Its a month away.. Mark your calendars!!
🌷💜We are SUPER excited to announce a #MayYogaChallenge that is a mini #igyogachallenge in honor of #MothersDay 💜🌷
Join us May 1st - 10th for #MotherMayIYoga? A fun #challenge that will let you be creative and choose your #asana for each day. We have given you the question… you give us your expression! For instance on a Mother May I bend?… do any bendy pose!
Hosts:@momwhatsfordinner @harmony527 @yogagirl227
Sponsor: TBA

To Join:

1. Repost this banner and tag 2 friends you want to join you.
2. Follow all hosts and sponsors.
3. Post your daily asana during the challenge.
Hope you choose to play with us in May!!!🌷💜 
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💖Day 5💖
It’s the 5th day of the #lovesweatfitness 7 Day Challenge 💪I’ll be getting myself in the habit of morning stretches. Not only does it feel great, it helps awaken the body and get the blood flowing. I always feel more alert and my body then carries nutrients more effectively! Give this stretching routine a try each morning!
💛Keep using the hashtag #lovesweatfitness in your challenge pics! We are almost there!
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As promised, announcing the 1st Prize out of 4 prizes to be won with the yoga challenge which started 5 days ago. . A fabulous criss-cross yoga top from @onzie… Thank you for your generous and very sexy giveaway ☺️. . Remember, this yoga challenge is for all levels. Each pose has 3 or 4 stages: Stage 1 - Beginners. Stage 2 - Intermediate. Stage 3 - Advanced. Stage 4 - Transition (if applicable) . To win one of the 4 prizes, you do NOT need to do all 4 stages. You just need to practise each pose at the level where you are at. It may be one stage, two stages or all stages. What matters is that you practise. Post your pictures with the hashtag and whatever caption takes your fancy… The 4 winners will be announced at the end if the challenge on Feb 14th (A valentines present from the fairies 😉)….
by deemoi via Instagram

"Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed."
— Paulo Coelho (The Devil and Miss Prym)


At the end of this week we officially have 3 months left in the challenge at work. I had set a personal halfway goal, which was to be down at least 20 pounds. We’re still not *officially* halfway there yet, but I’m so excited to see hard work has paid off! I’ve surpassed my goal and I couldn’t be happier. Just the motivation I need to keep pushing, moving forward.

These photos may not seem like much progress to you all (especially since I never took an initial photo like this for comparison), but considering where I was when this all started - trust me when I say, it’s a HUGE difference. I’m dropping weight, burning fat, and building muscle in ways I never imagined. I can honestly say, I’ve made a complete life change. Working out used to be something I would dread and now it has become second nature. I’ve gotten so much support from friends, family, co-workers, and of course my personal trainer. Thank you all for being there for me!

It’s not all about losing the weight. This is about a healthier me, inside AND out. With all this progress comes loving myself, a happier lady, a more positive outlook overall (still a lot of work on that one), and confidence (A LOT of work there). I’m welcoming all of the changes that come with this shift in habits.

I strive to make progress each and every day. Realistic goals have been set and my focus will not be shifted. It’s all about balance and applying all that I’m learning on a daily basis.


Initial weight - 212
Current weight - 189.8
(-22.2 lbs)

Initial BMI - 31
Current BMI - 28

Initial body fat - 39% (originally thought it was 38%, yikes)
Current body fat - 32%

I am strong. I can do this. I believe in myself. I WILL CHANGE MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER. My motto will continue to be - progress, not perfection.

Take the challenge! Try to do this! Also if you want your transformation to be featured by me this week either put a comment or DM me! #thejourney #goals #gettingfit #gettinghealthy #crossfit #crossfitjourney #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlosstransformations #fitfam #fitblur #fitness #fitwomen #fitspiration #fitnesschallenge #inspirationalpics #inspiration #exercise #transformationfitnation #other

SAY WHAT?! You can still have chocolate & wine on the 21 day fix?! What I am so excited about for this program is that there is no stressful calorie counting - it’s all about learning portion control. So, if it fits in the given container, OR cup, you can eat it! GENIUS, right? If you want change by following something so simple - comment below OR inbox me. I’m starting this program Feb 24th. It’s time to get those hot summer bodies ready!


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Practise moderation guys and gals! Anyway, bulking isn’t just about spamming calories worth of food — it also has got to also be the proportions and the nutritional value in them. (Eg spamming on sugar donuts is not going to be beneficial)

For those who have problems with trying to figure out what proportions to follow, you can view the plate as a pie chart. 1/5 meat/protein. 2/5 veggies/fibres. 3/5 carbohydrates.

For those who want to cut out the excess fat on the body or caloric consumption, you can try:

Turning 3/5 carbohydrate into 2/5. Replace 1/5 with more fibre like those of veggies like dark greens or even fruit.

You can even go on youtube to hear what professionals do and recommend. Or, contact your personal trainer and nutritionist.

Hope this helps.

