Weigh in - Week 19

SW - 267.8 - 9/12/18

CW - 235.6 - 1/23/19

Goal for Graduation - 217.8 (-50 total)

How far away from goal - 17.8 pounds

How much more time I have - 15 Weeks

Loss this week - .6

Loss Total - 32.2

Low loss this week but I’m still pleased to be losing at all. Finally finishing up my period today and I’m SO hungry. I ate a 30 carb snack instead of 15 and had a 45 carb meal rather than a 30 carb. 😭 I really want to hit this goal but I gotta remind myself to be happy about an progress I make.

Weigh in Wednesday

CW: 218.2lbs!

Down 1.9lbs from last week.

Really happy to see a change like this, it’s keeping me very motivated! So far this month I have had only one “cheat” meal and that was Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate my new job! I’ll be working in an urgent care clinic and I start training and orientation tomorrow! So thrilled.

Some progress

So I made it out for my run yesterday.  It was rough.  I didn’t bring the cap for my camelback, so I thought I’d run without water (since I hate carrying a bottle) and that was a HUGE mistake.  I always forget that Phoenix is much drier and higher that Northern Virginia.  Plus, I’d sat on a plane for 6 or more hours yesterday after getting up at 430 a.m.

But I still got it done and that is PROGRESS!

188.8 last Wednesday –> 189.4 Thursday –> 187 Friday –> 188.8 Saturday –> 188.2 Sunday –> 185.6 Monday –> 185.8 yesterday –> 183.4 today

Sorry, I have no photos to share other than my Libra app, because I never eat anything and don’t have a reason to leave my house if it’s not for food, but … 


I have to admit that I didn’t feel great yesterday while fasting. I wasn’t hungry, but I felt a little headachey all night. I probably needed more electrolytes. But MAN, does it feel worth it to see that number on the scale today.

First 5k since last summer! 🥵 I went into it with no expectations, but the hope I’d get under 45 minutes. Well I blew that out of the water and did it in under 40!! So my goal is to work it down to a 30 minute 5k!


I’m so unbelievably happy with this time!! Now to eat lunch and relax before work! 🌯

Have a great day, y'all!! 💕