eaturgreenzz submitted:

On the left I was 16 and probably around 230lbs (didn’t dare to stand on the scale)

On the right was 2 days ago at 150lbs(ish)

Admittedly I wasn’t nearly as dolled up in the first pic, but c'monnnn I cannot believe I was 16 🙈

100lbs gone in the first 2/3 of 2016 and have been maintaining since! Hoping to reach goal in 2017 and tone up up up 💪🏼😅

Good luck to everyone on their weight loss journeys! 🍀

xmoon-princessx submitted:

I just wasn’t happy with the fact that every time I would buy new clothes, the size I thought I was would not be the same. I got discouraged every time I went to the store! The final straw was when I went to my yearly doctors appointment and she said my weight was 212! I was like, “Something has to change!” It has been a year since I started my weight loss journey! I am now down to 162. I have lost 50lbs since then! My ultimate goal weight is around 140-135. But I am happier than ever! I feel wonderful and I hope to reach that goal by summer! Bring on the swimsuits! 😁 👍🏻