fitness goal 2013

To commemorate my being on the cusp of turning 26 years young, a recent progress pic is in order. 

I tried to stand in the same position as last time to spot any differences. I’ve learnt so much about how appearances aren’t everything because I’ve definitely gained weight due to having built muscle mass in my legs/butt but aesthetically speaking the difference is subtle 

Ladies, its so true when the Fitblrs assure you that weight training will not turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger.We’re not built that way,  instead it just helps to tone, tighten, perk up and/or build your curves. I’m gonna stick with the weight training to see how much more mass my thighs/legs can build.

I’m at a stage where this is the most fitness/health conscious I’ve ever been & I’m loving all the holistic life discoveries i’ve made along the way & have yet to uncover!