fitness idol

does anybody ever think about how ilhoon thought hyunsik was the most good-looking at debut and still tells him he’s one of the best even though most people completely overlook him because he doesn’t fit the typical idol beauty standards, and how he always compliments his body meanwhile so many ‘fans’ keep saying he should lose weight.

no offence but a lot of people actually need to be more like ilhoon in that aspect tbh.

Caught sweater-handed (Nico X Maki)

(Maki is wearing Nico’s sweater and smiling to herself in a sentimental way; Nico walks in)

Nico: M-Maki, why are you wearing my sweater…?

Maki: (jumps ten feet letting out a squeaky scream) IT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! (takes off Nico’s sweater hastily, forgetting that she has nothing underneath except her bra)

Nico:(blushing heavily) M-M-Maki…!

Maki: (grumbles) What?

(Nico just looks at Maki’s chest with wide eyes, looking extremely flustered. Maki stares back at her with a “What’s wrong with you?” type of expression and then glances down at herself and it takes a second or two for her to realize that she’s pretty much naked from the waist up with the exception of her bra)

Maki: (screams again, covering herself) D-Don’t look, you PERVERT!! (throws Nico’s sweater at Nico and it hits her right in the face and the force of it causes Nico to fall backwards)

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billy idol confirmed

He’d never copy any man, period. He’s a very special snowflake, who’s heard that completely unreasonable comparison more times than Ichigo heard strawberry puns.

Ok, maybe not that many times, but still.

Distraction (Nico X Maki)

(Nico and Maki are having a study session at a coffee shop, and are sitting at the stools near the windows. Nico is trying to concentrate on reading a textbook in front of her and looks slightly frustrated. Maki notices this and subtly smiles as an idea forms in her head.)

Maki: (drops her purse on purpose but tries to play it off like it was an accident) Oooops, dropped my purse.

(Nico glances at her and Maki makes a show of bending over to pick up her purse and gets up very slowly, giving Nico a really nice view… Nico is startled by this gesture and her eyes widen. Her face also turns a deep shade of red. Maki finally stands up straight putting her purse over her shoulder in a nonchalant way.)

Nico: M…Maki… (grumbles and suddenly) … what the HELL are you doing?!

Maki: (slight sarcasm) Oh, nothing.

Nico: (bluntly) Yeah, sure. (lifts up her book closer to her face and stares into it, mainly to hide the fact she’s incredibly flustered) Likely story.

(There’s a slightly awkward silence between them and then Maki scoffs in an amused way)

Maki: (smirks at Nico mischievously) You liked it.

Nico: (glares at book intently) Shut up.

Salty egg drop soup (Nico X Maki)

(Nico is in the kitchen making some egg drop soup and Maki is sitting at the dining table, reading a book)

Nico: (pretending she’s a cooking show host and crossing her arms, she says) The egg drop soup is finally done. Egg drop soup tastes even better with soy sauce but I don’t have soy sauce so I’ll have to settle with… (smirks at Maki and holds up a salt shaker) Maki (Maki notices this, giving her a death glare and then Nico clears her throat)… I mean, salt. (Maki tosses her book at Nico like a frizbee and it hits her right in the chest) Ow!! Hey, I was JUST joking!

Maki: I don’t care!