Something I’ve learned from years of doing Fitness Stuff on YouTube.

No matter who you are and how great of shape you are in,
You WILL ALWAYS BE SCRUTINIZED for your physique no matter what lmfao xD

For instance

A) When you’re BULKING UP/Adding Muscle to your Frame: 

Oh They are clearly on Steroids OR they’re just getting fat


B) When you’re Trimming down and GETTING LEAN: 

Oh they’re definitely losing their Gainz they are so much scrawnier than they used to be They look so skinny compared to before.


and of course

C-When you Actually get that DECENT FIT BOD: 

They have certain muscles on them which are really lacking, They should do some Bodybuilding and make their physique Great overall.

The Biggest thing I’ve learned from all these years of training is something an old college professor told me. YOU GOTTA DO Fitness for yourself, Not the approval of others and what they think you should look like But how you personally want to look and what makes you feel the most confident in yourself.  Always focus on that and being the BEST YOU CAN BE and whatever aesthetic you find that works for you, Keep at it and stick with it. I’m still quite a ways from reaching my personal fitness goals but in this world of constant scrutiny over WHAT YOU SHOULD LOOK LIKE, you should really look and see what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident when you look at yourself Butt Naked every morning :) 

Just a lil rant session but Im back on The Grind in the morning


Things that I am no longer doing:

1) Tracking my intake on a daily basis. I’ve tracked calories in/out for 12 years (yep, since 7th grade, and it wasn’t in a healthy way back then.) I don’t need to do it anymore.

2) Tracking my weight as a primary indicator of my progress. I’m 65+ pounds down, at a healthy weight for my height, and less than 10 pounds away from my “goal weight.” It’s time to focus on changing my body composition instead.

3) The 128 Day Challenge thing that I set up for myself. Structure is a blessing and a curse for me. If I set a goal for myself publicly, I am 98% likely to achieve it because I’m very motivated by both internal and external expectations. Which is usually great because that means I stick to the plan, even when I don’t particularly feel like doing it. But it also sometimes causes some unnecessary anxiety because I absolutely, positively hate to fail. And sometimes my internal expectations are so strong that it makes me miserable. The challenge served its purpose for about eight weeks and I’ll still be keeping those goals in mind generally.

Things that I am now doing:

1) Lifting heavy weights to decrease my body fat % and change my overall body composition. I’d like to start eating more to gain muscle mass sometime early next year, but for now I want to try to lean out by lifting heavy weights. I joined a gym close to work so I don’t have to chose between working out super early in the morning or making myself work out after I drive all the way home from work during our busy season.

2) Plant-based meal prepping. My main goal is to get 100+ grams of plant-based protein a day while I work to lose fat and lean out.