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  • Fitblr: If you aren't going all the way, why go at all? If you still look cute, you didn't work hard enough! Your excuses burn zero calories! Pain is your friend!
  • Me: Hey, I find a lot of these slogans disrespectful and damaging, and here's why. Please try to motivate without hurting others.
  • Fitblr: When I say "you," I'm obviously not talking to YOU. I'm talking about MYSELF. Ugh, why wouldn't you get that?!

anonymous asked:

i am a fatty. i will always stay a fatty i tried so many ways over and over and kept improving but nothing worked im tired im tired of not eating what i like and im tired of always working hard and putting all my energy into something then no results whatsoever even if i gain more weight at this point i dont give a shit i give up

Stop. Just stop right there in calling yourself names. First of all, you are not a “fatty.” EVERYONE has body fat on them in order to SURVIVE. It is so important to remember that just because you HAVE fat does not mean that you ARE fat. You are not defined by what your body looks like. Do not define yourself in that way. 

And trust me, I know how tired you are. It’s so incredibly frustrating to be the kind of person more prone to weight gain/obesity/health problems. It’s frustrating when you have friends and/or family members with incredibly fast metabolisms and they can eat whatever they want without gaining weight and don’t have to workout a day in their life. It’s exhausting getting up every single day and spending all of your time working out, cooking healthy food, being active. It’s tiring. Sometimes you want to quit. Sometimes you even gain weight. I get it. It’s okay to feel this way. We ALLLLL feel this way at some point. All of those fitblrs who have lost the weight that you look up to? They have had these same thoughts you are having. But you know what? They kept going

The main reason I don’t want my followers to rely on the scale as a measure of progress is because it’s not the best measure! The scale doesn’t always move. The scale doesn’t always reflect all of the hard work you put in day in and day out. The scale is just a number. That’s it. It does not define you, your progress, nor your journey. Focus on how eating right and exercising every day makes you feel. Think about how when you end a sweaty workout, and you feel totally on top of the world. Think about how your mood is just a little bit brighter and you feel a little bit lighter when you eat some good, whole, nutritious food. The journey is not all about losing weight, or at least you shouldn’t let it be. It should be about changing your lifestyle and how you feel. Those people who have incredibly fast metabolisms that you’re jealous of? Their metabolisms will catch up to them in a few years, and they will wish they had started getting healthy when you did. This journey is not just about the temporary goals, such as losing weight. It’s about protecting your future years. Making sure you don’t end up in a hospital bed 20 or 30 years from now. By investing your time, money, and effort into caring for yourself and your body now, you are investing in your future. I know it sounds cliche and silly, but it’s the honest and total truth. Getting healthy is about so much more than just weight loss. Just keep at it my dear. Find a source of motivation that works for you, and stick with it.

I ate a burger and fries last night. I drank alcohol. I slept like crap and woke up more times than I can count. And yet, I feel freaking amazing.

Mentally and physically, I am ready to rock this day. Loving my body today and am just happy! I’m working 8am-1pm and then who knows. It’s almost like another day off ;)

Back to regular fitblr broadcasting hehe.

anonymous asked:

I'm a big girl and I'm trying to get back into dieting and working out but all the blogs I find are skinny little girls trying to lose weight so it doesn't motivate me very much ate there any blogs you recommend I also just recently graduated college and work 6 days on 8 days off 12 hour shifts and on call the other 12 hours so on my 6 days on its hard to stay on track any blog suggestions and suggestions for staying in track would be great. Thank you :)

There are tons of blogs of people just starting out, and people who have started at 200+ or 300+ pounds and are still on their journeys losing weight. 

I personally started at 235+ pounds, and have been on this journey for 3 years now. Here is the link to my personal fitblr: lifeisyourstomiss

Funeralformyfat is now a skinny woman, but she started out in the 200+ range too, and she is amazingly beautiful, smart, and inspiring! 

Enoughfluff is one of the first fitblrs I found, and what I did was I went all the way to the last page of her blog, and then went through the entire thing over the course of a few days, so it was like I was on her journey with her. I had the same starting weight as her, and we both live in the Southern California area, so I found it really inspiring to find someone I could relate to so easily.

Bendoeslife is like the grandfather of the fitblr movement haha. He really inspired a lot of people to start making their fitblrs back when it was just getting started, and he’s always finding ways to inspire people and getting them to get up and be active.

Those would probably be my top 3, but there are tons more out there, because I follow a lot of them! If any of you are starting out in the 200+ weight range, leave a comment on this ask for this follower to check out your blog.