Pregnancy Headcanons: Mystic Messenger

I’m a sucker for prengancy-related headcanons/one-shots/roleplays. I’m weird I know. Anyway here are some pregnancy headcanons for the RFA (slightly nsfw)(obvious spoilers)(Cussing)

Order: Yoosung, Zen, Jumin, Jaehee, Seven, Saeran, V


¤ Oh our little innocent cinnamonbun Yoosung isn’t so innocent

¤ Infact, 4/5 times he initiates the frickity-frackity

¤ Just so happens, though, that condom was expired

¤ And it was evident when it had broken

¤ And he had begun to panic

    × “it’s leaking- Wait it’s leaking, MC it’s leaking what do we do? Ahh-”

¤ He ended up running out and buying like 5 pregnancy test

¤ But the baby factory doesn’t work like that so they all came back negative.

¤ So he thought you were fine

¤ Until two weeks later when-

     × “Oh my God, MC are you okay? You sound like your dying”

¤ You made him buy more pregnancy test

    × “But the 5 you took before came back negative”

¤ He ended up buying 7 more, cause

    × “One of them could be faulty”

¤ You took 7 test, 5 of which back positive

¤ So Yoosung begun freaking out even more

    × “MC I’m so sorry I should have checked the expiration date this is all my fault”

¤ You couldn’t help but laugh

¤ That laughter quickly turn to tears because holy fuck your having a tiny human.

¤ Cue more panic from Yoosung

    × “MC?? No MC don’t cry or I’ll start crying too! MC”

¤ And here we have two crying grown children

¤ When the two of you finally calmed the hell down you begun to talk about it

    × You both came to the conclusion that you both weren’t ready for a responsibility of this magnitude and that the best option for the child would be for them do go into adoption

¤ Despite all that, Yoosung still did everything to make you comfortable

    × Mc.Rognalds at 4am? He’s got you covered. 

    × Extra pillows, even if that leaves him with none? Alright. 

     × Missing out on the most important, once in a life time quest, just so he can cuddle when you ask?

          € “Sorry guys, I have to do something Irl”

¤ When you *finally* go into labour, he freaks out, and you end up having to call the ambulance because he’s not calm enough to take you himself.

¤ Labour ends, and he probably won’t be able to use that hand for a while

¤ And then the doctor asks a simple question

     × “Would you both like to see the baby before signing the adoption papers?”

¤ You both kinda look at each other, silently deciding.

¤ And then he nods, and you nod, and the doctor goes off to get the baby.

¤ The baby is completely healthy. Perfect weight, and with bright violet eyes and just a little (H/c) hair.

¤ And as you get to hold the baby for a few minutes, he kinda just stares in awe.

¤ And the silence is broken

     × “MC”

     × “Yeah…”

     × “They… they kinda look like us, huh?”

     × “Mmhmm. They have your eyes”

     × “ And your hair… MC?”

     × “Yes, Yoosung?”

     × “Do you maybe wanna keep them? I mean I know we’re not really ready but people aren’t always ready, and maybe we can do it”

¤ And that was all it took.


     × Yoosung has joined the chat

     × Mc has joined the chat

     × Mc: As many of you may have known, I was pregnant for the past 9 months

     × Zen: wait what?

     × Jaehee: I don’t believe you informed us

     × 707: Lololol they didn't 

     × Mc: Great news:

     × Yoosung: We’re keeping them!

     × Yoosung has left the chat

     × Mc has left the chat 

     × Zen: They’re joking right?


¤ Oh boy

¤ It was a common wonder if you were pregnant with this one.

¤ Because it was constantly

     × “Condoms can take the pleasure out of sex”

¤ That and birth control was a difficult thing to remember.

¤ So you kept a few pregnancy test

     × More like a box filled with them

¤ So when you took 2 test, and they both came back positive, you weren’t shocked

¤ But you decided to tell him in a more fun way

¤ So you bought baby carrots, a baby bottle and a pacifier 

¤ But when you got home, he was already there

¤ And holding a stick with pee

     × “Mc are you pregnant”

     × “Yes”

¤ You were disappointed because you had bought so much stuff to surprise him and he had found out in other means.

¤ But then he hugged you

     × “Mc I promise I’m going to be the best father that I can be, and I’ll always support the baby”

¤ And aww Zenny

¤ And then he proposed

     × “I know I don’t have a ring right now but marry me please”

     × “Of course”

¤ And waterworks come in, and well yeah its a happy day.

