because they still need to talk about that very important question…

no not THAT important question

“For all the despicable things i’ve said about Wish World me, she did have like really great hair,” Emma says.

She’s back now. Killian recalled how hours ago she poured through a portal into the center of town (everything seems to happen there, really). She was clad in a white, flowing princess dress and ermine wrap. Her hair was crafted into an intricate braid, gold floral pins accenting it like a crown. It was all contrasted with her shockingly red lips, an exquisite look fitting for royalty. 

For a moment, he had nothing but silent awe as he admired her. Then-

She was in his arms, clinging to him in a fierce and earnest hug. He knew in an instant that she felt the same gratitude that despite their many separations, each time wondering hopelessly if it was the last, they’d found their way back together once more.

“You are never going to believe where I just was,” She’d babbled.

They’d walked back together to their house, leaving her family, who were mostly attending to a bewildering and somehow resurrected Robin (death seemed to have no old on this town- who knew?). Killian was certain that he’d have time to welcome back his old friend later. For now, he needed to attend to his Swan. As they walked, she spun a story a different realm, where she sang like a cartoon princess in the forest and where he was an old man (”Really Swan? I shan’t believe it! Me old? I’ve retained my youthful glow for over 300 years… I was still devilishly handsome, right?”)

She’d deposited her fairytale dress in a heap the moment she’d walked in the room. Killian had stared after her as she’d crossed the room in a corset, thinking with a smug grin about the possibilities these additions to her wardrobe provided. She’d glared at the offending as she pealed it off and flung it into the the pile, opting instead for the soft flannel pajamas he knew she loved.

Which, had all led up to her curling up on their bed and beginning to unbraid her hair.

“I mean, this is, like, a really good braid. I’m not sure I’ll ever duplicate it,” She says, as she runs her fingers through the strands, loosening the tight weave.

“Your hair is lovely always, Swan,” He replies softly, coming to sit beside her. “Would you like an help?”

She nods and his hands begin to card through her silky locks. She hasn’t been gone long, but he yearns to touch her, to know that she is real. Picking the golden pins out of her hair is the least he can do.

“You’re tired, aren’t you?” He asks, as he finishes his work, wrapping his arms around her and resting his head on her shoulder.

She nods again.

“I can tell,” He says, with a smile as she shakes her hair. Her golden strands, now free of their braid, dancing as they fall into loose, dreamy waves. “Do you want to talk about it first?”

She shakes her head, as she tucks herself into the covers, “Not really, there is a lot to unpack honestly- besides, you know, the part where you were freaky old.”

He rolls his eyes, finding his place beside her in bed.

“You can always talk to me about it,” He says, knowing how fearlessly open she’s learn to become, “Always.”

“I will,” She says, her breath slowing, “I definitely will, just- tomorrow.”

“Aye,” He says, “That’s fine.”

But he can’t let her sleep without asking the question that’s been itching in the back of his mind since the event occurred. It’s not terribly urgent, but he doesn’t want to to pass up the opportunity to ask her, right now- in case anything should separate them again.

“Just one thing, love. Before you sleep. I thought I’d ask about, just incase it comes up again…. 

What do we do if a genie shows up?”  


The Department of Impossible Cuteness may have to take the rest of the week off in order to recover from an overdose of kawaii caused by these bird-shaped foods made my Japanese food artist *kaori* aka @lovebirdshowcas.

From adorable birdy omelets and sweet grated radish birds perched on tofu blocks to sweet potato tart birdlings and a fancy bird-themed chirashizushi platter fit for royalty, every last little detail of each dish is so ridiculously cute, we suspect eating them might make you glow in the dark with happiness.

Follow @lovebirdshowcas on Twitter for more photos of impossible cute bird-themed foods.

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Fit for a King—Working Out With Prince Liam

Ever wonder how the Prince stays so fit?  Well get ready to live, ‘cause we think weknow the answer…

Alongside the regular polo matches, we hear that Liam doesregular workouts that use his own body weight rather than pumping iron. ‘The Royal Regime’ is apparently heavy on push-ups, pull-ups and dips. Whatever it is, it looks like it’s working…

More interestingly, we hear that next year the prince plans to spend the summer with the Indonesian Women’s Diving Team. We bet he can’t wait to jump in the water with those girls!


Stunning Europeans beds at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  

Top Left: Bed from the Palazzo Sagredo, Venice, 1718.
Top Right: Flying tester bed, lit a la duchesse, from the Hotel de Belle-Isle, Paris, 1782. 

Bottom Left: Bed ordered for a state room in Hampton Court, England, 1698.
Bottom Right: Bed from the reign of Louis XIV. The bed hangings depict stories from Ovid. France, 1700.

