Stunning Europeans beds at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  

Top Left: Bed from the Palazzo Sagredo, Venice, 1718.
Top Right: Flying tester bed, lit a la duchesse, from the Hotel de Belle-Isle, Paris, 1782. 

Bottom Left: Bed ordered for a state room in Hampton Court, England, 1698.
Bottom Right: Bed from the reign of Louis XIV. The bed hangings depict stories from Ovid. France, 1700.
Fit for Royalty -- out now on Kindle!
The rolling fields of Whitekeep are green and the scent of spring is in the air. It's the time of year when the world wakes anew, planting begins, the flowers bloom. The time of year when thoughts ...

Hey, guys. I’ve got a thing for people looking for a good fantasy romance book. The lovely P.J. Rogers has released her first full novel, for $2.99 on Amazon’s kindle. It’s definitely worth a read.

The rolling fields of Whitekeep are green and the scent of spring is in the air. It’s the time of year when the world wakes anew, planting begins, the flowers bloom. The time of year when thoughts turn to love and marriage.
At least, they should for Sebastian Dunn, Prince of Whitekeep.
He’s the most eligible bachelor in all the Dales, but he’s not looking at settling down. Instead, the Prince is working to rebuild his kingdom in the aftermath of a brutal coup. His lands left fallow, his people starving, Sebastian has worked these last few years to turn his kingdom around. This year will be his year, and Whitekeep will flourish again if the harvest holds.
Besides, there’s only one woman in his thoughts — Celeste Clarke, both lovely and forbidden. With her history as a feared and hated mage, she would never be accepted by his nobles. What’s more, she disappeared four years ago after her mother’s murder.
When he finds her near his hunting lodge, wounded and tired, he spirits her away to his castle. Sebastian has the woman he’s sought for years in his home at last. Celeste doesn’t seem convinced — she’s not here to be his mistress. If he lets her go now, she’ll slip through his fingers.
He’ll have her, or no one at all — if only she’ll give him the second chance.

Followers should definitely give it a borrow, take a look, leave reviews. Let’s feed this new Indie author! :) I’ve already got my copy.
Fit For Royalty - Kindle edition by PJ Rogers. Romance Kindle eBooks @
Fit For Royalty - Kindle edition by PJ Rogers. Romance Kindle eBooks @

So. I sat down and finished my copy of Fit for Royalty last night. Oh my god. I haven’t had a story hangover that good in awhile. I got to the end and wanted more. I wanted to know what was going to happen next for Celeste and Sebastian. The prose was beautiful, it was hot, it was just wonderful.

First novel, and it’s fantastic. Seriously, solid gold. 5 stars.

Prince of the Aureum Isles, Constable of the Royal Army, and Knight of the Benesian Order. A seasoned soldier and a talented marksman, he is known for his prowess in multiple forms of combat. As a renowned war hero, he fights with his life for the kingdom and for the people but just how far is he willing to sacrifice if the people are calling for blood - his brother’s blood.

The Wrong Alice // Effluvium

//collab with hitchhikingbabeh !! //

Euchre > Facsimile > Waggery > Twain > Effluvium

You’re restless the moment you step foot into your lodging, even though it’s fit for royalty. It’s impossible to sleep despite how soft the linens are and how comfortable the pillows are under your head. Jongdae’s words are echoing in your brain, and the fact that you had to wait till daybreak to start the search for a member of the court was too much. They couldn’t waste time, if this was London, then that boy could be dead by now.

Underland is twice as terrifying, so why are you all just waiting?

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Moving from casual wear to formal wear (and with it to some new scenes, cos screencapping that same scene over and over turned out to get old really quickly).

“The Winter Palace” – “A classic, formal cut. Crimson accented with royal blue. Fit to meet royalty.”

I loved this on Adi (and Cullen and Dorian mmmm) when we saw it at Halamshiral, and I still like it now. Somehow I doubt Adi’s going to want to wear any of the formal outfits but they do look quite nice on her.

Perfectly grilled salmon settled upon a pond of luscious coconut cantaloupe cream is a main course fit for royalty and very easy to prepare at home!

This main course is simply brimming with the freshness of Mother Nature. You have two salmon fillets, featuring the full vibrancy of the ocean. You have a naturally subtle sweetness of the cream made with gifts of the earth. You do not simply eat this dish, you experience it.

It is dishes like Grilled Salmon with Coconut Cantaloupe Cream which proves why Asian cuisines are considered one of the most healthy in the world. They are fresh! They are natural. They are life!

As always, you can get the FREE recipe and how-to pictures from Fusion Asiana @

  • TRISTAN:When have you ever known me to be unprepared?
  • TRISTAN:Besides the most recent demon abduction. That one doesn’t count.
  • TRISTAN:Also, /Prince/ Tristan? Really?
  • GAGE:Oh, no. It counts. Trust me. /It counts./
  • GAGE:What're you going prepared with, then?
  • GAGE:Before you assume, it's not that I think you're incapable of protecting yourself or anything. I just want to make sure that there's no possible way that you could get hurt.
  • GAGE:Not only for Blaine's sake, but yours too, obviously. You've been through more than enough recently and if you've ever seen Final Destination, you know you can only cheat death so many times before the shit hits the fan. ;)
  • GAGE:What a compliment, right? I think you're fit to be royalty. No need to come off so offended.

