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Ultimate WARM UP Cardio Workout - Zenkai Boosts Energy!

A nice way to start the day or a workout! 

This is perfect for anyone trying for anyone at any level to break a sweat, boost energy, and warm you up for a hardcore workout!

 You could do this Daily if you wanted!



Physique update. I said I’d include workouts in my captions so here’s a circuit for you to try.
12 reps per exercise for 3-4 sets:
1. Barbell squat into ¾ squat (I use 90lb)
2. Single leg hinge holding a kettlebell (I use 20-25lb) with upright row at the top of the movement
3. Leg raise with weighted fly (I use two 12lb dumbbells)


In honor of Memorial Day I’ll be posting military workouts all day!

Thank you to everyone who has served/is serving our country.

And to those and the families of those who have given there lives to protect us and our country you will forever be remebered and we are forever greatful


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Circuit Saturday at Optima

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Since I can’t make it to the gym for a while, I decided to put together a full body home workout to keep active and hopefully still make progress. I was actually really surprised at how effective a home workout can be since I’ve always done the gym thing, but this has really shifted my views! Maybe you guys can give it a try, and get started on your fitness goal from home!


Full Body Workout - No Equipment, Body Weight Only

Good morning fitfam, hope you’re all having a healthy and happy day! Today I thought I would share one of my cross fit workouts with you – Yay!!

Anyways for this circuit I usually warm up with running/jogging for some LISS (maybe a couple kilometres or for 20-30 minutes) followed by dynamic stretching. Then I do this circuit and finish with walking to cool down and stretching. 

Completing all of the reps for each exercise once is one set. I usually do a total of 5 sets. There should be no break in between each exercise, but between sets I rest for 40 seconds. (Shorter rest means I get through it quicker haha).

Anyways I love this circuit because it targets everything but also focuses on legs while using your own body weight. It is also very dynamic so it incorporates cardio to keep burning fat! You don’t need any equipment however, you can use whatever you like (i.e. ankle weights, yoga mat etc.). And, you can do it anywhere you want! Several times Ive done it outside on a nice (but not too hot! day).

Hope you guys enjoy it, try it out and go hard! Good luck x