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315lb Squat PR

Guys, I’ve finally done it! I PR’ed my squat at 315lbs beltless! I’ve been chasing this for such a long time, and honestly, it wasn’t even a grind to hit the one rep. The last time I attempted it, I was wearing my belt, but my core de-stabilized, and I lost it. 

I wasn’t even planning on PR’ing today, but I was doing sets of three, and next thing I know I’m at 295 with no struggle at all. At that moment I was like holy fuck…can I do this??

Today was a perfect example of being my own inspiration. It doesn’t really happen that often, but it did today. I was so pumped that after that I killed the rest of my workout.

This week has kind of been an emotional roller coaster, starting off pretty shitty but with things working out in the end. I had a great weekend at Philly Pride, but then I was feeling pretty nostalgic about everything and really missing people. Then I royally fucked up at work on Tuesday and was pretty upset about it. In typically me fashion, I was the hardest on myself. I always am…I always expect better from myself. In the end nobody made a big deal out of it. I just need to learn from my mistakes.

Since then, things have been going great. Lots of positive vibes going around and lots of small work-related successes to celebrate. My only wish is that I can thrust this feeling onto the people I love who are struggling right now. I know what they deserve, and they only deserve the best. I hate that I’m powerless to help, but I hope that I can inspire them to keep pushing just as they did for me.