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Just to restate the obvious.
It’s fine to not eat donuts. It’s fine to only want two bites of a donut. It’s fine to not finish your food.
What’s not fine is showing off your powers of restriction to your massive following. What’s not fine is equating restriction to balance. What’s not fine is teaching average people to obsess over food—people whose metabolisms CAN handle a donut. Two donuts. A box of donuts.

The average person can enjoy a donut and be fine. But to teach that eating a whole donut makes you FAT, makes you a PIG, makes you a failure? No. I can’t get behind that.


Hi friends! Here are some back exercises for you to try out!💕
•Straight Arm Rope Pulldowns: Lean forward at your hips and pull down using your lats while keeping your arms straight. Squeeze your back at the bottom of the movement 😁
•Inverted Rows: My ladies and gents who are doing #FITwithamandawg know all about these 😁 If they are too challenging for you with the bar this low, start off by increasing the angle between your body and the floor (set the smith machine bar to a higher setting) or you can also bend your knees until you gain the strength to perform them with your legs straight.
•Rope Pulldowns: You can use a v bar attachment for these as well, but using a rope will allow for a greater range of motion💪🏼
•Incline Dumbbell Rows: This is one of my favorite back exercises 😇 focus on pulling back through your elbows and squeezing at the top of the movement!
•Underhand Barbell Rows: I did a compound set and performed sets of underhand & overhand rows back to back.
(clips are sped up) Song 🎶 is AlunaGeorge - I’m In Control (feat. Popcaan) @bodybuildingcom @gymgirlvids @get_fit_videos #RavishSands#RSModelSearch2017

Does anyone else think that the idea of what is normal to eat for weight loss is so skewed because of the prevalence of bikini competitors in the fitness industry?

Bodybuilding is an extreme sport. Therefore, people go to extreme lengths to achieve the look for the stage. Think of it in the context of a different sport: just because you like to go snowboarding does not mean you have to go down the triple black diamond course doing flips and twists the whole way down. Same thing applies: you don’t have to eat extremely low calories and do immense amounts of cardio to enjoy fitness/bodybuilding style training.

It’s easy to look to these bikini competitors as sources of knowledge, because they have large followings and project authority. However, many of them are not certified yet market themselves as experts. If you want to be an expert, why not take the necessary steps to be qualified in your field? No one would hire me as a biomedical engineer if I didn’t have my degree and college experience. When you pay for personal training/macro coaching, you’re hiring that person. Make sure they’re qualified to give you the service you require from them.

With so many unqualified “fitness influencers” selling plans or openly sharing their macros while on prep, there is misinformation and misconceptions all around. You can say all you want that your macros are for your competition and for an extreme and personalized so the viewer shouldn’t copy them all you want, people are still going to see the numbers flash across the screen and see the way you look and they’re gonna go ahead and copy you anyway. People watching a lot of these types of videos (I myself have watched a fair amount) begin to think that in order to lose weight/get shredded, they must also lower their macros to extremes and do tons of cardio.

The truth is that most of the time, bikini competitors are pretty thin to begin with. They have to push their bodies to extremes with low calories and insane cardio because their bodies are literally fighting to hold on to the essential level of body fat. The amount of body fat that a bikini competitor has on stage is not maintainable because it is not natural for the female body to have that little fat. This is also why many competitors lose their periods and have issues with hormone levels.

What a bikini competitor does to prep for a show is not what people should emulate for general fat loss. Sure the basic principles are the same - eat less, move more - but comparing yourself to a competitor can really, really skew what “less” is. Weight loss can be achieved through being conscious of fitness and nutrition, but there is no need to push to extremes and starve yourself. I urge anyone who wants to lose weight to turn away from bikini competitors for advice and look to sources that educate on healthy, sustainable weight loss.

I feel like I should clarify that I talk about competing so much because there are plenty of competitors who do not set themselves up as #fitspo examples for your everyday normal person. They might share about their training here and there, but never in a prescriptive light. Think about Olympians or powerlifters or swimmers.

These other Instagram and YouTube accounts are ruining people’s lives because their “fans” (gag) are now trying to be in a caloric deficit and find macro friendly diet foods and buying a bunch of shit programming and supplements because they just don’t KNOW better. And these accounts take advantage of the uneducated, the weak, and the insecure. On top of being young and naive themselves in the best cases.


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Donna Jackson (masters figure) interview at 2017 Arnold Classic

@natashaughey_ No I’m not crazy shredded, but I’m starting to accept that. Even if there are no abs right now But for now just focusing on an awesome offseason, and making some serious gains Its hamstrings + glutes today and cannot wait to destroy them😈 Hope everyone kills it at the gym #EvogenElite
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