Happy Sunday!☀️☺️
Although my entire body is radiating with soreness from yesterday’s workout, I woke up feeling smaller and stronger 👌🏽💪🏽these grey Nike shorts aren’t very forgiving but I don’t even need them to be 😎 I finally feel like I’m on the heels of my personal body goals!

PROGRESS UPDATE: it’s been exactly 32 days since I found out what was really going on with my brain and gut! 32 days since I’ve started the gluten free, dairy free diet and switched to Pea Protein instead of whey and I taking digestive enzymes with every meal. So during all the confusion from June-Dec the most I weighed was 188lb. I was still working out and eating the same but I kept gaining weight which was super discouraging. Through it all I just tried to embrace the curves and fluffiness but I really hated. The picture on the left is from October 8th so I’m in the thick of it! Nauseas, no appetite, extremely fatigued, headaches, mood swings, anxiety, sleep was nowhere to be found. Life was great 🙃 this was probably when I was around 185-188 and looking at the picture I can see it on myself 🙈. Today, I got the scale and saw 175! LISTEN, I was just 182 in Dec and 180 last Tuesday!! IM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY!!! Finally things are working, I’m feeling better and I’m losing weight! Mind you I’m on a modified workout plan, I can only do 10 minutes of HIIT when before I was doing 30-45 minutes. So I added in more plyo and yoga. I was slightly embarrassed about these numbers but oh well I’m fine 😜 and hopefully this can help someone! Also I’m not dead set on weighing a certain number, I rarely weigh myself but my weight changed from my concussion so I kinda had to keep track of it. But yeah, so I’m losing weight and I’m happy! Just wanted to share! Oh and I’m 5'6 and half Questions or comments, leave em below!