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Getting there! Slowly but surely… I dedicate this Valentines day to squats and my butt ❤️👌😜 #nofilter #sorrynotsorry #squatchallenge #squatresults #squatchallengeprogress #day1 #day11 #squats #feelgoodfriday #transformation #fitnesschallenge #fit @teamnodaysoff @motivationforsquats @squat4datbooty @squatvideos @fitgirls_inspire @fitspovate @trainforfitspo @trainandtransform @fitness_getfit It is working! 😯😏 A year from now you’re gonna wish you started today!

Good morning on this, the first day if #NourishWithYoga 🌼i am showing a Tadasana/Mountain Pose variation. One of my favorite ways to start opening up for practice. I usually follow up with a stretch to the right and a stretch to the left.

Super excited to play wih you guys this month!!! We will give you traditional poses and variations to learn. 🌼 Hosts: @momwhatsfordinner (me) @paisleyanneyoga @sandra_thornburg 🌼 A HUGE thank you to all our sponsors: @karmaladesigns @lunajaiathletic love the peace capris ✌ discoint wiht code momwhatsfordinner at checkout @glowgirlfitness @indolovejewelry @barefootyoga @shencreations i am wearing their blue mermaid top and i am in love!!!! @lineagewear 🌼Wearing awesome leggings by @lineagewear 🌼 Tadasana aka Mountain Pose is known as the foundation of all postures. 🌼 #yoga #yogachallenge #yogaeverywhere #yogawithsandra #yogaeverydamnday #yogaapparel #yogaaddict #yogajunkie #wanderlust #yogainspiration #layogis #igyoga #igfitness #igdance #igyogachallenge #fitness #fitnesschallenge #fitspiration #eatclean

#1 SETTIMANA (-13 all’estate

In tante aspettavate questa seconda fitness challenge, (qui la prima) ed è proprio in prospettiva dell’estate che possiamo aprire le danze: 13 settimane di duro lavoro per definire addome, gambe e glutei. Sono i miei punti “deboli” e ho ricevuto tantissime richieste di workout a riguardo. Ogni settimana posterò gli esercizi da fare e alcune regole da seguire: niente bibite gassate, niente abbuffate (soprattutto a cena), bere almeno 2 litri di acqua al giorno.

Gli esercizi non vi prenderanno tanto tempo, dunque non saltate i giorni di allenamento! E se avete la possibilità di fare le scale a piedi, camminare anche solo per brevi tratti, o fare altri sport, perfetto

Se volete condividere foto della vostra giornata fitness inviatele a ; o scrivetemi in fanmail quanto avete sudato! Insieme si è sempre più forti! Go, girls, go!

[RICAPITOLANDO: al 5 giorno della settimana di challenge posterò gli esercizi della successiva. E gli esercizi per le gambe, mi raccomando, moltiplicateli x2!]



5 Roll-Ups

5 Ankle Reaches

5 Leg Lifts

20 secondi di Plank


5 Plie Squats

5 Leg Swings

5 Side Lunges


5 Squats

5 Pointed Butt Lifts

5 Fire Hydrants



6 Roll-Ups

6 Ankle Reaches

6 Leg Lifts

20 secondi di Plank


6 Plie Squats

6 Leg Swings

6 Side Lunges


6 Squats

6 Pointed Butt Lifts

6 Fire Hydrants




7 Ankle Reaches

7 Leg Lifts

30 secondi di Plank


7 Plie Squats

7 Leg Swings

7 Side Lunges


7 Squats

7 Pointed Butt Lifts

7 Fire Hydrants




8 Ankle Reaches

8 Leg Lifts

30 secondi di Plank


8 Plie Squats

8 Leg Swings

8 Side Lunges


8 Squats

8 Pointed Butt Lifts

8 Fire Hydrants



9 Roll-Ups

9 Ankle Reaches

9 Leg Lifts

20 secondi di Plank


9 Plie Squats

9 Leg Swings

9 Side Lunges


9 Squats

9 Pointed Butt Lifts

9 Fire Hydrants



10 Roll-Ups

10 Ankle Reaches

10 Leg Lifts

RIPOSO di Plank


10 Plie Squats

10 Leg Swings

10 Side Lunges


10 Squats

10 Pointed Butt Lifts

10 Fire Hydrants

#challenges update

Happy April! May the weather be better where you are than it is here. :)

Today is the 1 week mark of my No Junk Food Challenge, and the 3rd day of Brazen Fit 24-Day Ab Challenge. Hooray! In lieu of posting pics, I decided to write a little update.

It doesn’t seem like a big accomplishment for some, but it is for me. I relapsed from my weight loss campaign for a looooong time (almost 3 years now), and started eating absolute junk. Every day. It’s what the school serves, it’s convenient, it’s affordable, and it’s everywhere. The first week of no junk food has been though, but I did it! 14 more days to go!

I really surprised myself with the ab challenge. Day 3 and I’m still able to roll out of bed, set up my yoga mat, and just jump right in to the daily set. It’s almost mindless at this point, and that’s something I thought I’d NEVER hear myself say!

Staying motivated can be hard, especially when you’re going through a bad patch. I decided to start doing challenges as a way to feel good about myself, no matter what was going on in my life. At least I know that I’m doing something to better myself. It might sound silly, but it works for me.

Are you doing any challenges? Share your experiences!