After spending my afternoon with shreddernaut yesterday, I started thinking about my fitness goals. Lately, I’ve been working out to gain strength. But what exactly does that mean for my body? What are my areas of focus? So, I’ve decided for the next month, I’m going to spend more time training my weak points. It may sound obvious, but it’s mentally challenging for me to train my weaker areas.

Today marks day 1 and I’ve decided to train my abdominals at least 3x per week. Abs are definitely a weak area for me, and I’m so excited to start training them more. I see photos of ripped women all the time on tumblr and I feel so happy for them but it’s frustrating for me. A lot of them have amazing six packs and I always feel like I have nothing to show for myself.

This morning I realized my mentality was completely wrong. If you compete with others you become BITTER, if you compete with yourself you become BETTER. The comparisons stop right here, right now. Those women have worked extremely hard to get to where they are and I too want to step up my game. It’s a process and a journey, but I’m ready for the challenge. ⭐️