fitness fridays !

Friday and feelin good!

So I got a real gym membership yesterday! Went with a friend and we did a 35 minute RPM virtual class, and then a few weight machines and finished with a 20 minute yoga/ stretch session. Pretty good for a first day back at real gym in months!
I can’t wait to see the changes that this makes to my body along with healthy eating.
I need to get my body somewhat ready for going south in a month! Aiming to lose 15 pounds in the next month and tone up a bit.


Fit Friends Friday



Deadlifts (225/155)
Handstand Pushups

Scaled: #115, HSPU negative with pushup
Time: 14:41
Feelings: shoulders have been murdered and im dying and coach insisted that i go with the negatives instead of a strict press

Still gonna go squat lateeeeer and do some overhead walking lunges because i hate myself