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Welcome to our Drop 10 4 week challenge

This is an intermediate to advanced program and is not meant for beginners.

Adding lean muscle mass to your body is the best way to boost your metabolism. Cardio is great, but it won’t give you the best results on its own. In the long run, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even while sitting down.

So let’s go through some reasons why you should be lifting weights:

Blast more fat - strength training is better for losing belly fat than cardio.

Burn more calories - the more muscle you have, the more energy your body expends.

Think more clearly - this means better focus and better decisions, such as avoiding junk food.

Improve flexibility - Yoga is great at improving flexibility, but so is resistance training.

Improve bone density - weight lifting is not just for muscles, it helps keep your bones healthy too.

Slim down - Forget the fear of bulking up, ladies, it’s not going to happen! Women don’t have the testosterone to bulk up dramatically. You’ll actually drop a size once you build more muscle.

More energy - stronger muscles means better performance. Every day activities become easier as you develop core and joint strength.

Healthier heart - by exercising even moderately, you’ll lower your blood pressure.

Adding cardio to a weight lifting program is the ultimate way to lose fat. That’s what this program is all about!

Instead of typical cardio routines, we’re keeping things fresh and fun by including dance workouts, kickboxing, low impact HIIT, and even yoga.

Stretching and yoga are necessary to help with the recovery of sore muscles and to prevent injuries.

You will need:

3 sets of dumbbells - light, medium, and heavy.

Light to medium dumbbells should be used for smaller muscle groups such as the shoulders, biceps, and triceps. The heavier weights should be used for large muscle groups, such as your legs, back, and chest.

For bench presses, push ups, and leg exercises, you will need a bench. If you don’t have one, you can also use a chair without handles, a couch, apple box, or anything sturdy that you can put your weight on.

A mat for floor exercises.

It’s important to remember that rest, hydration, and diet are crucial for best results.

Try to sleep between 8-10 hours a night, as anabolic growth hormone levels reach their peak in deep sleep.

Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration and water retention.

Our tips and guidelines for the best diet to achieve weight loss while remaining healthy can be found here:…

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please leave us a comment below or send us an email! We love to hear from you and we’re here to help. Good luck!

Start the program here:





Alright everyone! I’ve spent a lot of time doing these (so please do not change or delete the source or photoshop links out etc and replace it with your links…not cool) but wanted to have them all readily available in one place for all of you. This is ONLY THE BEGINNER SQUAT CHALLENGE…I will post the original squateggedon in one set too as I’ve made all the challenges for the entire year for that as well. Print them out and stick them up on your wall, and get squatting for that strong booty! xD Have fun! Squat deep and enjoy!

Also I will be doing a competition/give away at the end of the year. Top 5 best booty transformations of the year will win a whole bunch of amazing fitness goodies as well as some brand new TIA Apparel. You’ll be required to take 1 picture at the beginning and end of each challenge for the entire year. YOU MUST DO ALL THE CHALLENGES FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR OR YOUR ENTRY WON’T BE VALID. 

So, if you would like to enter, send me an email with your Name, blog link (if you have one), age, email or other ways of contact and title the subject as “Squateggedon Comp Entry”. I’ll then email all those who have entered at the beginning of november for your transformation submissions and the winner will be announced beginning of December.

I’ll also be making a squateggedon collage every six months, so if you want to be included and have your progress/transformation included, just send your before and after to my email (link below). Note that all those who enter in the squateggedon transformation of the year comp, will automatically be put into Decembers collage too.

If you have any questions in regards to the challenge, just use the provided links below. 

You will be able to find ALL of my past and current fitness/squat challenges HERE


Hey, guys! Guess what is coming back for another year?!?! #TEAMNOCHEATS! 

So many people have asked if I am running this challenge again, and the answer is YES! 

So please join myself, gettingfitfor-cosplay and fitandfruity for this incredible Halloween themed challenge. You can read up on all the basics in the images above, and please reblog this post to spread the word! This challenge will also take place on Instagram as well as Facebook! 

For those that are wondering how everything went last year, check out the tag #teamnocheats on tumblr as well as on my blog! It was super awesome and helped a lot of people reach a ton of goals! 

To join the Facebook group, you can do so here:

This challenge does not start officially until October first, but you are welcome to start as soon as you’d like and start using the hashtag to introduce yourself now! There will be mini challenges/post themes starting soon - like your October goals, introduction posts, some Halloween themed stuff - all that jazz! 

I can’t wait to see all of your posts and progress! And of course, I can’t wait for Halloween! 

