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We won’t be silent. We will speak out. And we will persist.

(a virtue) of the brave
robert/aaron, vic, adam, chas 

GENRE:    mental health issues, mental breakdown, mental instability
WORDS:    2,304
SUMMARY:  Robert wants his mum. Robert hated his dad, hates that he can’t let him go, hates. Robert hates himself, loves himself, scares himself. Robert’s the sum of his parts, but never a whole, never gets to be a Person, always feels like he’s pulled in a million different directions and doesn’t know how to make everything fit. Robert wants his mum.

a belated birthday gift for @victoriasugden :)))

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The bed is still in the room.

Robert wants to throw up. He tried to burn it but Aaron won’t let him, keeps trying to tell him he needs to talk about it, needs to face it. Robert can’t face it, can’t believe he ever-

“Did you know she left me here,” Robert says, feels bile rise in his throat as he presses the barrel of the gun against the pillow. “She let me wake up and believe I did that to Aaron.”


“She never fucked me.” Robert hates her, wants to crawl out of his skin and erase this room from his memory. “I don’t even remember anything. I was sat there,” swivels round, gun waving between the wall and the bed, “and woke up here.”

“Mate, I’m sorry.”

“I’m not your mate,” Robert starts, thinks about Aaron. “Did you ever fuck in here?”

“What? No, Robert, that’s-”

“Crazy?” Silence. “Aaron thinks I’m crazy, you know. Thinks I’m losing it.” Robert thinks he might be, too. Can’t really think in straight lines anymore. “Maybe I am.”

“Let me out. Vic wouldn’t-”

Robert’s hand shakes around the gun. “Stop.”

“Please let me out. She wouldn’t want this.”

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So it's half term at time of writing, and holy fuck... The kids I've had to deal with this week have been such little shits. I can think of maybe 3 or 4 that have said 'please' and/or 'thank you'. But a special shout out goes to the 12-15 year old kid who had a big hissy fit because his mum didn't want to get him a fucking £150 keyboard. Fuck you, you little goblin.

Working Out & being pregnant?

I decided I am going to continue to work out.  Although this will be considered a high risk pregnancy,  I will not let my nutrition & health go to shit.

I can still workout & be pregnant.  I am a wellness coach so I will be sure to do things the right way and not overexert myself or lift heavy.  I am either doing no weight like in the video of me doing squats on the smith machine or when doing my legs i do like literally 5 lbs or 10 lbs.  For me that is like a feather.  I plan to continue taking herbalife because many woman and myself can take the products while pregnant (keep in mind that herbalife isn’t a weight loss program, it is a nutrition based program).  I was trying to gain lean muscle and now that I am pregnant I will focus on every day nutrition to not gain so much unnecessary weight while my pregnancy progresses,  Nutrition is key for sure.

Working out will be a stress reliever for me as well,  I cannot wait to continue to show all of you how ok it is to work out and be pregnant all at once :)

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Hi I know requests are closed but could you pretty please do a blurb where Harry and you are a really lovely dovey couple or some kind of fluff please I'm begging

I can respect a rule breaker who knows they’re doing it. ;) This isn’t explicitly fluffy, but it is warm and cozy – Harry’s brand of fluff, I think. x.

GENTLE REMINDER TO READERS: Requests are closed, I’m just posting a whole slew that I wrote over the past 3 days to try to get through them. 

022. Public (and Private) Displays of Affection

The absence of PDA in your relationship isn’t so much out of want as it is necessity. The closest Harry gets to touching you in public, usually, is a quick touch on your lower back or grasping your hand to guide you through a sea of photographers or just to casually assure you of his presence as you stroll through the streets together.

So-called body language “experts” – most often common internet trolls – often remark about how he clearly doesn’t love you and you’re very painfully obviously not that into him. Harry knows this because you read it to him despite his protests.

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The (Not-So-Very) Illustrious Founding Of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

It isn’t particularly derived from anything in the books, but you will never shake my headcanon that Hogwarts was founded completely by accident.