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'The Fits' tells a silent and powerful story about black girlhood [VIDEO] -
The Fits is an independent film directed, produced and co-written by Anna Rose Holmer with the editor Saela Davis, and additional producer Lisa Kjerulff. This movie tells the story of an 11-year-old black girl named Toni played by Royalty Hightower. The Fits follows the many facets of life that the main character, and other young girls in the film go
By Ira Hobbs
Fit for Royalty -- out now on Kindle!
The rolling fields of Whitekeep are green and the scent of spring is in the air. It's the time of year when the world wakes anew, planting begins, the flowers bloom. The time of year when thoughts ...

Hey, guys. I’ve got a thing for people looking for a good fantasy romance book. The lovely P.J. Rogers has released her first full novel, for $2.99 on Amazon’s kindle. It’s definitely worth a read.

The rolling fields of Whitekeep are green and the scent of spring is in the air. It’s the time of year when the world wakes anew, planting begins, the flowers bloom. The time of year when thoughts turn to love and marriage.
At least, they should for Sebastian Dunn, Prince of Whitekeep.
He’s the most eligible bachelor in all the Dales, but he’s not looking at settling down. Instead, the Prince is working to rebuild his kingdom in the aftermath of a brutal coup. His lands left fallow, his people starving, Sebastian has worked these last few years to turn his kingdom around. This year will be his year, and Whitekeep will flourish again if the harvest holds.
Besides, there’s only one woman in his thoughts — Celeste Clarke, both lovely and forbidden. With her history as a feared and hated mage, she would never be accepted by his nobles. What’s more, she disappeared four years ago after her mother’s murder.
When he finds her near his hunting lodge, wounded and tired, he spirits her away to his castle. Sebastian has the woman he’s sought for years in his home at last. Celeste doesn’t seem convinced — she’s not here to be his mistress. If he lets her go now, she’ll slip through his fingers.
He’ll have her, or no one at all — if only she’ll give him the second chance.

Followers should definitely give it a borrow, take a look, leave reviews. Let’s feed this new Indie author! :) I’ve already got my copy.


“We’re saying that there is power in collective identity. And it should not be conflated with conformity. There is that fear, though, and it’s real. What Toni is struggling with is fear of herself. Not knowing her own body, desires, insecurities, limits. That’s what adolescence is about. It’s pretty scary.

The entire film is really about putting the audience in Toni’s headspace and physical bodily space, and that’s fraught with anxiety and tension. That’s where the nod to horror comes from. There was this unseeable monster, which manifests itself in the fits. But I think it’s also brewing quietly in Toni. When you see that monster it might not be what you feared. It could be this beautiful, transformative, graceful thing. The not knowing is what’s so scary.”

– Anna Rose Holmer on the element of horror in her feature debut, The Fits

And at last I see the light, and it’s like the sky is new. And it’s warm and real and bright, and the world has somehow shifted. All at once everything looks different, now that I see you.

Tangled AU for @xprincessrey


“The concept of the sound design started at the script phase, and we brought our sound designer Chris Foster on really early. So he was attached before we started shooting, and we were talking about these kind of states. We actually really thought that a lot of the music would come from the external world, and we imagined using a lot more diegetic music coming from outside in. But the first time we saw an assembly of the film we knew it was actually the exact opposite, and we needed sounds to be coming from within Toni. So at that stage we showed the cut to Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans [who scored Enemy] and they really connected — the references that I gave them were experimental, jazz, noise, art, mostly saxophone, and that idea of using the instrument as a body, focusing on breath was my main note.”

- Anna Rose Holmer, Director of The Fits

She has also mentioned Bresson, Steve McQueen’s Hunger and Let the Right One In as influences. [x]


Wishlist Wednesday | Queen Mary’s Doll’s House

Queen Mary’s Doll’s House is quite possibly the most famous dollhouse in the entire world. Standing 7 feet tall with fully-furnished rooms of the grandest possible design, complete with a Saloon, Library, servant’s chambers, kitchen, wine cellar, a garden created by Gertrude Jekylland, and a garage full of vintage miniature limos, this dollhouse is truly one fit for royalty.

Built for Queen Mary by architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, the dollhouse took 3 years to complete, and by complete I mean it has working lifts, running hot and cold water and electricity powered lights! Woot. The fittings consist of over 1,500 miniature pieces contributed by fine artists and craftsmen of the 20th century. Needless to say, if one is not royalty, it may be quite difficult to acquire a dollhouse of this magnitude; but a girl can dream, right?