May 1st 2015. 7 pm. The Astros’ game is starting now. Didn’t wanna miss it but at the same time I wanted to do something, so I brought all the stuff to the living room. It’s my first time to watch a baseball game and also to use muji pens for studying. Lol I’m excited for both. By the way, the Lipton honey green tea that I’ve been drinking all day is awesome! Ahhh it’s a good Friday evening.

I love running on trails, or running through a city filled with blooming blossoms, or exploring a new place with a run, or doing a workout in a park. I love running in the rain, or when the sun is falling on me like warm liquid, or feeling the chill of the early morning and thinking I’m a badass.
Training increases your capabilities. That’s the law of progressive overload — lift something a lil bit heavier each day, get a lil bit stronger. Run a lil faster each day, get a lil bit, um, faster. A body that is increasingly capable makes for a life that is increasingly manageable (read: awesome).