Mentality Switch:

When it comes to food we have to stop saying “I want it, but I can’t have it” and start saying “I can have it, but I don’t want it”

This will change your relationship with food.

dragonthorku  asked:

Haha Jax is that really your answer or is there another cardio you enjoy xD

DAMN STRAIGHT! the question was

“Jax in YOUR OPINION whats the Best type of Cardio to great results?”

and I ANSWERED truthfully SEX. If Sex aint a fun workout for ya both. Ya not doing it right.

If you were to ask me to pick one form of exercise and say that - for as long as I lived, for the remainder of my days - I could do as much of it as I wanted, whenever I wanted, but could never work out any other way, why, I’d look you right in the face and say SEX

But then you’d probably say
“sex doesn’t count, and that it’s not a valid form of exercise,”
to which I’d probably reply
“oh the hell it ain’t,”
and then we’d probably end up getting into a really long, heated argument about it.

But if you are going by my personal favorite then that takes the cake Dont believe me BAM

So there 

kage-maeda  asked:

Shoutouts to Sax and Gymaholics for GymahoDJmix 5 Its definitely a good change of pace (musically) and is helping push through my leg day today.

Thanks for the support!

For those who are looking for workout playlists:

Björn, the magician who made most of the mixes is preparing a new one for next week. I will keep you guys posted.

Need people to follow!!!!

Rejoined the weight loss side of tumblr last month, and only following 5 people ! Two of which are my own blogs. lol

I’m doing Weight Watchers, going by points plus again because the plan was really working before I decided I didn’t need to write everything down. lol I could really use all the support and motivational post I can find! Probably going to do Carbs the beginning of the year.

SO! If you’re a health blog, fitness blog, weight loss blog that is fairly active… Please. I would love to follow you!