¤ He still does his plays, but will call you at every minute of the hour to make sure your okay


     × “Zen where are you going?”

     × “Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a few minutes”

¤ Gets introuble alot, until he finally explains to the director whats going on

¤ When you go into labour, he’s in the middle of the real-deal play

¤ So his phone isn’t nearby

¤ When he finally hears the message he freaks out and runs to the hospital

¤ like litterly runs

¤ He gets there just on time, and won’t stop apologizing

     × “MC I’m so sorry, you know the premire was today and I didn’t have my phone on me”

     × “Stop apologizing and get over here”

¤ Push

¤ It’s a healthy baby.

¤ You got to hold the baby for about a minute before he starts complaining

     × “Come on MC I want to hold them too”

     × You’d glare at him “I just pushed them out of my va-jay-jay after holding them in my stomach for 9 months, I believe I can hold them longer than a minute”

¤ A happy little family


¤ It wasn’t like you two were trying

¤ But you weren’t not trying either

¤ It was more of a if it happens it happens thing.

¤ So when it happened you were happy.

¤ You, ofcourse, went to the doctor first and got yourself checked

¤ And yep, 4 weeks pregnant.

¤ You managed to convice the doctor to give you a sonogram right there and then and you got a copy of it

¤ Now to tell Jumin

¤ You made his favourite dinner, made the table look nice.

¤ Four plates, one for you, another for Jumin, one for Elizabeth and finally one for the unborn child

¤ On the plate of the missing guest, the envelope that had the sonogram layed there. 

¤ When he gets home and dinner begins he’s absolutely confused 

    × “MC are we expecting guest?”

¤ Finally he notices the envelope, and becomes more curious

¤ He looks over at you, and you give him a nod that screams “Just open it already”

¤ So he does

¤ And he kinda stares at it for a while

¤ And you can’t read any emotion on his face

¤ And there’s just silence

¤ Until

    × “Is this a sonogram?”

    × “Yes”

    × “Is this your sonogram”

    × “Yes”

    × “Did you hear that Elizabeth 3rd? You will be a sister" 

¤ He eventually gets up and gives you a nice little kiss, that though it’s not too long means alot

¤ It’s joyous moment

¤ Low key scared that he will end up like his father

¤ When you find out you comfort him

     × ” Your father is your father, and you’re you"

¤ Now this boy will not let you do anything

¤ Right after the dinner, he hired a maid specifically for your needs only, durring the day time

¤ And at night when you get your cravings, he will get anything needed

¤ Well he won’t, but Jaehee will.

     × “Assistant Kang, I need you to buy some cheese with barbecue sauce and peanut butter”

     × “Mr.Han its 3:45 in the morning, where will I find that-”

     × He’s already hung up.

¤ And oooh boy, that baby hasn’t been born yet and already its been spoiled rotten.

¤ A nursery fit for royalty.

¤ Best toys

¤ And not to mention appointments 10 times a week

¤ Only the finest of doctors for his baby

¤ When you’re close to the due date he finds a way to work from home

¤ He convinces you to get a C-Section so that it doesn’t pain you as much

¤ Jumin Han? More like Daddy Han

¤ He won’t stop posting pictures of the baby and Elizabeth 3rd on the messenger


¤ It happened while you two were on a break. 

¤ An open break

¤ And you were… well… drunk

¤ Pretty much a one night stand with no protection

¤ Eventually you an Jaehee did get back together like a week later

¤ And a week after that you weren’t feeling so hot

     × nausea, hungry, moody

¤ Felt like your period but the blood was missing

¤ Eventually Jaehee took you to your doctor.

¤ Your doctor ran the same test 5 times

¤ Finally they simply asked you if “You had been sexually active with a male”

¤ To which you reply no

¤ And a few seconds later Maybe/Yes

¤ Jaehee just like ??? What

¤ And then the news

     × “MC you’re pregnant”

¤ They leave you two alone to talk because he knows something happened

¤ There was silence for a few minutes

¤ And then you could hear Jaehee choke back a sob

     × “MC I thought you would have been different… I thought this would have been different”

¤ You begin to explain to her how it all happened and when

¤ It makes it better but not completely okay

¤ It takes a few months for her to completely over it 

¤ Once it gets to that point, shes ecstatic over the baby

¤ She always seems to have just what you need 

    × “Jaehee do you mind getting me a-”

    × She passes you a pickle covered in Nutela

    × “Thank you”

¤ When you go into labour she gets a call at work.

