BTS reactions to their gf being a gym rat/fitness junkie

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A/N: I’m writing these more like short scenarios but idk it’s fun. -amelia


Your gym fever, loves it. Goes with you. Gym dates. Spots you. Is the funniest person to work out with. Makes faces at you from across the room. Everyone at the gym ships you. Is a little disappointed that you don’t do more mundane things with him but you teach him some healthy recipes and he’s just having a blast.

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‘You’re one of those people…’ he’d rather lay in bed all day instead but you force him to go on light jogs with you. At first he whines the whole way but eventually he stops because he likes it… won’t admit it, but you know. He admires your ambition and he’s glad one of you has the motivation to be healthy.

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He’s a little pissed you don’t ever come to the studio. When he finds out you’re at the gym… goes bananas, makes you come to every dance practice after that and curses you for thinking the studio meant just the ‘recording’ studio. Is so sunshine about your athleticism.  He’s just really happy he can dance all day with you.

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The cutest. He’s clumsy but he tries hard when he goes with you. First time he almost drops some weights on his foot. A little shaken after that… Doesn’t go with you every time but encourages and supports you. Makes you boppin’ playlists for different types of workouts. Super impressed with your dedication, proud of you.

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Uses you as a motivator. Meets you at the gym. Loves your positive vibes, never leaves your side. Gym buddies. You show him all the cool healthy spots to eat at. Try’s to make you fudge your healthy life diet once, almost dies. Sees you as a soft mochi when he’s the true mochi because you don’t cheat… and he definitely does.

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Goes with you when he’s got the time. Likes seeing you in your element. Purposely warms up with squats so everyone can see the bootae. 99% of the time he’s just 👀 @ you. Thinks your super cool for doing what your doing. He doesn’t have the strength to go everyday, with practice also tiring him out.

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Brags about you to everyone he knows… even people who go to the same gym as you… One ups you at everything and feels so good. Helps you out a lot and does some pretty romantic things. Likes how you smell after you shower. Tried to get you to go out after your workout.

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july 24/26/27 - some pages from the past few days!!!!


I’ve changed a lot in a four-year span.

2013: Bad year. Upsetting friend drama, dealing with a stalker, working at a dead-end job that I later quit, struggling with poverty and unemployment, abusing alcohol and pills, eating crappy food, very overweight, throwing myself into Tumblr fandoms as a distraction, not happy with who or what I was at all.

2014: Slight improvements. Got rid of the pills and got a gym membership. Completely changed my diet for the better. Cut some bad people out of my life. Found a decent job and started saving up money. Still dealt with a stalker who finally gave up on me. Made peace with negative people from my past. Still wasn’t happy with myself.

2015: Moved out on my own with Jared. Wiped out a bunch of old social media outlets. Lost a metric fuckton of weight and became a fitness junkie. Started traveling. Also started getting really sick for then-unknown reasons. Professional life started suffering. Struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Threw myself into music fandoms to cope with said issues.

2016: The most challenging year of my life. Entered graduate school, left my old job and found a better one. Near-constant digestive sickness. Dealt with my estranged father trying to barge his way back into my life. Survived two surgeries. Traveled even more. Started performing live shows again. Also started drinking heavily again. Gained back 10 lbs. Decided it was time to find inner peace.

2017: Gained a promising internship connected to my studies. Managing a chronic illness to the best of my ability. Performing more shows. Trying to curb my drinking. Turning back into a gym rat. Started meditating. Feeling way more at peace with myself than at any other point in my adult life. Thankful for family, friends, and the privileges afforded to me.

This isn’t just about how my looks have changed, but rather how I have changed as a person. The longing for things I couldn’t have has ceased, because now I either have what I want or I’m taking real, productive steps to get what I want.

Also, dark lipstick is no longer my enemy. Hooray for that. 💝

(For junkies) There's no such thing as "Just one more time"

When trying to get clean off addicting drugs, there is no such thing as “I’ll just do it ONE more time, then I’ll get help”.

To quit you have to be in the mindset that you do not want this anymore AT ALL. If you’re thinking “I’ll just do it one more time then quit”. 99% of the time, you won’t quit. You have to REALLY want to quit and not do it EVER again.

Hey babes!

So after indulging on chips and burgers from the Super Bowl weekend, I had to ease out with a light breakfast this morning. I was running a little bit on groceries so I pretty much just made a smoothie out of all the frozen fruits in my freezer….It was delicious and kept me full until my lunch break. So thought I would share it with you all! 

Stay high babes,



1 Cup of Blueberries

1/3 Cup of cut up Strawberries

½ Gala Apple

½ Almond Milk

1/3 of Water

Blend and Drink up!