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@frontalbread had a quick Better Together promo and I missed the deadline I think so, I’d like to give a HUGE shoutout to the following people that have had a positive impact on my Fitblr experience. Always positive, keeping me going with kind words and always positive posts!

This is far from a complete list and in no specific order but…. @fatgirlgetsfitatlast, @princessislosingweight, @frontalbread, @chasinganima, @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld, @perfectiontales, @malachi-is-shiny, @weightlosshippie, @thegreatandpowerfulmidge, @livelaughcoffee and @fatmaninalittlesuit You are all amazing people!

The Fitblr Community as a whole ROCKS!

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Hi remember me?


How long has it been since I used this blog? As far as I can tell it’s been probably about.. a year.

Well this whole past year has definitely been something. I moved here to LA from Chicago a year ago with my boyfriend and we have been very focused on getting our careers on track (one of the biggest reasons we moved here). And I have to say I am very proud of the accomplishments i’ve made and how successful i’ve been so far in my career path this year. I am finally on the map in the industry I want to be in doing exactly what i’ve wanted to do and that is SUCH an amazing feeling! I really am blessed for the opportunities i’ve had that lead me to where I am now.

That being said.. I’ve paid so much attention to my career and have paid absolutely NO attention to my health =/

I have not been to the gym in about 7 months… SEVEN MONTHS!!! That’s INSANE! On top of it I haven’t even SLIGHTLY paid attention to what i’m eating. lol it’s really bad. For some reason though when I went home in the summer my family kept telling me I looked like i’ve lost weight. I think it might’ve been true because I was running around in my job so often and definitely not eating much. There was a time I wasn’t eating much because everything I ate was giving me pain in my stomach and i’m not sure why but I was so afraid to eat that I just.. wouldn’t. Which is REALLY bad. I haven’t had that problem in months, thankfully.

I couldn’t even tell you what my eating is like. It’s just all over.

I also couldn’t tell you what I weigh because we don’t have a scale.. last time I weighed myself I was 157lbs. I honestly think it’s stayed the same but who knows?

So I need to buy a scale and figure out where i’m at so I can have some kind of idea n’ stuff. I mean overall the point is to live a healthy lifestyle tho so the number shouldn’t matter. It’s just a good way to track. OBviously I wanna lose weight tho so I wanna seeee LOL

I do have a wedding i’m part of this year which is in 6 months. I’d like to look somewhat good for that. And i’d like to look good for just.. for me!

The biggest thing is food which i am always horrible at. I fall off the wagon so easily. Coming on here really helps. All of you help keep me motivated. So i’m really glad to be back on here :)

Better but not perfect?

So, I’m starting to do better on maintaining a healthy way of eating and resisting the urge to binge. I’ve been more active instead of being very sluggish and am once again starting to enjoy the feeling I get from a good workout or run!

I’m finding that my original way of looking at working out doesn’t have to fit my perceived ideal of a daily thing, I have to keep telling myself that it doesn’t have to be daily, it doesn’t have to be perfect and it just has to work for me. It’s difficult for me to accept that as I’ve always gone 110% in everything I’ve ever done with my life, it’s hard to explain but it’s like it’s perfectly okay in my mind for everyone else to do things any way they want but not me. An unfortunate part of my upbringing that puts that little voice in the back of my mind saying “ if you don’t do it perfectly then it’s not good enough and your not good enough…. You won’t ever amount to anything and need to be like everyone that is perfect”.

I know there is no such thing as perfect. Trust me, my adult self knows this but I’m fighting against many, many years of head games and mental abuse. Never thought I’d say that out loud much less type it out for anyone and everyone to see. You know, this Fitblr Community really is bringing out the very best in me and helping me get rid of the very worst so that I can actually live a happy healthy life. ❤️

I’m me. The good, the bad and the ugly but every day I work towards a better, happier and healthy me! I’ve seen so many of you struggle, ultimately beat or at least keep your own demons at bay and it inspires me! It lets me know that I’m really not alone, that I’m not so different and that any battle can be won no matter how tired you may be if your willing to open your mind, your heart and your soul. Thank you my friends😘

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