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Kenichi Mightiest Disciple Training | Tough Like The Toonz: EP 20

New video for those who happen to give a F*ck
Kenichi Shirahama

Pathetic scrawny Boy 

to LEGENDARY MARTIAL ARTIST! The Mightiest Disciple of Ryozanpaku’s Dojo. 

Today’s Training will help you get a NICE LEAN MUSCUALR and CONDITIONED Body like Kenichi developed from training with these Brutal Masters.



Beartooth - In Between

So I Wore My Gi To Work Today...

My company had a costume contest today for 80’s workout outfits. The more 80’s, the better, right? Spandex, headbands, leg warmers. Whatever. I wasn’t going to participate because the contest was too last-minute for me. One of my bosses heard about my lack of participation and she was Not Happy. She walked up to me before the contest lineup and said:

“Hey, where’s your gi?”

And I replied, “In my gym bag.”

And so she said, “Go put it on, Karate Kid. You’re entering this contest.”

“But it’s in my car and it’s raining.”

“Then you better run.”

So I went to my car in the rain, got my bag, rushed to put on my gi, and lined up with everyone else.

Did I mention that I have a WHITE GI? I stood out amongst the all of the neon. Everyone stared. One person shouted out in surprise and was like “W H A T?” I posed with a roundhouse kick. People cheered. The CEO saw the WHOLE THING.


I wasn’t even one of the last three finalists. I was like, “Well, I’m in this now and I have to go to the dojo once work is over. I’m not changing out of this. You’re all welcome.”

So now I’m sitting in my desk chair and I’m still in my gi. This is the comfiest that I have ever been at work. That, and NO ONE has argued with me since I put it on.