Running For Two👶🏾😃

Yesterday I mentioned that I was sitting out this year’s Brooklyn Half Marathon because I was training for the biggest event of my life.

Well that event is Motherhood 🤗

I’m more than halfway there and my belly has finally decided to ‘pop'😀

I’ve been lucky enough to train 5-6x a week and I love running but I have no desire to do any distance above a 10k right now. That would require way too many bathroom breaks😩 and Ain’t nobody got time for that!😝

I had an awesome 3.4 mile shakeout run last night with about a dozen NYC Run Crews and the energy was crazy!

Good luck again to everyone racing.

I’ll be cheering for you.

In the meantime, quick Arms & Abs (yes I still gotta keep it strong) workout done thanks to the NTC app.

Happy Flex 💪🏾Friday!

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Let the weight loss begin :) we’re back home.. Adjusting to a new life with 2 kids… First night was quite perfect.. Let’s hope they don’t get worse! First breakfast towards getting my prepregnancy body back.. Fresh fruit and one scrambled egg #cleaneating #healthy #whattoeat #fitspoholic #thefitspoholic #fruit #fitfam #fitpregnancy #fitspo

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What do you do on a snow day?! Train of course! I will admit that the 1st few weeks of pregnancy(before I knew I was pregnant) were extremely exhausting! 😴Training was a challenge and I was so unmotivated to workout.😕 I ended up with a “flu” and then a few weeks later we found out I was pregnant which was a total shock ☺️. My energy had finally returned and getting my butt up and putting it to work has become so much easier! 🙌🏾 Hubby and I have had these bands from @bodylastics for a while, they have been my best training partner so far! I love all the attachments and I’m using the 13 lb resistance band right here. I think I will use the 19lb one for the next time I do this workout. #fitbabybump #fitpregnancy #fitmamatobe #pumpthebump #bodylasticsbands

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pregnant running - 36 weeks

I have always loved this ad. I remember looking at this photo years ago and thinking,

“When I get pregnant, that’s going to be me!”

Yep. There I am. All muscly-legged, knocked-up, running strong and barely huffing as I push a toddler in a jogger. Totally.

Luckily for me, I am still able to run while pregnant. But instead of the beastly lady above, I look more like this these days.

That’s ok. I’ll take it. This guy is kind of cute too.

Yesterday morning, I met my friend Abby for what will likely be our last run together while I’m pregnant. Abby has been meeting me at least once a week for the past 6 months before work, at 6:15am, for easy, morning runs.

Abby is an adventure racer, who often travels the world and does 3 day+ races where she runs, bikes, and kayaks with a ton of gear while orienteering through lakes, woods, swamps and up mountains. Oh, she also runs marathons like, when she wants to train for something easy.

So, the fact that she was willing to wake up early to meet me 1-2 times a week when she didn’t need to get out of bed, to run a leisurely 3.25 miles around the same, boring neighborhood loop for 6 months (in case I needed to cut the run short for any reason) really means a lot to me. I am so grateful that she was willing to do that as I know I wouldn’t have been motivated to get out of bed on my own for so long.

Anyway, Abby leaves for Prague for a month-long trip on Friday, so more than likely, I won’t be pregnant when she returns. 

I did tell her at the end of our run yesterday that if she comes back on the 26th and I’m still pregnant, I’m making her do a 10 mile run with me the next day. :)

So, it looks like I’m on my own for the next few weeks if I want to still get out there.

Before yesterday, I hadn’t run for almost two weeks due to our beach trip and the oppressive heat wave last week. I felt miserable and there was just no reason for me to even try. I’m not that motivated of a runner. At this point, getting rest and staying cool are way more important.

But, I did also notice that over the last two weeks, I became much more uncomfortable and cranky. I was more emotional and stressed over things that normally this pregnancy, haven’t really bothered me too much.

I know a lot of this is just because I am really in the homestretch. But, I’m also a runner. And know that these are all symptoms of how I get when I’m not pregnant and skip runs for a week or two.

So, yesterday we ran. We were slower, but still not bad for 36 weeks pregnant (10:40 pace with a  walk break). It was warm and humid but 10 degrees cooler than it had been which was nice. We talked the entire time and the 3 miles clicked by quickly. When I was done, I felt great. I was dripping in sweat, yet felt cleaner than I had in two weeks.

Amazing what a little exercise can do.

People keep asking me why I’m still running. Or when I’m going to stop. And my answer is,  I’m not planning on either one. I’m just taking it one day at a time. At this point, if I don’t feel like running for another 3 weeks, I won’t. But, maybe at 40 weeks pregnant, I’ll feel great and go out for another 3 miles. Or, maybe I’ll feel fantastic every week from here on out and run 2-3 times a week until I deliver. Or maybe I’ll set out to run and walk every time. Who knows.

I have no set plan. If my body feels good, baby and I are healthy, it’s not blazing hot and my midwife says it’s ok, I’ll keep plugging along. Running (and by “running” I mean slowly jogging with a walk break or two) feels good on my pregnant body. Funny, how I feel the worst when I’m just sitting on the couch, lying in bed or sitting at my desk.

I’m lucky to be healthy enough to stay active this far along. The body is a pretty amazing thing when you think about it, even if you don’t have the bod of that running mama in the Adidas ad.