fitblr clothing exchange

Fitblr Clothing Exchange!

I’ve had this idea for the past however long, and I think it’s a million bucks.

As much as I love buying clothes…I really hate buying clothes.  It’s too expensive to buy something you know you’ll shrink out of within a few months, just to have to buy a replacement you’ll shrink out of another few months after that.

So why not create a webpage/network sort of thing where fitblrs/other weight-loss-types put their old clothes up for exchange.  Like, with everything you upload to the site, you’ll get credits to “buy” someone else’s clothes, which they’ve also grown out of.  You get it?  It’s like a hand-me-down (or “hand-me-up,” rather) website.  Because why be punished financially for having to move into smaller clothes?

If this was a thing, do you think it would be a good thing?  Would you participate?  Know any web designers or whatever to do this for me?  Does this already exist? Hm?