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First workout since Saturday of last weekend before we left for vacation! Jordan and I spent a few days in downtown Portland, Maine and it was incredible. We packed gym clothes and didn’t go to the gym once because we were way too busy eating and enjoying ourselves. I can feel that I put on about 5lbs, but I don’t even care. Vacation was amazing and it was so worth it. And we walked a ton – one day we did about 10 miles between shopping around and finding different places to eat. I had gelato for dessert THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW (because there was an incredible place directly next to our hotel), amazing Maine potato donuts at the Holy Donut (we got a dozen and ate them all between the two of us in three days). I had so much fun that I honestly didn’t want to come home.


Anyway, today I worked and got home at around 7. Jordan is still on vacation from work until Saturday so I asked him to wait for me to hit the gym until tonight. I did a quick shoulder day and about 45 minutes of cardio. It’ll probably take me a week or two to get back to feeling less fluffy, but I actually enjoyed myself at the gym tonight.

P.S. – if you guys want to check out a few photos of our trip, I posted a bunch on IG. My username there is thackeryybinxx 😎

I love meal prepping! It helps me eat healthier through out the day.

I’ve been trying new recipes and ideas and love this.

One serving of Oatmeal (not instant) (made with milk) with cinnamon and the tiniest bit of brown sugar (less then a teaspoon) and a banana and a strawberry!

Definitely something to try! 🍓