SHUT UP RONALD! Not all prefects are prats.

The headmistress has chosen yours truly to be a prefect for Slytherin House.

Basically i’m here to remind you about what’s going on, help you with any questions, give detentions and take away points… okay not the last two but you get the idea.

You may find me (and anything you’d like to know about me) over at my blog. In a gist though, I’m Lauren. I’m losing 40-50 pounds. Trying to become a runner. I want to run a half marathon someday- but in the meantime I have a 5k on 8/18. Hoping to run in under 40 minutes. I’m a slow runner walker. I’m also thinking about starting up Turbo Fire (which is a fun pumped up version of insanity, made by the same people). That’s about it, I think.

On to the challenge:

Keep in mind today is FRIDAY. Which means, I hope you got your Fit Test results posted and that you sent the headmistress your new body fat %.

Tomorrow is a rest day before the new challenge begins! 1 week down 11 to go!


Now, go rest up. You still have pushups to do before bed time ;)

televisioncalledbooks-deactivat asked:

For your anon: I'm pretty sure that as you tone the stomach it naturally holds itself in, and then it becomes "flexing" to show off the abs more. I do not suck my stomach in all the time, it's hard to. I do if I think about it, but my stomach is naturally relaxed all the time, and large. But, as you tone and workout it will suck itself in just from the muscle and lack of fat. But, you'll always have to flex or suck it in more to show more definition until your bfp% is minimal. Again, I think.