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As I was pulling into our driveway Kevin was pulling out and we had a great mini chat side by side in our cars before he drove off to school and I came home for the day.  You know what that means!  House to myself and whatever I feel like making for dinner - alriiiighhht!  

I knew that I didn’t want to have a crazy high calories and carbs since I’m doing so well with dietbet, but I was also craving something other than turkey burgers which was what I was originally going to make for dinner tonight.  Enter breakfast for dinner tostada/taco/burrito goodness!  

When I was at the grocery store on Sunday they were out of our normal go-to low carb tortillas so I picked up some smaller ones and tried them tonight for the first time.  They were super tasty (well, they were fried so who knows how they taste plain) and I LOVE that I got to eat two instead of just one big one.  I’m always a fan of eating more of the same amount.  Yes, that’s right, what you see pictured was all for ME.  And it was under 800 calories!  

You’d think that with this glorious alone time I’d be dancing around the house singing at the top of my lungs doing whatever I wanted but instead I cleaned up the kitchen, put away some laundry, straightened up my office, collected all the trash around the house for trash night, then started a load of Kevin’s clothes.  After I post this I’ll be catching up on my DVR and enjoying the rest of the night feeling rather accomplished :)  

For anyone paying very close attention you’ll notice I removed the pumpkin seeds I added to MFP from this morning as I neglected to eat them today - like I actually forgot about them!  That never happens!  I also added in a fat bomb for tonight but we’ll see if I forget that too! Probably not ;)

Healthy snack prep

1) Yogurt and fruit

2) sliced bell peppers carrots and cucumbers with hummus

3) almonds and nuts

4) oranges and bananas

If you are in an unhealthy snacker it helps so so so much to have healthy snacks already prepared and ready to go when you are hungry!

I challenge you to try replacing junk food ( potato chips, popcorn, frys, candy, etc ) with these tasty snacks for an entire week!

I promise you will feel so much better and have so much more energy!

Do you accept this challenge? Tag friends and share your healthy snack ideas!