June has just completely rushed by me - with me having been sick for a week, a beautiful long weekend spent in Barcelona that still has me craving the summer that hasn’t arrived here yet at all and many hours spent studying I can’t believe half of 2013 will already be over tomorrow.
For June I planned (here) to spend more time outside and cycling which worked out great - I got a bike and it’s so convenient! I also started doing yoga daily, but vacation and illness kept me from running as much as I’d have liked, so that unfortunately didn’t work out the way I planned.
This month I want to stop paying so much attention to the scale - weighing myself every couple of days is really pointless so I want to stop doing that. I also want to improve with yoga more since that has really been making me happy, and run 10km for the first time.
The most important thing are my exams though - I’m really excited for this month since I’ll finish the first year of my studies!