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Anyone else sometimes not true to themselves about what they eat and how little they workout and still expect to be dropping pounds every week?
Yes! SAME!

I’ve put on 4lbs the past two weeks and have been so disappointed yet I haven’t worked out once and have eaten chocolates, crisps, cakes all lots of other bad things! I didn’t log them and when I went back to look at my log it was all heathy foods I had eaten but then actually thinking back I ate rubbish but didn’t log it!

I can’t be annoyed at myself at all because I was not true to myself.
Weight loss is hard. VERY HARD. EXTREMELY HARD.
If it was easy then no one would be posting about their journeys and everyone would be skinny!!

I bought a weight loss diary and I am going to track everything I eat everyday! I am also going to make a weight loss board with pictures and also pegs so I can move the pegs down when I lose weight! I am so motivated to stick at it for the next 10 weeks and see what I can lose! 10 weeks from today hopefully I will lose about 18-20lbs 🏃🏽

Lately, I’ve been enjoying a high-fat breakfast. Trust me, I am pro-carbohydrate, but I seem to stay fuller longer and get fewer weird cravings later on when I primarily start the day with fat and protein. 

What we have here is a warm spinach salad with “cashew cream cheese” and two eggs.

In a lightly oiled skillet, I added a hand full of spinach and gave it a pinch of salt and a splash of red wine vinegar. Then, I added my cashew cream cheese and worked it all around until it was softened, warm, and broken up a bit. I removed it from the pan and then just made myself two eggs over easy. I gave each egg a pinch of salt and black pepper. Last, I finished my plate with some pickled onions, chives, and deli-made bruschetta. I love bruschetta at breakfast and I’ll probably make my own once tomatoes are more available.

Cashew Cream Cheese: While it didn’t really spread, melt, or taste like cream cheese; it was pretty dang tasty. That’s all I really ask for! Not going to pretend I’m the genius who made this up, but this exactly what I did to make it myself. 

  • 200g cashews, soaked overnight in water
  • 1 large clove of garlic
  • juice of a lemon
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 TBSP chives

Directions: Soak the cashews in water overnight. The next morning, drain the cashews and place all the ingredients in a food processor. Run on high until desired texture is achieved. Scrape down the sides as needed.



Back awesomeness 💖 🙌🏻 💪🏻
Back day! @lancehickey @americanbarbellclub

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My phone went completely wonky while I was on the cruise and reset itself to the point that I couldn’t even turn it on!😳 It honestly felt so nice to completely disconnect from my phone and technology for 5 days💆🏻🏝🛳 But this was the last picture I got on the cruise and it was when I went to the gym to do Day 2 of my next challenge!💪🏼 It was a GREAT workout!😍

It's almost time

I have 18 more days until my family drives down to see me. Six months ago my fiancee and I moved about 5 hours away from my family, to another state. They are finally coming to visit us!

Not only does our place have to be in order but so does my health routine.

I haven’t been doing the greatest at sticking to eating all healthy things. I am still going to the gym though. I also have been trying to force myself to drink more water on weekends.

I have 18 days to shape up and lose what I can. It’ll be interesting to see exactly what I can do given a small time crunch. Next measurements are scheduled for the 15th of April.

There have been weeks were, when I step on the scale, I think “the scale is going up.” I always prepare myself for it even though it never happens and it’s just a number. But today when I stepped on the scale, the number was the same as last week. And you know what, I’m perfectly ok with that. I wasn’t really working out because of this stupid head cold, and I know so many people with March birthdays that I went out for supper twice. But you know I see it? I’m letting my body rest and heal, and I lived a little bit - nothing wrong with that. The biggest thing I’m taking away from this is that this shitty week is not going to turn into a shitty month or a shitty year. What’s in the past is in the past; I don’t have to bring it with me to the future. To quote Autumn Calabrese, “don’t worry what happened before, don’t worry about what’s coming next, just focus on what your doing right now.” 💪 Stay strong my friends 💕

Salad Idea

I have posted before about the fact that lettuce has little nutrition by itself. So, you are going to want to add some nutritious greens to your salads. One little addition is stir-fried brussels sprouts. Take your sprouts and microwave them on high for 60 seconds. Then check. They should be softened. If not give them another 30 seconds. Do not overdo it or they will become Brussels mush and nobody wants that. After softening them stir-fry them with a little oil and garlic salt until they are a crispy maybe three minutes. Put in a resealable baggy and chill. Then next time you make a salad toss a few of them on top. They have a wonderful almost walnut-like flavor. The sprouts are almost genetically identical to kale and much nicer on the palate. It beats chewing kale like a milk cow.

Happy Monday!

March 27th, 2017

This time, I probably will be pretty in-and-out. I still have a migraine from yesterday morning, and it was worse throughout the night and pretty intense this morning. It’s seemed to back off with food and medicine for the time being. Sometimes, I do just get like this. I’ll have months where they’re not very intrusive, and then months where they seem to dominate my life.


Gym: Name of the game this week is probably just going to be getting up. We usually go T, W, Th. So, at least today was a planned rest day. The intensity of workouts obviously depends on how fatigued I am later on this week. I think the weather is supposed to get better, so perhaps I will as well. The air pressure is already starting to go back up so that’s a good sign.

Finish Push Up Challenge: Guys. We’re there. Just a few more days! My headaches have been clearing up in the evening, so as long as that’s the case again today I’ll be able to do mine today and finish the challenge.

Bits and Bobs

Well, I usually write a lot here, but I really am just minced meat. Soon as I hit “post” on this I’m going to go dump myself in the shower. 

I guess this could be interesting. My migraine journal entry?

Things That Make Me Smile

So, I renamed “100 push ups” to 100 because after this month I want to see how long I can do a streak of doing 100 of whatever I feel like. 😆

Well, I know that was a bit low energy but I really wanted to just do something today, lol.