Lunch: Wholemeal Pitta, Chicken, Pesto and Cheese

I nearly didn’t have enough pesto for this, but thankfully I had just enough, and now it means that when I get back from holidays I’ll be able to buy some fresh pesto, as I’d have to throw it out otherwise. Something simple, quick to make (apart from breaking up the pitta bread, I need to find a way to do that better..) and it’s actually really tasty and filling, so it’s definitely one I’d recommend, as you can swap out the peppers for some other vegetables and make it a meal you’d enjoy!

Contents: 55 g chicken (shredded), 1 tbsp green pesto, 1 wholemeal pitta bread (broken up really small), 10 g cheddar cheese (grated)

Nutritional Information: [PERCENTAGES BASED OFF A 2000KCAL DIET]

  • Calories (kcal): 345 [17.3%]
  • Fat (g): 13.8 [19.7%]
  • Saturated Fat (g): 2.3 [11.5%]
  • Carbs (g): 27.3 [11.9%]
  • Sugar (g): 0.9 [1%]
  • Fibre (g): 4 [16%]
  • Protein (g): 27.1 [60.2%]

Snack: Yoghurt and Fruit

I have so many apples to try and get throuh for the next few days, I think I would have been better buying just a few, rather than a whole bag.. But sure, what can you do! This is a fantastic way to get some fruit and some dairy into your diet, while also being delicious, and since there’s two apples in here, there’s so much! I’m gonna go really enjoy this now, yum..

Contents: 100 g fat free vanilla yoghurt, 2 medium (120 g) apples (chopped), 1 medium (75 g) banana (chopped)

Nutritional Information: [PERCENTAGES BASED OFF A 2000KCAL DIET]

  • Calories (kcal): 199 [%]
  • Fat (g): 0.1 [%]
  • Saturated Fat (g): 0.1 [%]
  • Carbs (g): 27.0 [%]
  • Sugar (g): 18.7 [%]
  • Fibre (g): 7.9 [%]
  • Protein (g): 4.8 [%]