teki-uji  asked:

Hey Jax, if you have the time please help me out. 1) I can't really control what I eat and what foods are bought since I still live underneath my parents' house. How can I eat healthy foods and lose weight? And 2) Are cold showers as beneficial as ice baths? I can't really take ice baths because I have no access to those huge ice packs lol. Thanks Jax.

Sure thing @teki-uji

1) If you cannot control the foods your parents buy, Eat less amounts. Have you heard of the portion control method for eating? Its extremely helpful in those situations as long as you have hands lol…….and if you dont that was really offensive and I apologize but here

that tells you the amount of food you should be consuming and always LOG YOUR FOOD no matter what!.

Remember if its LOGGED it can be managed if its not logged than you will have unmanageable results

Also just ask your folks to get more veggies and fruits that should be pretty easy

2) Ice Baths are more effective than Ice Showers for fat loss but Ice Showers work well especially before bed for about 15 minutes at a time for some fat loss and bed rest just make sure its hitting the area where you have the brown fat to heat up so the back of your neck