30 Day Total Abs Challenge

Strong abs help you perform better in daily activities and sports. It also looks great when bikini season rolls around ;) ;)

This 30 day total abs fitness challenge consists of 3 great ab exercise moves:

  1. Sit-Ups
  2. Planks (My very favorite)
  3. Flutter Kicks (this moves also works your legs)

Click on each exercise above to see a photo and video demonstration.

Perform each exercise for the specified reps and/or time count for the next 30 days to get strong abs and core.

I just completed Day 1.

Join me!

*Follow my blog for more fitness challenges


This month’s workout challenge! I designed these workouts to have an easy to follow, super effective layout. You start with 5 minutes of light cardio to get warmed up and ready. Then you do 3 cycles of 5 focused strength moves to target that day’s muscle groups. I chose and ordered them to alternate between higher and lower heart-rate-boosting exercises to get your best workout (and give you a rest when you’ll need it!) all the while building strength, increasing endurance, and toning muscles.

I consider the stretch day to be a rest day but you can choose to add a true resting day as well as to add whatever cardio you want! Remember cardio is what burns fat so if that’s your goal do about 20 minutes of additional cardio 3-4 days per week. Finally I highly recommend taking your workout outside whenever possible! The weather is finally getting gorgeous so enjoy it! :)

I hope this plan helps you get motivated, strong, & on track to whatever your fitness goals are this month!

For more at home workout ideas go here. :)


Whoop whoop, our second challenge is here! For those that enjoyed #teamnocheats, here is #happyhealthyholidays! A challenge that takes place November First through January First of 2015 - this is your way to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle through one of the most difficult times of the year. The holiday months are known to take a toll on people, both mentally and physically. The average person gains between 8 and 15 pounds during this time! This is your way to combat that! 

The hashtag challenge and the yoga challenge are optional! They are both a way to keep you on track with the challenge but are not necessary. You can participate on both tumblr and instagram! Pictures, word posts, videos, whatever you want! Just hashtag it as #happyhealthyholidays :) 

The creators and hosts of this challenge are myself, fitchris25 and fitandfruity. You can also find us on Instagram under natashaxjade, fitchris25, and fitandfruityy. Be sure to tag us in your posts on both tumblr and instagram so we can see your stuff! :) 

There will also be mini-challenges (once a week) for you guys to participate in! Winners of the mini-challenges will be feature on our blogs and Instagrams :) 

Remember that this is not a strict challenge, if you miss a day or fall of the wagon, it’s no problem! We want you to be happy and healthy during these holiday months (and for life), so do what works for you. Make this your challenge.  There is no one right way to do this challenge. Everyone’s will be different and that is 100% ok :) 

Just reblog this post, and feel free to repost it on Instagram/Facebook/etc and spread the word!

Take up this 30 day crunch challenge and tone up and boost your core body muscles to the max.

This challenge gives off the best results – if you stick to it and complete all 30 days !

The challenge has 1 exercise which you have to do each day, and the time spent doing the exercise slowly increases day by day to help you build up your core body muscle strength gradually, ensuring you are able to complete the final day of the challenge easily.

You only have to do the amount of time shown on the challenge chart once per day, however if you are feeling brave then you can repeat each day’s challenge as many times as you like. -Source


WELCOME TO NOVEMBER! Let’s get down to business! #NoNonsenseNovember is the sequel to #teamnocheats and a challenge that runs throughout the month of November (obviously). It is a challenge to eat clean, workout, and stay positive and healthy throughout the stressful and delicious holiday season! 

To participate, please reblog this post, hashtags your posts as #NoNonsenseNovember and feel free to participate in the photo-a-day challenge! 

You can participate on tumblr, Instagram or even on Facebook! Join the Facebook support group here:

You can tag myself or my cohost @gettingfitfor-cosplay if you need us or want us to see your posts! Join us on Instagram @natashaxjade and @addybiggs! 

And don’t forget to have fun of course! 

Motivational May!

Motivational May is a challenge throughout May that will have different activities every day! There will be 7 focuses (a different one everyday throughout the week!). The seven challenges include:

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Meatless Monday
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Appreciation
  • Treat Yourself
  • Self-Love

Every day there will be a new challenge and we will present the daily activities the Saturday before they begin (:

The goals of this challenge are to have you try new things, learn to appreciate your life, and learn to love yourself! We want this to be fun and we want everyone to update us with pictures & whatever else and tag them #motivationalmay (no space!) We would love to see your month of activities under that tag! *You may also tag toethefinishline and runningraspberry (no space or dash!)

We will be posting the challenges for:

  • May 1-4 on April 26.
  • May 5-11 on May 3.
  • May 12-18 on May 10.
  • May 19-25 on May 17.
  • May 26-31 on May 24. 

So stay tuned for the weekly postings and please take a part in this awesome challenge! It will be fun, motivating, and rewarding, but it can only be those things if you all participate! 

