Phase II

Here’s to starting a new workout regime!

These past few months I have been active with bouldering (V2-V3)/yoga in the Fall and lifting with dumbbells and machines occasionally. I have been using dumbbells for my arm, legs, and core workouts, but I think I have outgrown them. They’re not challenging enough and it began to feel routine for me. (If you are interested in my dumbbell workouts, let me know!)

I’ve done squats with the barbell several times while I lived in Hawaii and a couple times here, but have never gotten into it. On Saturday that completely changed. It was so fun. Squats and deadlifts with the barbell is a brand new playing field. It was such a rush to take hold of the bar and do my sets. Not only do you have weight on your body, you have to balance it on your shoulders (for squats).

I’m definitely not pro yet, squatting just the bar (40lbs) and deadlifting 65lbs, but it’s a brand new challenge for me to improve on. I’m already in love. 

I have a before picture from a several weeks ago hiding in my computer and I’ll dig it out when the time comes. 

Here we go!

Check out the “About” section for my stats (height, weight, measurements)