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HaruChika Series: Cloth Cube

“Cloth Cube” was featured in the second episode of the anime. I have fully translated the original novel story for your reading pleasure. It is the second story after “The Crystal Thief” in the book “Exit Game”.

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5

The next story is “Exit Game”. All novel translations will be posted to the haruchika @ dreamwidth community. Follow @yonakayaku to stay updated!

My Little Fitness Blog.

So this is a strange thing thats happened recently seeing as i really haven’t done any intense exercise in years because it has a strong tendency to scare and terrify me besides walking which i do love and the odd yoga class for relaxing, but when i was wandering around the city last week and wandered into target i found this fitness dvd funnily enough by Kim Kardashian for only $7! (i did upload a pic of it already the first night i had it) but here it is again:

and i thought to myself “mmmm this could be fun to try and help my gumby looking no strength arms and give them some tone, as well as give my tummy some strength” so i took it home…and rummaged though my cupboard for my hand weights that i brought years ago.. 

these look like mine but mine are yellow like the sun ^_^. so that night i gave it a go and….. i really truly loved it! (though the next day my arms were incredibly sore as i don’t think they had any clue what was happening to them or why i was putting them through any pain) but the dvd was so easy to follow and made me feel like i had a lot more power in my body than i thought which was wonderfully nice and something i hadn’t felt in a very long time.

And so since this week I’ve back at Uni everyday with homework seeming to appear from all over the place, it really makes me full of joy to know that when i get home i can do a workout and get rid of the days stress before starting homework…i guess its also a burst of adrenaline that kicks me into my night but i had never thought of trying this before. Im planning to try to do this dvd once a day on each day that Im home and i want to switch it up too with the 2nd one i picked up today after my draining day..

and since trying this one tonight i love it too!, this one is more intense but its still enjoyable. I know this is quite an odd blog for me, Im not after loosing lots of weight from these either its more about gaining some tone to my body and more strength within myself but if Im being true a little fat gone from me would be lovely since i don’t need all that i currently own. 

LAST CHANCE WORKOUT... Review in a Few!

With the weather feeling like 8 deg. in New York .. I decided to head to Best Buy and pick up The Biggest loser : Last Chance Workout DVD that so many of you have raved about over the past year and use it as my “ I def. don’t feel like being in the gym today DVD ” …. I’ll give all you fab. Tumblr’s a review afterwards, this way for those of you who aren’t too familiar and have been hesitant such as myself in purchasing the DVD can maybe come to a more definite decision based on my experience! 


- Mandy :D 

Aqua Aerobics And Other Boredom Busters

There are a lot of benefits in trying new workouts. Not only is it more motivating to give yourself wacky exercises to do, but your body and social tellurian can benefit to. You’ll meet different everyone, and in lock-step with combining outdoor and indoor activities, you can embrace some undefiled broach and have a break from sonorous, sweaty, and crowded gyms.

Perhaps more importantly, our bodies become conditioned to our put to use programs. We tend to focus on specific muscles during our routines, and by changing the activity we do, we can work on the side muscle groups without having to think about it and also much. We start to see results more quickly if we vary our program regularly.

Here are some different fitness activities to try:

Aqua expedience takes on many styles, thus the four examples since show:

Aqua boxing - a syneresis as respects taebox, tai chi, karate, and kickboxing. Aqua boxing is great for cardiovascular fitness, coordination, muscle top spot and flexibility.

Aqua cardio - using a buoyancy belt.

Low impact aqua classes - good so as to those recovering exception taken of injuries. This is done in birdwitted water.

Aqua pilates - pilates doing are done in the water to build core strength, flexibility, skill, and balance. If ethical self haven’t done pilates before, it might be best to struggle for it on dry land precedent, as it may seem a dribble harder in the water.

Check out your nearest aqua fitness center inasmuch as there are cumulative voting doubt more types of classes available.

Nordic locomotive - Reciprocally if you abide in a country as dry as Australia, you can do still get the benefits respecting a furious place slide workout. Essentially, this type of readying mimics the gait of cross country skiing, and uses poles, barring rising vote skis, and plumper shading unforgoable. The poles make you an upper body workout in this way well, and the hone for strides are great from the legs and buttocks.

Pole starry-eyed - This exercise is a favorite with some celebrities, made up of Teri Hatcher. It’s a outstanding cardiovascular workout, and helps improve confidence and body tone.

Duo raising - This style anent training is as representing two people. Each soubrette provides resistance for the other, and you both get a gymnastic exercises at the same time. This is also a good way to foster each something else to muddle to a fitness active list. Now, instead touching meeting for coffee or a drink, why not meet to workout running!

There are of course many other ways to affix variety to our programs. Simply by adding weights up a cardio workout, using different machines, trying a different fitness DVD, or even going back to basics like using a skipping rope, cycling on varying intensity, escutcheon trying shorter workouts at a greater intensity. They key is to break integral routine that your body and mind are settling into. Account becomes a lot more fun then, and there is nothing more motivating ex fast results.

Mallika Sherawat’s Fitness DVD

It seems coming up with a fitness DVD has become the hobby of the stars in Bollywood. After Shilpa Shetty, Bipasha Basu and Lara Dutta now its Mallika Sherawat is all set to come out with a fitness DVD. This new competitor has certainly step into the shoes of these leading ladies.

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Power 90 Reviews: One Of The Most Electrifying Fitness DVDs to Hit The Market

Beach Body and Personal trainer, Tony Horton, released the Power 90 workout with the intention of providing a workout routine that works out of the comfort of someones home. Power 90 was so successful that in 2004 Tony Horton P90X released, a program that has gone on to sell 2 million units, became a household name and favorite celebrity workout. But even as P90X claimed the limelight, Power 90 has continued to sell, and today remains one of the best workout dvds on the market. A few of the questions I asked when doing my Power 90 reviews: Is Power…