My Weight Loss Journey:

Left - I started at my heaviest weight @148 lbs about three years ago. I always was teased about my weight and I wasn’t happy about my body so I decided to change for myself. Eating healthy and working out wasn’t easy all the time. Weight loss was full of slip up’s and guilt trips, for me anyway.

Right - In summer 2016, I was at my lowest weight @120 lbs. I was proud of what I accomplished over the years - mentally and physically. Through all the strict dieting and “wow, you lost weight.”

Currently: I am @125 lbs, still striving to be the best version of myself. Through this journey, i’ve learnt to be mentally and physically stronger to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I’m not even close to my goals and I am currently still fighting for it everyday.

Work hard and Trust the process. 🔪

From one extreme to the next: I’ve been paper thin at 103lbs thinking I could get my “dream body” with a dangerously low amount of cals/nutrients, an hour of cardio and an ab circuit every day. I hated myself 24/7. I could never be skinny enough, do enough cardio and would beat myself up by eating just 1cal over my dangerous deficit. I’ve been 130lbs with little exercise and unhealthy food/drink habits because I would give up. No matter what I did to try to be “healthy” and exercise, it never gave me results so I just stopped until I would decide to go through the cycle of under eating then gaining weight all over again. Eventually, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, a disease that causes your body to immediately reject food so no calories or nutrients can be absorbed. I was having “flare ups” every couple of months which would cause me to drop weight immensely until my flare ups calmed down then I would gain weight all over again. It took me a couple of years to get to the point of balancing my food/drink choices and maintaining a healthy weight. This came from finally taking control of what I was putting in my body, tracking my calories/macros to ensure I was eating enough to be healthy and learning how specific workouts affected my results. I have slowly healed my metabolic damage, have less flare ups due to healthier habits and changed my negative body image views and am now 117lbs full of muscle and eating 2,000+ healthy calories daily to fuel my body. I do cardio no more than 30min, 1-2x per week and lift weights 4-5x. I truly wish I had people in my life to educate me on health and fitness rather than Cosmo or Pinterest.. I would have gotten to where I am now so much sooner. Educate yourself to learn what the definition of “healthy” really is because it is not the number on the scale or how you look in your favorite top. By treating your body right you’ll have more energy, feel better and be less likely to get discouraged.

Throwback to before I knew what the word ‘squat’ meant, when I thought changing my natural blonde was a good idea and also when I thought being skinny meant that I was healthy. Transformation photos make me laugh sometimes. 20lbs later and I’m glad I chose to make a change.

For those who dont know me, my name is diana frutos and i want to tell you my story :
ON THE LEFT, is me 2-3 years ago. I had ruined all relationships and friendships, i hated my life and i hated myself. I had a big drug problem, had very bad anxiety and depression, as well as an eating disorder . I was so far into such a negative life style . I was extremely insecure, I hated myself . I hated my body. I had no self respect . I was hopeless . I pushed everyone and everything that was positive away from me. I weighed 130, lacked respect, self confident and looked at substances and food for comfort . I was so lost, confused, young, immature, and insecure . I had lost myself, my grades dropped from a 4.0 to a 2.0 … i stoped trying , and i stopped caring for my body. My parents didnt notice anything, my silent cries for help were ignored, until one day, i met this boy, who impacted my life in the most positive way, he was there for me and made me feel like someone cared even though he didnt really know me. After meeting him and talking to him, i knew i had to change, i realized that even though my parents would hate me and not accept me after everything i had done, i needed help and i wanted to change for not only for myself, but see what he saw in me . I wasnt okay, but i did it, i asked for help . ON THE RIGHT, is me this MAY 4, 2013 at prom . I am two years clean from all substances . I no longer suffer from anxiety or depression and I have never been happier . I am not only healthy, but i am also fit . I weigh 103 right now & im not trying to loose weight but simply be the best version of me. I know respect myself and listen to my body . I really treat my body with care and have stepped away from junk food and alcohol as well . I no longer eat at fast food resturants with the exception of subway . I now smile all the time & i actually get ready . Most of my relationships with others are stable and healthy . I graduated high school with a 3.8 gpa , will attend sdsu in the fall, and even have a job now . As for the boy, he became my boyfriend and helped me along this whole process. I have never been happier to have changed my life to this fitness and health lifestyle . I am now capable of running atleast 5 miles non-stop now . I eat as clean as i can and eat moderate portions . Although i am not to my ideal body, i wont stop and now i understand that one must love themselves and that we must not strive to look like anyone else or the models we see in magazines . But to do it for ourselves, for our bodies, and to achieve our dreams . I know its not the best or most inspirational story, but this is my story .. and i finally had the courage to share it .


First back/bi workout of the year fueled by lots of donuts and holiday treats (Hence the lack of abs, but we’ll getchu back!!) Also not mad about how full my muscles are looking thanks to extra cals😋