fitness mirror pic

Ugh tumblr friends,
I’ve been so sick for days and I’ve barely been able to make it to the gym. I’ve just been laying in bed and wishing I was outside enjoying the amazing weather that we’ve been having in VA. Despite hating being stuck inside, all this time by myself has helped me reflect on how much progress I’ve made in the past year. Aside from some pretty awesome strides with my physical appearance, I have gained so much mental strength. This time last year I had an eating disorder, I self harmed, and I let my depression take control of me to the point where I ended up hospitalized. After that I decided to make a change and realized that no one could create happiness for me, it needed to be my choice, every day. So here we are. Maybe not healthy (at this particular moment) but certainly so much happier.

Thankful for a God who never runs out of second changes.