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FITC Toronto 2011

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Today was the final day of FITC Toronto. I wish I could say that I will miss it, but I can’t.  Over the last three days I have been making the commute into Toronto, in hopes of learning some new development techniques.  I went to a variety of sessions on to try and mix things up, but almost everyone of them was a let down.  To top it off, the venue (The Kool Haus / Guvernment) smelt like old booze and sweat.  Sure James White of Signalnoise did a great job day one and Jason Theodor had an interesting presentation today, but almost all the other sessions were useless.  I started my day today going to a session about learning new HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, only to have Adobe propaganda crammed down my throat.  All I got was “CSS3 is hard and I don’t know why anyone would code it out, so here is a pre Alpha Adobe product that will do it for you”, followed by 45 minutes of the software crashing worse than a 9 year old off a Red Bull high.  I wish I could say that this was the only instance of this, but again, I can’t.  I found myself wanting to get up and leave about half way through most sessions.  Yes I understand the need to “pay the bills” and drum up some business by the sponsors, but the whole thing felt like a bait and switch.