These chocolate chip oatmeal banana cookies are FABULOUS. Sorry I’m a little late reviewing these but let me tell you, I’m in love with these. Not only are they good for you and low cal, but they help to satisfy those chocolate cravings. At 96 calories per two cookie serving these are a great snack and also something that makes you feel pretty full. If you guys have any recipes you would like me to try and review, let me know. Hope you all are having a fabulous day! Side note: I went for a long hike by the Mississippi River today and I’m feeling absolutely fantastic. Happiness abounds 😊


#throwbackthursday like I always say I can show you the dramatic weight loss pictures I can show the caught off guard bigger me with a flexing pic of me now but sometimes you just want some fitness progress side by side. I’d just stared working out on the left on the right was me the other day. SIDE NOTE: you can see the start of my stretch marks on the first pic they were pretty red and noticeable I still have them I don’t edit them out I promise it’s just they’ve faded and only show up in certain light/angles I haven’t done anything special just drank loads of water and kept using body butters, I’ve mentioned them as a lot of ladies message me about them. -