Got my first “Wow Kittie, you are looking amazing!” yesterday. People have said it before, but I felt it was more of an empathetic, “I had a kid too and know how hard it is, but you don’t look like a blimp at least,” kind of thing. 

Yesterday was the first time it felt real. Keep working, it DOES pay off!

This was last night.

I’ve been pushing my legs to absolute failure lately and am finally seeing the results I want in my hamstrings! They aren’t anywhere close to what I’m trying to achieve, but hey! It’s a journey, not a destination I’m seeking.

I’m learning everyday to be ok with my body image, to celebrate how far I’ve come and also to be excited for the progress I’ll achieve in he coming months!


Finally starting to see some progress

After weeks of nothing seeming to change, I tried on a dress that, at 3 weeks postpartum, wouldn’t even zip halfway up. It actually fit!!! So I’m about a size 8 right now, and I feel less and less uncomfortable in front of a camera. Soon I think I will be ready to post progress pictures. Sorry for being such a wuss about it.

It is really encouraging to finally see something happening, though! It might take longer than I thought to get my pre-baby body back, but I know I will get there! I’m running 3-4 times per week, hiking once a week, and doing lots of yoga. That, coupled with my hearty vegan diet, is a recipe for a healthy baby and a shrinking mama!

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

Stress eating: It doesn't work

Did you know? Stress eating does not make your stress go away.

And how do I know this fact? Market research.

I am a stress eater (there, I said it). I eat when I am stressed, which makes no sense because the eating usually makes me more stressed. 

So last night, when I felt my cortisol rising, I calmly drank 2 glasses of water and told my stress to back the f up. It worked! 

And then today, when I woke up to more stress and spent the day dealing with a difficult situation, I went for a long walk and then sat outside in the shade and enjoyed the breeze. And it worked! Chalk it up as another lifestyle changing moment :-)

(Stress comes in all shapes and sizes. Today’s was in the shape of an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.)

Rest in peace Eleanor Rigby 

I’m working on me because you only get one body and one life… I’m not about to waste it. No quick fixes, no fad diets, just eating a healthy plant based diet, keeping active in the best ways I know how and respecting in my body. 18 months post partum #healthy #weightloss #weightlossjourney #progress #beforeandafter #postpartumweightloss #update

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Down but not out

Rough weekend. Got a total of 7,000 steps over both days 😳 and had a hard time eating the right things because I didn’t have make time to food shop. I ate brownies (yes, plural) at our BBQ tonight and had multiple other gluten-full products 😭.
But…I’m counting on all 21 of my tumblr followers to pick me back up and not let me fall off the wagon for longer than a day. If I have to psychoanalyze myself, I think I was a little down in the dumps after my weight gain this week and I let it derail me. No more pity part for me, I’ve got some weight to lose! #itssupposedtobehard

Last day of school and they only go in until 10:45am. Really? All I get it another hour and 45 minutes to myself? I shouldn’t complain, I am shipping one off to overnight camp for 7 weeks and the other starts day camp next week. But it is a challenge to get my workouts in, get to the market, and cook healthy options when the kids are home for the week. So I’ll be dragging them (and their electronics) to crossfit today. 

I stupidly got on the scale this morning and my weight was up. Hmmm, I thought, I’ve been eating cleanly and walking my steps and working out. Maybe I’m gaining muscle? So I took pictures and compared them to December ones and guess what?!? I look the same.

Okay. Don’t panic. It’s a marathon, it’s a lifestyle change, it’s supposed to be hard, blah, blah, blah. So I’m feeling a little discouraged at this moment and feel like I’m gonna be a bloated marshmallow mom for the rest of my life. 

But instead let’s use that negative energy and use it for motivation. I’m off to 9am crossfit (only one more week of on ramp and then I join the big kids in the real gym!), and then the market. Deep breath. Don’t lose steam. I can do this!