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can we get rid of the idea that ‘strong women’ in media can’t fall in love or be straight


I had a truly amazing workout tonight and the fact that I can barely use my keyboard is proof of that

It’s not exactly what my goal was (2min @ 3mph / 3min @ 5mph) BUT I did this:

2.5min @ 3mph

2.5min @ 5mph

1.5min @ 6mph

REPEAT for 30 minutes with a 2min cool down at 2.5mph

So I ran 4 minutes straight with only a 2.5 minute break.  I’m calling this a success!

Also my friend brought me a red Gatorade and I drank a little tonight but I’m gonna drink the rest tomorrow and I AM SO GRATEFUL! 

Also I found working out with someone else there really motivated me to try harder and not give up– so I also conquered my fear of the machines and used two of them today!!! @morethanjustanumber are you proud!?!?

That’s probably all for me tonight but who knows so stayed tuned pals

I’m gonna go eat some peanut butter and almond milk :)

I am not a Disney princess.  I’m Roger from 101 Dalmatians.  I’m hesitant to bond with new people, but once we’re in love I will lurk upstairs improvising mocking songs about your college friends with questionable morals.  And if 84 extra human children mysteriously showed up at my house I would just buy a house in the country and keep them all. 

With a smile on my face and absolutely no regrets I’ve decided to withdraw from Nationals. I qualified for a berth, which was my goal all along, and had I lifted my best was sure to win a medal. And still, despite a year’s training and focus, it just isn’t in the cards. I may be cheering on all my friends from the sidelines this year. But I’ll certainly be there in spirit.

To all of you ♡

I’ve been posting a lot thinspo pics until now. I’ve been opsessed with that boney look. However, I have just made a decision that from now on, I’ll be posting more from fitspo instead of thinspo blogs because I want to get over ED and all that “bonespo” stuff. Please don’t get offended, I’m just trying to make my journey healthier, more enjoyable and in general better for me. I want to stop being so mean to myself and binge and purge and all that ways of autodestruction.

It won’t change my mind If people unfollow me for promoting healthy, realistic and better body goals than before, I think I’ve made right decision not just here but also in my life.
Stay safe!

George Harrison’s I Me Mine - The Extended Edition is officially out on 21 February 2017.

The cover features an image originally photographed in 1968 by Astrid Kirchherr and now, designed by Shepard Fairey.

My copy arrived in the mail on 20 February, as you can see (a preview of the additional content has been posted on thateventuality’s Instagram). Though I’ve only begun paging through it, it’s definitely a beautiful book… indispensable for George fans. Immense gratitude must go to Olivia and Dhani for making this edition possible.