If you don’t CHALLENGE yourself, you will never see CHANGE. I finished this ARM CHALLENGE last Friday. It’s so good that I’m going to repeat it again this month. Trust me, it gets very challenging!!

It’s okay to do more than one challenge a month. Why not? So add this one with your SQUAT/AB CHALLENGE!! 

**Modify the exercises as needed to suit your individual fitness level. Break into smaller sets as needed or increase number of repetitions. **

You can do PUSH UPS with knees down. BICEP CURLS and PUNCHES can be done with or without hand weights. 

What do you want your arms to do when you wave goodbye? This is the challenge for you!  Keep fit and faithful! ~Janet

Nobody’s PERFECT. Today, strive for progress NOT perfection.  

So…I have two thumbs pointing back at me this morning about this one. I work out HARD. I eat healthy. I drink lots of water. I do everything I’m supposed to do…but I’m NOT PERFECT.

After all these years of striving to be fit, you would think I would have the perfect body. NOPE. Sure, I would like perfect legs, who doesn’t?? Nothing snaps my self-esteem right in half like striving to be perfect. It’s nonsense and unattainable and it’s something I have to continually work on all the time. The PERFECT God loves me AND my imperfections. I need to learn to love myself just the way I am. ♥~Janet

FITNESS TIP: “When you go more than three hours without food, your body begins to store fat and slow calorie burn.”  -Chalene Johnson

Don’t skip meals. This was one of the hardest tips for me. I thought skipping breakfast or lunch would be better, especially to lose weight, but I have found just the opposite. Your body needs healthy food to perform and to do what it is designed to do. Don’t forget to choose healthy snacks, too!