alright.. pent up aggression moment that fades into positivity...

So despite my blowing off steam at Fitcamp and by running more often to keep in a positive mindset, today I had a moment when I literally wanted to scream on the top of my lungs.

So as a LOT of you know I’ve been on Herbalife since March and that I have lost a decent amount of weight since I started and that I now work for the company, which might I add is the #1 nutrition company IN THE WORLD.

WELL let me tell you a thing. My “best friend” had the audacity to tell me today the Herbalife isn’t the reason I’m losing the weight. “Well no duh, it’s not just that, it’s working out and eating my healthy meals and snacks.” I said kind of defensively. She decided to tell me that I am working for a company that’s essentially stupid….

Now its not like I haven’t gotten these sorts of remarks before but when they are coming from someone who is supposed to be your best friend and is supposed to be supportive of you it stings. I’ve taken hits from my mother, my father, my grandmother, my aunt, my coworkers and acquaintances… In fact it stings a whole lot more than it probably should. But if you’re someone’s best friend and they’re finally in the best shape of their life, why the hell would you put them down? It’s not like I’m a stripper or I’m selling cocaine. I’m a health coach.  

Obviously, like with anything in the world, there are going to be nonbelievers. But I am not one of those people. I believe in the power of good nutrition and I know from personal experience some people try getting there on their own but never get as far as they want. This company is 33 years old. AND 88 governments have allowed it in their countries. SO obviously something works. My “big sister”/mentor/coach lost 100 LBS on it and I’ve lost about 48.

I have absolutely no problem with people not wanting to be on the product and I highly respect people who eat healthy and workout on their own. In fact I will always leave my ask open and respond as soon as I can to asks even if you’re not on a product, but I will NEVER put down HEALTH. But if you want a solution because just eating healthy and working out hasn’t been cutting it for you? My ask is always open for you too! Good health and nutrition start with loving yourself and wanting to be the best you you can be. Don’t try to compare yourself to anyone else except for the person you were yesterday. 

And on that note I am making a commitment right now, to be an ACTIVE FITBLR again. Life happens. What matters is I’m always here! Love you guys and thanks for listening to my rant…