Four kids in the Middle Ages in their late teens, just about old enough to get married, fight in wars, take up adult responsibilities, who really just want to fuck around and study cool magic all the time, meet up with each other and discover perfect kindred spirits.  Obviously the only thing for it is to stake out a spot in the middle of nowhere where they can practice brewing potions and blowing things up just for the hell of it.  They’re witches and wizards.  They’re going to live like a century.  Why would they settle down and be responsible now?

So they end up with this badly-built little shack on the top of a cliff in the middle of absolute nowhere

(”This is our storeroom?” Rowena asks skeptically, eyeing the sad little pile of logs.  One entire wall was nothing more than a drape of oiled cloth.  “You want me to keep my books here?”

“Sad, soggy noble,” Helga mocked.  “Are you even going to look inside, your majesty?”

“Oh, come on,” said Godric, and lifted up a flap of cloth.  Inside, Salazar was lounging in the middle of a room twice the size of the shack from the outside, on what looked like an old log, half-Transfigured into a wide couch, plush upholstry and all.  It still had sprigs of branches coming off the bottom.

“Your Transfiguration’s a mess,” Rowena said.

“It’s artistic,” said Helga.

“It’s comfortable, at least,” said Salazar, and then, “Let me guess, Her Ladyship thought we were going to live in squalor?  At least it’s better than the fens.”

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little modern!human!lyta things:

  • does yoga every morning she has time for it and doesn’t count it as exercise
  • goes to the gym like daily. also, there’s a swimming pool at her house that’s used a lot. and a punching bag and a training dummy
  • used to do flat track roller derby. a-team of themiscyra was probs the team name
  • 20 bucks says the name was antiope’s idea
  • they still call their squad amazons bc of those days
  • what i’m saying is she’s just as intense abt health and keeping herself fit as a suburban mum as she is as an amazon
  • pretends not to notice tiny diana sneaking to eat the brownies
  • jokes on u diana the brownies have broccoli and/or black beans baked into them
  • a former judge, now in city council. considering congress now that diana’s older??
  • yeah really not a stay-at-home mum, diana’s seen a lot of daycare and nannies during her days
  • born in iceland, family moved to the states when she was fifteen
  • feminist af, lesbian but not publicly out of the closet like only her lady friends + sisters know
  • rly doesn’t like the idea of diana travelling on her own. or dating boys. or doing risky sports and shit. is not able to reinforce this at all
  • has told diana that diana was conceived in a test tube, did not disclose that she knows the donor bc she doesn’t want diana to think she owes anything to him
I found his jumper 14 || D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part, Fifth Part, Sixth Part, Seventh Part,Eighth Part, Ninth Part, Tenth Part, Eleventh Part, Twelfth Part, Thirteenth Part

A/N: This is a huge jump into the future of Rose and Dan. There is a big chance that next chapter will be the last. (oh no) But now enjoy this one. 


Originally posted by oppalester

Shortly before Dan started his first year at kindergarten we had the move to the US because of his dad’s job. I was a bit worried that he would have a hard time getting used to the new country and I was afraid that he wouldn’t find new friends. When I picked Dan up after his first day at kindergarten his face was glowing and when I asked him why he answered : “I have found the bestest friend in the world.”

It turned out that his new friend was actually the little girl who lived next doors. Her name was Rosie and the two of them spent every free minute together. They were the loveliest kids and a lot of things have happened since they were that little. Daniel and Rose are both young adults now and they grew up so nicely. Looking back I think we all knew from the start that the two of them shared a very special bond, but I never actually thought I’d speak at their wedding one day.”

Dan’s mum was close to tearing up, just like my mum and I.

“Are you nervous?” Hayley asked.

She was wearing a pastel pink dress and together with her still green hair she looked like a Monet painting.

“Very.” I admitted and checked my hair and make up for the 15th time. I obviously wanted today to be perfect. In less than a minute I’d walk down the aisle and become Mrs. Howell.

I was curious about how Dan was doing at the moment, but I obviously wasn’t allowed to see him before the ceremony. Phil, his best man, probably had a hard job calming him down. My heart was racing as I waited for the ceremony to start in my dreamy white dress. It fit perfectly and my mum and Hayley, my maid of honour, helped me pick it out.