By toethefinishline and running-raspberry.


I am so SO excited to announce this challenge! Above I’ve given you the challenge layout and a printable way to track your progress. (I left space to put your mile splits and route info, I have 3 routes I cycle through so it never gets boring).

Nearly 3 years ago, I set out to become healthy and relied completely on power walking for cardio. Back then it seemed like something accessible, that I and my injured knees could do, and that physically, as out of shape as I was, I could do. It made me strong, it helped me get healthy, and as I saw my times getting faster and faster it encouraged me to keep going. Today I am still working through those injuries and so I have returned to power walking. Power walking still makes me feel accomplished, still makes me feel strong, and, most importantly, still makes me happy!

I created this challenge because I want to share my love of walking with others. So often we think of walking as a precursor to running or a warm up, but it is a fantastic, effective workout in its own right. It boosts your heart rate, strengthens your joints & muscles, is low impact, and is something that will challenge you no matter what your fitness level! When I started out I really pushed myself to complete 15 minute miles- today I’m cranking out 12 minute mile splits!

Over the next 30 days I’ll post motivation, guides, and tips to help you get through this challenge as well instagram updates on my own almost-daily walks!

I’ve already started the challenge, will you join me? :)

A great workout for anyone (men and women) who want to build stronger and defined legs. The Power Legs workout was created for Tribesports members by Mens Fitness. 

As an added incentive anyone who takes the Challenge on Tribesports will be automatically entered into a competition to win prizes including Puma trainers, Sweaty Bands, Tribesports T shirts and your own copy of the workout. Click here for more info!


Okay peeps this is what I’m doing for the next 30 days. March 1st- April 1st. I would encourage anyone who wants or needs motivation for this kind of stuff to join in. I encourage you to take progress pics so that you can see where you are. Only post them here if you feel comfortable with that, but you don’t have to. You are doing this for you! Most of you know what I look like already so I probably will post pics for motivational reasons. I threw some cardio in because increasing the heart rate is good exercise. A good diet will be key as well to see results!! I created the flexibility part of the challenge and if that’s something you are interested in I also say give it a try. *note the flexibility challenge is designed for at least 90 days to see results*

pearlouslyclosetotheedge blessedbeyoundmeasure15 screengeniuz geaniewebbie somethingclever219 You ladies were interested, but if anyone else is down just let me know! THE MORE THE MERRIER! Alright let’s do this thing ladies starting tomorrow. I will post daily about the challenge, so please please respond or comment so we can all motivate each other!!

This will be MY order for each day (do whatever is comfortable for you):

  • 30 Jumping jacks
  • Abs Exercise 1
  • 30 sec burpees
  • Abs Exercise 2
  • 30 sec Mountain Climbers
  • Abs Exercise 3
  • 30 sec High Knees
  • Abs Exercise 4
  • Squats
  • Flexibility focus that day (Hips, Splits, or Back)





Froggy Stretch (3 sets for 1.5 min)

Lay on your stomach and put your feet together behind you- goal is to eventually get your pelvis and feet on the floor

Butterfly (3 sets for 1.5 min)

In & Out Butterflies (10 times)

Start in pike- turn your legs out so that the knees face outward- begin to pull you feet into the butterfly position very slowly- once in the butterfly position move your legs back to the pike position keep you knees facing outward

Pike through- to straddle- and back (10 times)

Start in pike open legs to straddle and pull through until legs are directly behind you- then move your legs in reverse so that you open your legs to straddle behind you then keep legs moving forward back to pike]

Double Pigeon(Left and Right side for 1.5 min each)

Sit Indian style and then take one foot and place it on the opposite knee

Pigeon (Left and Right side for 1.5 min each)

Start in lunge- put back leg down on ground keeping it straight-take the front leg and fold it down so that the knee and foot are parallel to the ground while back leg is straight


Lunges 1.5 min (Left and Right side. 30 sec reg, 30 sec twist left, 30 sec twist right)

Oversplits on a mat 2 min (Left/Right: 30 sec lean forward, 30 sec back arch, 30 sec no arms, 30 sec just holding. Middle: 30 sec on hands, 30 sec on elbows… repeat for second minute)

Back leg oversplits  2 min (Left and Right side. 1 min chest up, 1 minute chest down)

Splits on the your back (Left/Right 1.5 min/each. Middle 2 min)


Arch Seal (1.5 min)

Backbend 3 sets for 30 sec)

Backbend Leg Kicks (5 times on each leg)

Backbend Rockers (10 times)

*Backbend tick tocs (5 times on each leg)

*Scorpion hangovers (3 times for 30 sec)

scandalbitchinheels *you get an honorable mention just in case you change you mind* LMAO! 

Have fun and hydrate!