fitness time with nina

aesircast  asked:

So let's say, in theory, someone drew a lineart of Nina and wanted to color it (hypothetically). Would Manbanras' color scheme be accurate, or do you have something else in mind? Also, I wanna say, numerous people have asked me how my own naga would fit into a modern setting, but seeing Nina is the first time I've seriously considered it. Something about predatory nagas having to work a crappy/boring job just gives me the giggles.

Her original color scheme was this but I think I might stick with Manbanras’ colors, They’re really good oh man, I always second guess myself when it comes to picking colors. 

Nina was originally gonna be in a more fantasy setting which is why she has the costume, but I wanted her to interact with more of my modern setting characters like Lucy and I figured it would be more funny this way. 

shamelesslysinging  asked:

I just finished Crooked Kingdom and then made the mistake of listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. Tale as Old As Time/Something There are both weirdly good fits for Matthias and Nina!

Now that you say this… they’re a very good fit for a Beauty & the Beast AU. 


Tumblr  post + alpine skiing (1/?) 

(inspired by @benvalentin and @incorrectskijumpingquotes)

(Know it is to many Norwegians, but I am biased)

So this monstrosity took up a few days of my inktober drawing time (I’m a busy woman). No regrets. The Six of Crows crew drawn Don’t Starve style. I thought it was fitting. Nina makes me laugh every time I look at this. RAEG (took up inktober 21, 24, 25. I’m counting it because I am a busy woman)