My hands were trembling when the huge church doors were pushed opened and revealed Dan waiting for me at the end of the aisle. All eyes were glued on me. Our guest awed when I started walking, my dress stopping only centimetres above the marble floor. Hundreds of roses in huge vases bordered the aisle.

Dan’s face was glowing, crinkles had formed around his eyes and his smile was so big that his adorable dimples were showing. The way he looked at me reaffirmed that shouting ‘Yes’ after he proposed was the only right decision. I smiled back at the man I loved since I was a young teen and continued walking until I finally stood next to him. He looked better than ever before in his formal black suit. His hair was the perfect length, not too short and not too long. His face matured a little since we got together in college. Dan gently took my hand in his and squeezed it tightly.

“You are breathtaking.” Dan whispered and was interrupted by words we have only ever heard in movies.

“We are gathered together here to unite this man Daniel James Howell and this woman Rose Mary Edwards in the bonds of matrimony.

Do you Daniel James Howell take this woman Rose Mary Edwards to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in heath, in good times and woe, for richer or poorer, keeping yourself solely unto her for as long as you both shall live?
If so, answer “I do."”

Dan looked at me in the eyes and then he said 'I do’

His words were loud and clear and filled with love.

I was asked the same question and without having to thinking about it I answered 'I do’.

We then put the rings on each others finger and finally we got to kiss. Our first kiss as a married couple was sweet and way too short for our liking, but we were interrupted by our guest cheering and clapping.

Back in high school I’d have probably called you a rude name if you had told me that I was going to marry Dan Howell the person I despised most at that time. Even in college I would have laughed it off, saying 'nobody knows what’s going to happen.’ But when I was still in elementary school I fake married Dan in the woods because we thought it was fun. Actually marrying him now felt like a fairytale come true.

At the party after the ceremony Dan’s mum held an amazingly beautiful speech. After her Phil, Hayley and Caleb rose from their seats.  

“I have never seen two people who love each other that much.” Phil smiled, raising his glass. Hayley was stood next to him and although she was quite tall she still looked small next to Phil.

“I have to admit that I didn’t like Dan that much at first but then I noticed the way he looked at Rose and I immediately knew that he loved her. I then saw how Rose hugged his jumper that he gave to her when she couldn’t sleep at night and in that moment I knew that she loved him.” Hayley spoke and made all of our guest swoon. I looked up at Dan as he smiled down at me. He gave me a quick peck on the lips before we returned our attention to Caleb.

“Dan and Rose showed me what love really means.” he said and those words coming from him meant a lot.  

We had all come a long way and ending up with Dan was the best thing that could’ve ever happened.

We cut our wedding cake and danced the first dance of the evening. Hayley introduced us to her girlfriend and we celebrated all night. We danced and ate and everybody congratulated us.

“Can I steal the bride for a second?” Dan asked, interrupting my conversation with Hayley and her girlfriend Gemma.

Both of them smiled at me before nodding their heads.

Dan took my hand in his and lead me away from the ballroom and the celebrating crowd. We ended up on the balcony of the building. The sky was jet black but dotted with stars. It was quite windy and cold especially because my dress was strapless.

“I barely got to talk to you all day because we were always so busy. Did you like today, Mrs Howell?” he asked and my heart started jumping in my chest because he called me that and it was actually true.

“I loved it.” I replied and absolutely meant it like that.

“Good.” he said and started to lean in. Our lips collided. It was slow and soft. His hand rested below my ears, his thumb caressing my cheek as our breaths mingled. I ran my fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between us and I could feel the beating of his heart against my chest.

Our kiss was interrupted by sudden rain drops landing on top of our heads. We broke apart and looked into the night sky.

“I can’t believe it is raining on our wedding day.” I laughed as Dan wrapped his arm around my waist and I rested my head against his warm chest

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I've suspected I had aspergers for a while now: I was bullied for crying a lot, I don't understand sarcasm, jokes or social situations, I love stim toys, etc. I don't get meltdowns tho: I get shutdowns, and I'm a girl, hyperverbal and a good student which puts people off diagnosing me as autistic even tho I'm 99% sure I am. Every time I tell my mum I fit the criteria she says it's bullsh*t because I'm too normal to be autistic. I'm not. How do I get her to beleve me? Please help... 😥

Write up a list of reasons why you think you are autistic and how you fit the diagnostic criteria an show it to her?

