Had an epic weekend! Thank you to the Murphy’s for kayak invite🚣🏼Turkey Creek was so beautiful! Excited to grub on some meatballs & K fave pasta 😋 Life is great and upcoming adventures are so awesome I can’t stand still 😍 @lolli10 coming to join me for some mojitos, parentals visit, and @marielc210 & Ben wedd ❤️❤️ #gypsylife #luckybethelady Have a great Sunday & hope your weekend was just as bad🍑 by fitmargaritas


Yoga for Weight Loss- BeFit Yoga (Sadie Nardini) (by BeFit)

I arrive in CA next #comidawednesday and you know @clsdayy will have me slaving away in the kitchen. So for now #fitmargaritas #comidawednesday post is up on the site {link in bio} all details in post #fitfoodie #sheneedstolearntocook #betshedoesntknowcomidaisspanishforfood #hideyourcuteclothesbabe

No #drinkoftheweek post yesterday due to me prepping for CA. So here’s a pic of my banana,apple,cinnamon, and almond milk bfast smoothie. Your welcome to check out {link in bio} till I return #bringonthehippiejokes #dontknockcinnamon #mightjustbemydrinkoftheweek #addalilsumthinsumthinafterwork #hashtagsonhashtags #fitmargaritas