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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am finally done! Done with this drawing and done with my life! To be completely honest, I won’t even try lying to you about how easy the painting process was; because it wasn’t. Far from it! It felt like this piece sucked the life out my body. 

I really do love sketching and drawing lineart, but taking hours of my time to colour said lineart in? Nah, thank you. Doesn’t have to be, you know? 

That being said, oh my god I am so happy how this piece turned out! The two vampires simply look adorable yet intimidating at the same time thanks to the lighting. The colour scheme is fitting as well; I’m glad I orientated the colours after an original painting by Yamamoto for Krul. The hardest part to complete were the delicate light particles you can see flowing around the two forms because SAI doesn’t have a Gaussian Blur effect. Thank you, SAI. After an hour of trying to create the perfect blur, I gave up and used Photoshop instead.

I hope the lovely two role-players, @lestkarrkingofeurope and @krullish, who inspired me to draw this scene like how it turned out as much as I do. 

Until next time~

anonymous asked:

So it seemed implied that the vampires have a supernatural sensory awareness--how would they react to MC trying to sneak up on them and surprise them?

Hahaha :D I would like to see how that would go with some of them!

A would just turn around and look at the MC with a brow raised like, ‘What are you doing?’

N would, in all fairness, probably realise what the MC was trying to do and might let it slide. They likely wouldn’t act scared or put on an act, but they wouldn’t be blunt about the MC not being able to do it!

F would probably spin around at the last second, before the MC got to sneak up, and freak the MC out instead :D Then fall into a fit of laughter!

M would just be like, ‘No, not happening, and if you try it again I won’t be responsible for my- probably painful for you- actions’. A bit of a spoil-sport!

Thank you so much for the ask :)

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J- Its actually too big for me…that’s why it fits Michael better. *pout*

M- You look cute in big clothes though…

(Body swap 2/10)
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he didnt think she’d get this far

inspired by this kinda


TFTBL feat. Deadpool (thanks to @demirhys for helping me cast these dorks)