Alternatively, use the years of writing classes where you were forced to write persuasive essays and make projects to present with poster boards and powerpoints. Write an essay about why you are autistic or create a powerpoint presentation.

Basically, give her enough information and backed up claims with evidence that she can’t ignore or refute it.

- Os


Mum goals 😍😍😍

The obvious follow up to the one after the battle and the Granger-Weasleys. James is a typical first born taking up all the space and Albus is a restless sleeper that will kick you in the face. Harry is ready to get called in to work and Ginny is obviously a super fit super mum. 

I plan on doing more pieces on the same theme. One will naturally be of the whole Weasley family but other suggestions are welcome. Any characters that might sleep together in any way.

Okay, I really have no actual reason to write this except that I woke up this morning and it was pouring and I was cuddly in my blanket and I had spent the night before reading Marauders Era fanfics till 4:30 am, so I just thought I’d jot this down.

Warning: It’s just 100% pure trashy Jily fluff.

“Lils,” James’ voice pulled her out of her sleeping state, “Lily, love wake up.”

“What is it?” she mumbled, her voice muffled against his shoulder where she’d buried her head comfortable.

They were lying in a tangle of sheets and limbs, close enough that her fiery red mane were jumbled in with his black locks, and she could feel his breath on her forehead when he spoke.

“It’s raining, love,” and in her half asleep state, Lily had to resist the urge to kick him in the shin, it had been such a long day and it had taken her hours to finally find sleep, but of course her fiance would wake her up for rain.

She looked up at his face and her sarcastic comment died on her lips. He was holding onto her tight, and his hazel eyes filled with sheer glee.

“You’re such a dork,” were the only words that left her mouth, as he bent down to kiss her on the nose.

“We first kissed in the rain, do you remember that Lils?” his voice was almost dream-like as laid her head back on his chest, and pulled the blanket up to her chin. One of his hands combed lightly through her curls, and almost absentmindedly his other hand adjusted the blanket around her shoulders, making sure she was warm.

“Of course I remember, I was livid that day,” she almost laughed, “Tuney didn’t want me at her wedding and in a fit I wrote to mum saying that I didn’t want to be there either. Then I ran out of the Common Room into the pouring rain. You were the only one who noticed.”

“It was worth almost getting pneumonia,” she could hear the smirk in his voice.

There was a moment of comfortable silence, when Lily said decidedly, “I love the rain.”

James didn’t reply, he just kept playing with her hair till long after her breathing had evened out. He stayed wide awake for even longer, holding the woman he loved and listening to pattering of the rain drops on their roof, feeling more content than he had in a long time.

Are You Sure? : A Dr. Spencer Reid Imagine

A/N: Howdy! So, I got a really nice request from an Anne-Nonny, who asked for where Reid x Y/N are together, but Reid starts to feel as if Y/N is in it for pity etc. I improvised on the names, like “Mark” etc. I’LL ALSO BE MAKING SOME OUTFITS ON POLYVORE AND STARTING IMAGINES WITH OUTFITS INVOLVED :) 

Rating: 14A

 Warnings: Well, sad Reid.. And Y/N brings up some sad stuff from their history to make a point to him. 


You adored his vests, his dress shirts, his ties. You adored every style of his hair, and believe you, there were quite a few. However, you were partial to his purple or blue outfits, and his short-ish hair with the tussled top. 

This morning, on your way into work, you had looked over at him and smiled brilliantly at just that, and you couldn’t have been more happy than when he caught you peeking, and, with a startled look, asked you rather impatiently to “Keep your eyes on the road for the sake of the world!”. 

You had responded, “Yea, for the sake of MY world” and he had had a rather strange reaction. He had winced, then turned away and resumed looking out the window at the city roads passing by. 

You had wondered if maybe your comeback had been taken in the wrong context, but it bothered you the rest of the way to work, and continued to bother you as you sat on the bench. 

Watching the next person file in through the door, you stretch, and bring yourself to ramble on the same speech that you just had said about 20 minutes ago. 