Many aspiring musicians want in transit to constrain money right away among fitting out their music. There are a variety referring to ways up to sell music. Music displace be sold in the Digital Download format, which is the standard for companies akin thus and so iTunes and Audiobanger. A digital download is normally a.wav or.mp3 file which is stored as regards a bonded server and the requisition is sent in passage to the buyer then the accomplishment is categorical. Music is also still sold in the form respecting CD’s as well. Cassette tape and vinyl still be constituted by, but those two objects have slowly become instinct in the world of music storage. Long story short, Digital Download is for the industry standard at which it comes to selling hubbub. A digital download can be purchased hereby a computer, laptop, cyclolith, and rival in contact with a smart call (basically a high-tech cell auditory effect with computer-like capabilities). Retrospectively digital downloads are now abundantly popular, this presents the question to aspiring Rappers, Singers, and musicians in general: Should you consign your music or give it away for free?
Joined of the most cherished promotion methods apropos of aspiring Musicians and Producers is releasing mixtapes. There is no attentive date on at which time mixtapes became a popular trend in the music industry, unless mixtapes definitely gained popularity in the genre of Minikin music during the early 2000s. Rappers such thus and so 50 Fish and Lil’ Wayne began releasing a series of mixtapes, aforementioned G-Unit Table radio and Sqad Puff up entre nous. Mixtapes even helped Lil’ Wayne prologize now smart Rap Artists such as Stewing chicken, Tyga, and Nicki Minaj. What makes mixtapes spasmodic minus retail albums is that mixtapes are typically given away for free. DJ’s hold on to also made a line of duty in regard to €hosting€ mixtapes, which entails yelling and adlibbing on songs and also promoting the mixtape at clubs and various events. For an aspiring Rapper, Singer, chief Producer the mixtape route makes the most core. A Rapper or Singer could search online for Quality Free Beats or buy beats online and pay for recording at home at a local studio. A great website as long as High Attribute Beats is http:\ Over 50 Fatigue Standard beats are available taking place Audiobanger. After recording a equitable amount of songs, they may release the mixtape with-it CD format or in Digital Download format. Younger or right in the front the release of a mixtape, a Musician normally released one golden two music videos to advocate the mixtape. A professional looking music video definitely enhances the appeal of a mixtape.
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Tiana | 19 | Brandy Norwood | The Princess & The Frog | Peasant | Plot

Having left her voodoo priestess mother who raised her, Tiana returned to Fableton to reunite with her ‘normal’ father. Together the two had a dream of opening a restaurant fit for royalty. But in the mean time, both worked in the kitchen of the local inn. Two years ago, Tianas father passed, leaving her a teenager to fend for herself. She kept her job at the inn, along with getting the jobs of laundress and maid overnight. While working her fingers to the bone. she also is dealing with heavy taxation and harassment from the Sheriff of Nottingham.



House of the Day: Absolutely Dreamy Cabin in English Countryside Wants $684K

Have a nomination for a jaw-dropping listing that would make a mighty fine House of the Day? Get thee to the tipline and send us your suggestions. We’d love to see what you’ve got.

Photos via The Modern House

Location: Helston, Cornwall, England
Price: £450,000 (~$684,000)

It’s not a midcentury marvel, nor is it a grand manse fit for royalty, but it is terrific looking. Built of solid Douglas Fir, this compact cabin features a planted roof and a quaint, gabled form that ramps up its country charm. Designed and lived in by a director of photography, according to The Modern House, the house is quite the photogenic vacation home. (If there were ever a place for beautifully lit, carefully composed Instagrams, this is it.) Open-plan interiors include a living room, simple kitchen, dining area, and a brightly painted yellow ladder leading to a sleeping loft. A secondary cabin on the 7-acre meadowland parcel accommodates a shower room, outhouse, and wood store.

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Helston [The Modern House]
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Pampered Dogs Live in a $20,000 Victorian Mansion

External image

Nothing says “I love my puppies to death” like spending a ton of cash on a small Victorian mansion, the pooches can call home.

Chelsea, Darla and Coco Puff can definitely brag to their barking friends, about having the most luxurious doghouse in the world. Featuring hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, central heating and air-conditioning, this mini-mansion is literally fit for royalty. In terms of design, it has hand-made curtains, mini blinds, expensive wallpaper and ceiling fans.

And they all have to thank their owner, 42-year-old Tammy Kassis, who lavishly spent around $20,000 on this over-the-top dog mansion. She loves her two Yorkies and one Pomeranian to death, and she decided to give them a home of their own, when an owl almost snatched one of them up.

She asked deluxe kennel builder, and owner of La Petite Maison, Alan Mower, to create a small replica of her own home, a beautiful Victorian mansion, for her adorable fur balls. Next on her shopping list is a small plasma TV, because the spoiled trio loves to watch Animal Planet.

External image
External image
External image
External image

Photos Source: AP via Daily Mail

Source: Los Angeles Times

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