WOD - 3 January 2012
Yesterday’s workout! Back and cardio!
  • Running (treadmill):
    • 0:04:00 || 0.6 km (+21 pts)
  • Wide-Grip Pull-Up:
    • 10 reps (+110 pts)
    • 10 reps (+110 pts)
    • 10 reps (+110 pts)
    • assisted pull ups!
  • Bent Over Barbell Row:
    • 6 kg x 10 reps (+5 pts)
    • 10 kg x 10 reps (+8 pts)
    • 10 kg x 10 reps (+8 pts)
    • 10 kg x 10 reps (+8 pts)
  • Seated Cable Row:
    • 25 kg x 10 reps (+20 pts)
    • 25 kg x 10 reps (+20 pts)
    • 25 kg x 10 reps (+20 pts)
  • One-Arm Dumbbell Row:
    • 5 kg x 10 reps (+7 pts)
    • 8 kg x 10 reps (+11 pts)
    • 10 kg x 10 reps (+14 pts)
    • 10 kg x 10 reps (+14 pts)
  • Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown:
    • 25 kg x 10 reps (+19 pts)
    • 30 kg x 10 reps (+22 pts)
    • 30 kg x 10 reps (+22 pts)
    • 30 kg x 10 reps (+22 pts)
  • Lat Pulldown:
    • 15 kg x 10 reps (+8 pts)
    • 20 kg x 10 reps (+11 pts)
    • 20 kg x 10 reps (+11 pts)
    • 20 kg x 10 reps (+11 pts)
    • used the hammer strength machine
  • Hyperextension:
    • 10 reps (+5 pts)
    • 10 reps (+5 pts)
    • 10 reps (+5 pts)
  • Elliptical Trainer:
    • 0:30:00 || The Gods Hate Me! (+384 pts)
  • Russian Twist:
    • 10 reps (+6 pts)
    • 10 reps (+6 pts)
    • 10 reps (+6 pts)
  • Stretching:
    • 0:10:00 (+2 pts)
For those curious, I've joined fitocracy!

Courtesy of the phenomenal fitbunney… go see her fitangels post by clicking HERE !

In bare bones terms: You get points for exercises, level up, complete quests, etc. 
You can join groups, and “compete” with others. 

I’ve decided that while I am taking my break from MFP it would be a fun change to treat my exercise more like a game than… “did I do good enough”.  

 It will also be a funner (I know, I know… not a real word) thing for me to show you guys my daily workouts. 

(My username is jadebeloved if you want to come find me! “motivatedataglance” was too long. boo.)

I just joined fitocracy!

Itwasallfit (of course)
Did it from my phone, so it isn’t pretty yet— but its activated!

Thanking Fitbunney for the link she had posted! Joined fitangels (I think). So excited for this!!!

I feel like this is hardcore going to help me out!
Mostly because, hi, I’m a huge game nerd.
WoW is my ish.

And this is real life leveling!!!

Enjoying those beach Moments to the Max! After the Jeep Ride on the Safari Itz another Highlight on our girls trip through Sri Lanka 😍🙈🌴#girlsontour #fitfam #fitangel #healthylife #funtimes #beach #yala #nationalpark #jumphigh #girlstime #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #sinhala #sinhalese #srilankan #srilanka #holidays #soontobebride #just4daysleft #beforewedding by missjaya91

Santa's Angels - #Fitocracy Challenge

HAHAH, the words cut off .. but > “just in TIME for christmas (hopefully)” :D

1) How to get started:

  • You’ve first got to be member of Fitocracy
  • If you’re still not signed up, here’s an invite

2) Joining Fit Angels:

  • If you don’t know what’s Fit Angels all about: Read this post
  • If you’re already on Fitocracy, but don’t know how to join Fit Angels, follow these steps:

a) Find me on Fitocracy < Click through for my profile @fitbunney
b) Drop me a line on my wall, so I can take note of your username
c) I’d send you an invite into Fit Angels - it’s currently a private group 

3) After joining Fit Angels:

  • Click on 'Join Challenge' - The red button you see on the picture above ^^. 

4) The Santa’s Angels Challenge:

  • Duration: Dec 13,2011 - Dec 19,2011
  • Top 3 Angels who logs the most points during the challenge period gets: a) a lovely surprise from me, AND b) a hand written card with my sloppy kisses all over it > sent from me to anywhere in the world 
  • Hopefully before christmas, that’s why I ended the challenge 6 days before Santa arrives :)


  • You HAVE to join the challenge within the next 22 hours (from now).. to be eligible to participate. :) so HURRY!

This is our very first challenge, we’re crazy excited and it’s definitely NOT the last. :) I love you Angels!

It’s March, my beautiful Angels! I can’t believe since our inception in December, we’re close to 2000 gorgeous, fit angels in our family on Fitocracy. So here’s the brand new start of our new month. Our sexy winners of our Valentine’s Day Challenge got away with sweet stashes from Marc Jacobs and Chloe! (All in the mail!!) 

This month… I bring you a  new challenge up on Fit Angels on Fitocracy!

March On Angels

If you haven’t heard of Fit Angels, or Fitocracy.. here are some helpful links!

Want to be a Fit Angel? Learn more about our family!
Fit Angels on Fitocracy: Over here
Need Fitocracy invites? Here’s some Fitbunney exclusive invites.

The Challenge:

  • Whoever logs the most running distance
  • One exclusive winner
  • Prize: $25 NIKE gift card
  • Duration: Whole of March

You MUST sign up for the challenge by 2nd March. That leaves you one day before sign up closes on our page. 

Just click on Join Challenge and you’d be good to go Angels!!!! 


Mistletoe Fairies Challenge - Fit Angels on #Fitocracy

Our very first Santa’s Angels Challenge saw all the kickass Angels chalking up some insane points :) So, we’re back for a very new challenge…….

The Mistletoe Fairies Challenge

CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!!!! <3 But being the very sexy Fit Angels we are, this means that the festive cheer simply isn’t a good enough excuse for us to skip our workouts. Sure we love our log cake, but we love feeling good from hitting our training plans - no matter where we are, no matter how busy it can be.

  • No time to hit the gym? You can even log taking the stairs instead of the elevator!
  • Doing crazy last minute shopping sprees? Count that as your walking activity for the day!! 7 hours of shopping? That sounds like some crazy points!!!!
  • While you’re sitting under the christmas tree from wrapping all those gifts.. take some time off to stretch :) That counts as points as well
  • Carrying all that presents and walking around? Go weigh your shopping bags and log that as Farmer’s Walk!
  • Be creative! Because being fit and staying active as a Fit Angel doesn’t always have to require iron and the gym! 

How to sign up:

  1. Two more days left to sign up: You MUST sign up before the challenge commences on 23rd December 2011
  2. Fit Angels on Fitocracy:
  3. Not on Fitocracy? Here’s an exclusive invite for you.
  4. Not quite sure what Fitocracy & Fit Angels are about? Read this post!

TOP 10 Mistletoe Fairies:

Will personally receive a handwritten Mistletoe Fairy Card shipped right to their hands :) 

Still have questions? Drop a line to me.

48 hours before our challenge starts… QUICK JOIN US AS A MISTLETOE FAIRY!!! <3