fitblrs and disordered thoughts

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I had a fitblr, but deleted because it was a problem for me. The posts-"you'll only regret the workout you didn't do", posts of only "healthy" food, calories.. it was too much. I ran and cut calories until I ate maybe 600 a day. I've been in recovery for almost a year, and sometimes I still struggle. But to eat what I want, exercise when I want, and rest when tired has been well worth it. For those who are struggling- step back from being a fitblr, breathe. Listen to your body, not the internet.

“Listen to your body, not the internet” may be the best advice I’ve ever heard. Thanks for sharing your story!!

Are you a fitblr who struggles with disordered eating habits or has in the past? Submit your story here!

Thrilled by the response to 'fitblrs and disordered thoughts'!

I am so grateful that so many of you are willing to share your story with me, whether anonymously or not. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Of course, I wish there weren’t so many stories to share, and the prevalence of these habits is quite scary to think about. But I think raising awareness of disordered eating habits within the fitblr community is a fantastic first step to helping those who may be suffering in silence. I want to use these stories to say, “You are not alone. You can get help.”

I hope this is also a way to prevent others from developing these disordered eating habits in the first place. The sooner that you can recognize the things you’re doing are disordered and unhealthy, the sooner you can correct them or seek help.

Please, keep the messages coming! All posts will continue to be tagged with #fitblrs and disordered thoughts, in case you find these posts to be triggering and want to block them on tumblr savior.

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I had a point where I got so obsessed with the "fitblr" community I was constantly counting calories, not letting myself eat ANYTHING that wouldn't be considered clean (I'm talking not even milk in my tea), and felt guilty if I didn't go to the gym for at least 2 hours every day since I felt like I was letting everyone down. My breaking point was when I ate a piece of pizza that my brother brought home and it triggered an anxiety attack and I sat there sobbing.

first of all:

I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through all of that! It sounds absolutely awful. I sincerely hope that you’ve gotten better since that low point and are on your way to a truly healthy life <3

Are you a fitblr who struggles with disordered eating habits or has in the past? Submit your story here!