orphan, 

-Ansel wants to fight to get her lands back and revenge for her families murder, Aedion wants to fight to get his lands back and revenge for his families murder, 

-Ansel talks a lot, Aedion talks a lot, 

-Ansel is very emotional, Aedion is very emotional, 

-Ansel might be bi, Aedion might be bi, 

-Ansel is the comic relief, Aedion is the comic relief, 

-Ansel likes to be free and run wild, Aedion likes to be free and run wild, 

-Ansel has lots of foot in mouth moments, Aedion has a lot of foot in mouth moments,

- Ansel has a temper, Aedion has a temper, 

-Ansel is very committed to her beliefs, Aedion is very committed to his beliefs, 

-Ansel is snarky and sassy, Aedion and snarky and sassy, 

-Ansel is very dramatic and into show (always wears that armor around despite it being 200 degrees in the desert), Aedion is very dramatic and into show (wants to take blood oath in front of the world so everyone can see, smokes pipe for how it makes him look), 

-Ansel takes tons of risks for the thrill of it, Aedion takes tons of risk for the thrill of it

-Ansel was a wing man to Celaena, Aedion is a wing man to both Rowan and Aelin, 

-Ansel puts family before anything, Aedion puts family before anything, 

-Ansel is a outwardly happy, free spirited, goofball but secretly wounded and angry wolf that is not to be messed with because she is really bad ass and cunning and scary, Aedion is an outwardly happy, free spirit, goofball but secretively wounded and angry wolf that is not to be messed with because he is really bad ass and cunning and scary.

Guys, whenever i picture Aedion with someone, its always with someone who laughs and makes jokes like him, but can match him on his temper and wildness and while being different from him and his story, can still relate in fundamental ways to what he is going through. THIS IS PERFECT! LITERALLY PERFECT! THIS WOULD BE THE MOST EPIC FUCKING SHIP EVER AND I SHIP IT SO SO SO SO HARD FOR REAL!

I swear to god, if they are not OTP than they at least need to be BROTP because i NEED to see this happen for real! 

Character aesthetic | KIAN TREMLETT

When I was six years old I broke my leg
I was running from my brother and his friends
And tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass I rolled down
I was younger then, take me back to when I

Found my heart and broke it here
Made friends and lost them through the years
And I’ve not seen the roaring fields in so long, I know I’ve grown
But I can’t wait to go home

Castle On The Hill - Ed Sheeran

A,B,C or all of Above

15 Associations.
Repost and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question.

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1. Animal: Lionfish (zebrafish? however its called)
2. Color: White
3. Month: January
4. Song: AK - It Takes Time
5. Number: 0
6. Day or Night: Night
7. Plant: Star magnolia tree
8. Smell: Rain (petrichor is apparently the word for it??)
9. Gemstone: Moissanite
10. Season: Winter
11. Place: Hotel rooms
12. Food: Sashimi
13. Astrological Sign: Capricorn
14. Element(s): Lightning & Water
15. Drink: Energy drinks