My Favorite On The Go Snacks!

I try to stress to people that I literally eat CONSTANTLY. Every 2-3 hours something is going in my mouth. My bag is always full of snacks. And I ALWAYS carry extra snacks because you just never know when you are going to be stuck somewhere. Especially with this snow on the east coast, I am constantly dealing with train delays and getting stuck!

The last time to go searching for food is when you are already hungry. Then you aren’t likely going to make the healthiest choice. So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites!!

1. Almonds - they now come in 100 calorie packs, but I usually figure about 12. They keep me full! I usually don’t eat them on their own. I have them with string cheese or fruit.

2. Fruit- my favorites are apples and bananas.

3. Quest Bars- you guys, I am in LOVE with Quest bars…you don’t even know. They are low carb and taste sinful!!

4. Popcorn- I will airpop it myself or I enjoy Boom Chika Pop and Skinny Pop. I often add a tbsp of quality dark chocolate chips (70% cocoa or above where cocoa is one of the only ingredients).

5. Kind Bars- quality ingredients and really filling. These are great because they are basically sold everywhere now. 

6. Dark Chocolate- I have QUALITY dark chocolate almost every day. I have a wicked sweet tooth so incorporating dark chocolate into my diet helps prevent me from getting that CRAVING. You know the feeling. 

7. Carrots and Celery with 2 tbsp almond butter, guacamole, hummus. 

8. Hard Boiled Eggs.

9. Jerky- as natural as possible, preferably nitrate free, with no added sugars or sweeteners.

10. Kale Chips.

What are your favorite on the go snacks?

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……….FITNESS MOTIVATION: 100 Reasons to Workout……….
Reason #49…Because it’s WORTH it. Seeing your body CHANGE and get stronger….PRICELESS!  ♥~Janet

anonymous asked:

Can we see a pic of you before you started working out and getting fit?

Like when I first started started….Okay lemme find some pictures.

Me when when I was an active lil boy who played all sports

Me when we first got our computer and I became a lil pudgy anime fanboy who hated anything to do with activity or movement. PS2, donuts, soda, toonami and cartoons all day became a less husky version of Bobby Hill according to my friends lol

This lasted until High School

Then I started running again and lost some weight and then my friends dragged me to the gym for the first time ever

then after a few months of that my body looked like this

Then I stayed consistent but I kept fucking myself over and over for years cause I was trying to BULK and CUT at the same time (DONT DO THAT). So I looked T-shirt buff (good in a Tight Shirt)

But looked meh without it

Then I got Injured and couldn’t lift for months and let myself go

But Everything changed immensely when I became acquainted with the very talented dj-smackdown  (Go follow her she deserves more followers dudes)

an amazing hungarian cosplayer, and very sweet woman. Who helped me, inspired me and motivated me to become better through eating Healthy cause my diet was kinda shit. She had lost a great deal of weight mainly through clean eating so She gave me her diet plan so I could get a feel of what to do

and So I started cooking all my meals at home, learning new recipes and I started becoming a lot healthier and I noticed changes in my body

It was like I had evolved, I felt Harder, Better, faster stronger than I had ever been before. Like a Magikarp to a Gyardos 

and nowadays my body still pretty much looks like this.

and I couldn’t have done it without my friend’s help