fitness idol

So recently ive been into a kpop group called KARD, which is unique for its mixed genders….and naturally, i had to draw my ships as an idol group lol. 

Halfway through i realized that their names make the acronym LAME, and i found that absolutely hilarious. So, now it’s their official group name lmao


Levi likes to be a dick

Inspired by the Naritai Aquarium PV & episode 11 (+ beginning of 12) with the globe. The animals represent each girl and taken from this post.

HC: Witch You has been lonely all her life, but finds a magical friendship orb!! From there, she summons 8 new friends (who transform into humans later on)!!

Anyways….. I love her pls keep her smile protected thanks.

hidekins  asked:

"There's only... one bed." Nico gulped and felt her cheeks getting warmer as she turned to Maki. "Guess Nico-chan will be sleeping on the floor."

you can feel it more if you listen to this


anyway i drew this for my old friend’s bday
the right one is in transparent


thedestroyeroflife replied to your photo “A pre-hollow Grimmjow. I haven’t been able to draw much and needed to…”

billy idol confirmed

He’d never copy any man, period. He’s a very special snowflake, who’s heard that completely unreasonable comparison more times than Ichigo heard strawberry puns.

Ok, maybe not that many times, but still.