fitness achievement

Your mind will always believe things you feed it constantly.
Feed it faith
Feed it truth
Feed it with love
Feed it with the statement “I AM ENOUGH” …and watch your journey flourish.

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“Lately I’ve been feeling great. Sore. But great. Training for a half marathon has been fun but physically tough. However, having this goal has helped tremendously on my nutrition and binging. Mentally knowing that if I lose some more weight it will be a lot less stress on my body. My priorities have kept me grounded. I always recommend to others to make small goals. Goals like going a whole month without eating a certain "junk” food; train for a 3k or 5k until you can do more, or a goal of 5 pounds lost this month. These are all goals that you can obtain when you are mentally focused on actually achieving them. I promise…the end result is always worth it.“

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