“Hi, my name is Y/F/N Y/L/N, and I’m here to supervise your testing. Basically, what I want you to do is show me that you can un-holster, load, fire, and holster your weapon with accuracy, precision and speed. The last thing any agent needs in the field is an error with their gun that could end lives. 

If you could please follow me, we’re going to sit down at my desk, and I’m gonna get you to go over your paperwork and then we can officially begin. It should take 30-45 minutes, and the other supervisor, Mark, has another student in the next firing range over, so it may be bothersome, but you’re here to show me that you can focus”. 

The obviously nervous young woman nods her head, and you gesture to your desk. You were a trainer, supervisor and certified special agent of the FBI, but currently you were working as a supervisor with the new batch of students coming in to work their way up to agent status. 

Your job was to make sure their personal information was correct, and to make sure that, with confidence and security, you could advance them on. You needed to make sure that they knew their way around a gun, and could use one properly. 

“What’s your name?” you stare at her, and she starts to clear her throat before every answer, as if there’s a bundle of nerves caught. You knew the feeling, you had that feeling when you did your testing. 

“Vanesia Flox, 24 years old, from Tampa, Florida. I have 16 years of gun experience, as a hunter and target shooter”. She does a room sweep, stands up confidently, and un-holsters her gun. 

Instantly you spot a red flag, she drew it with no idea of where to aim. There was very clearly a large, red target to the back of you and yet she points it at you, yourself. 

You were in this situation more than once over your history as a trainer and supervisor, but you remember the day that that situation was almost deadly.

It was last year, and you had a student who was just passing the bar. You noted some aggression problems in your initial interview, and when he drew his gun, he had pointed it at you. 

When you had calmly said, “You drew it with ease, but you’re pointing it at me, which tells me that you weren’t set on the appropriate target. Doing that could lead to excess time trying to aim it and calibrate your surroundings again, and that could give the unsub time that they need to end your life, or make their move”. 

He had become angry, and fast, and the next thing you remembered was knowing what it was like to be shot. 

He had pulled the trigger at whatever he was aimed at, which happened to be your right shoulder. After months of intense physiotherapy and three operations, you still had trouble. 

Thinking of that, you set down your pen and smile, so does she. “Now Vanesia, you did that with clarity and precision, however you’re currently aimed at me. Can you see why that would be a problem?”. 

Forty minutes later, with an impressive passing result, she exited the room alongside you so that you could get some lunch, and turn in her paperwork.

You hand it to her, signed and sealed, and shake her hand. That’s when you spot Reid at your usual table, buried in a book and his lunch off to the side. You sling your bag around your good shoulder, and join him, kissing him gently on the cheek, as to not disturb him, before sitting down. 

“How was your morning?” you ask, opening your lunch, and he shrugs. “It was okay. JJ and Hotch are trying to decide over our next case”. He’s very to the point, and never looks up from the book. 

Your brow furrows, and you nod. “I was aimed at again this morning, but she recovered beautifully. I’m sure she’ll end up in the BAU as soon as she possibly can”. 

He nods, and you can just see the top of his head over the pages. You start to worry, what if you really upset him this morning? But even if you did, this wasn’t okay. 

When you had been shot, he had been the first on scene, and the last one in the hospital that night. You had talked to one another, and eventually, in physiotherapy one morning, he had stumbled over his words. 

He was spotting you, basically watching your work to assure that you were okay, and that you weren’t pushing yourself too hard. You had been on the rowing machine, trying to get a wider range of movement back in your shoulder, and he had said, 

“You know Ernest Hemingway once said, "You are so brave and quiet, I forget you are suffering”“. You had faltered in your row, and let it go, so that you could rest. 

"Did he? That’s a beautiful quote.. What brought that up?”. His face had flushed a beautiful red, and he had looked at his feet, his hair falling to cover his face. “I relate it to you. You don’t look like you’re in pain, or that you’re hurting.. You just keep going”. 

You had smiled, “Awe, thank you Spence. Wanna know what quote I relate to you?”. He had stayed silent for a few, fleeting moments, before mumbling a “Sure”. 

“It’s another Ernest Hemingway one, he says, "Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know”. You want to know why I think that? Because you are the most wondrous person, your mind is incredible, and yet I struggle to find the supreme happiness in you". 

He had looked up, and smirked at you, a genuine smirk. “You know, I see you being happy a lot, but I live for that true, radiant happiness that come every once in a blue moon and takes over your face. Your eyes light up, you cheeks show that amazing smile, and you just glow. I live for that day, because I love it Spencer”. 

By that night, you were a couple. It was quick, but it was real, and yet now, as you sit across from him, he seems to have lost the reality. 

“Please Spence, tell me what’s wrong” you long for the truth, and he’s slow to give it to you. He sets down the novel, and you know that he was done it before you had even walked up and kissed him, but now you can actually see him. 

You see the bags under his eyes, and the slight pale tint that hides in his facial features. 

“Are you with me because of pity?” he says it without flinching, his eyes on your fingers, which were playing an invisible piano moments before but had now stopped dead. 

“Pardon me?” you stutter, and he shakes his head, his hair even more tossed about. “I want to know if you’re only with me because you pity me. You pity the geek who goes through books like food, you pity the lost little boy who has Mum issues, and has trouble finding exactly where he fits in. You pity me, everything about me”. 

You set down your water, and slide your hand closer to his. He pulls back, and you’re stuck, thinking about the moment this morning where he flinched. He thought you had been teasing him. 

“Reid.. How could you think that?” you feel hurt, and yet you know exactly how he feels at the same time. 

“Just tell me the truth” he replies, tentatively touching your outstretched hand. “Of course I don’t pity you” you answer. 

“If I pitied you, I would have told you the moment you said your Hemingway bit. All of those things you said? Your books, your intelligence, your Mum, fitting in.. I love you because of those things. 

Your books? You can show me worlds I would have never known through the books that you read. You can tell me all of those things, because you’ve taken yourself there. When you let me sit on your knee and you play with my hair and talk about the most recent novel you’ve read. I live for those days. 

Your intelligence? You can tell me so many things, and you can help me understand what I can’t. When I’m lost, I look to you to help me, because somewhere in that never-ending amount of brilliance there is something that will bring me back from the edge. When you hold me tight just by what you know. I live for those days

Your Mum? The fact that you had the strength to do what you did is part of the reason I love you so much. I know that you persevere, and yet despite what happened, you still love her and treat her with so much kindness and understanding that it shows me who you really are deep down, and that’s just like you are on the top. When you talk to me about how it all makes you feel, your worries and your strong points. I live for those days. 

Fitting in? Well for the love of all that is holy, I have pride in the fact that the love of my life doesn’t fit in. If you really wanted to, of course you could, but the beautiful thing is that you don’t. The moments when you look at me with such curiosity, and ask me how I make it so easy, is when I look back and tell you that it’s not worth making it easy. I live or those days. 

And you know what, I’ve changed my favourite Hemingway quote that makes me think of you. It’s now "And you’ll always love me, won’t you? Yes. And the rain won’t make any difference? No.” because no matter what happens, I will always love you, and there is not one ounce of pity in that love, except maybe when you struggle to explain a book, or when you struggle to understand your feelings, and if I were to ever pity you more than anything, it would be the day you decided to fit in. I promise you, I love you for the reality of us". 

He looks as if he’s been struck by lightning, and his hand closes around your own, and you slide over to join him. 

“Pity isn’t for the lion, nor is it for the lamb”

SJ’s to-do list: 16/06

- Unpack and put stuff away

- Update Mum’s Apple Watch

- Fit strap on Mum’s Apple Watch

- Dantana 1x1

- Quinntana 1x1

- Spitfire Tana

- NYC replies

- Kids replies

- Disney replies

- Emmy’s page

- Work on playlists

- Go visit neighbours up the road. Make sure Mrs and kids are ok and see if there’s been any news

- Clean Elliott

- Try and scan DVDs (at least the new ones) and put them on the shelves

- Buy new song featuring Demi on iTunes

- See if I have any Eurax cream anywhere, if so, drown myself in the stuff

- Anything else I happen to think of and actually find time to do