¤ Actually she gets 6 missed calls from an unknown number before deciding to pick up.

    × “Excuse me, am I speaking with Ms. Jaehee Kang?

    × “This is she”

    × “I am calling about Mc, she seems to have gone into labour early and you are the number marked into her emergency contacts- hello?”

¤ She was at the hospital faster than the speed limit allowed.

¤ After, of course, informing her boss

¤ She knew just how make you comfortable and not get her hand squeezed near broken by the end

¤ Your really exausted so she’s actually the first to hold the baby.

¤ They’re small, and a tad underweight but otherwise healthy.


¤ The thing is, you two have gotten frisky even when Saeran was home

¤ And anytime, everywhere

     × “Why can’t those two shut up for just one night”

¤ So the reality was, you getting pregnant was expected

¤ Except it never happened

¤ Because you, my dear, where as infertile as a mule

¤ Pregnancy was a difficult thing to achieve

¤ So babies didn’t seem like a possibility

¤ Until your boy Saeyoung came home wiTH TWO BABIES IN A BASKET

     × “Saeyoung is that what I think it is?”

     × “ If your thinking about babies, then yes”

     × “Idiot brother”

¤ So your a mom now

¤ He had gone ahead and bought the babies toys, and bottles, and food, and milk and everything necessary for a baby

¤ He always was the one to get up when one of them began to cry at night

¤ Even if you insisted that you had it

     × “Saeyoung I’ve got it”

     × “Go back to sleep, I’m already ready”

     × “But Saeyoung-”

     × “No cuts, no buts, no coconuts”

¤ He would always post pictures of the three/four/five of you together in the chat

     × Saeyoung: And in this picture we see my 4 favourite people

     × Zen: I still can’t believe you adopted 2 babies out of the blue like that

¤ Apparently your infertility wasn’t so infertile afterall

¤ Oops your pregnant

¤ When he finds out he’s excited 

¤ Cause like

¤ Three babies

¤ He lets you do even less than before 

¤ Once your big enough he won’t even let you carry around the babies

¤ You would use the cravings as a way to get him out of the house and carry the babies.

¤ He builds like 15 robots to play with the babies

¤ He buys like another ton of toys

¤ Not to mention he gets to prepare the nursery with time this time

     × Cat themed by the way

¤ When the third baby comes, you leave the other two with a panic-y Saeran 

¤ Speed limits are no limits

¤ After the baby is born, Saeyoung gets Saeran and the two babies

¤ Takes a family photo and posts it on the chat along with a “lololol”

  ÷ BONUS ÷

          × 707 has joined the chat

          × 707: Lololol look at my 5 favourite people

        × Attached is a photo of Saeran MC and three babies

          × Yoosung: Did you adopt again?! 

          × Yoosung’s Questionmark emoji is attached 

          × 707: Lolol nope

          × 707: This one was all me and MC


¤ You could hardly call that sex

    × It was more like “lets see how fast we can fuck before Saeyoung gets back”

¤ You found out like a month later at a physical.

     × “Congratulations MC you’re pregnant”

¤ As soon as your out, cue panic.

¤ A baby??? A baby was not part of the plan

¤ You took the bus home because you needed to think this over, without the Choi twins knowing just yet

¤ An hour later your home

¤ Surprise: Saeran isn’t, and Saeyoung is kinda just looking at you weirdly.

¤ Saeyoung finally tells you what happened

¤ Those fuckers hacked into your medical files as soon as your appointment was over to make sure everything was “Just Fine”

¤ It wasn't 

¤ Pregnancy hormones started kicking in, and there were tears

¤ Saeran just happened to walk in at that moment after calming his own nerves

¤ There was more panic because he didn’t know how to comfort you.

¤ Eventually he pulls you aside into your room, hands you a tissue and waits for you to calm down.

¤ When that happens (like an hour later) he kinda just sighs and tries to work things out

     × “I know we didn’t plan this, but I know you’ll make a great mother, I’ll try to be a good dad”

¤ Comforting but he’s High-Key scared.

¤ When it’s all sort out he’s actually really cute 

× Low key loves to talk to your belly

     × Complains but always does what you ask him to do 

          € He would say “Mc It’s 3:47 in the morning where am I going to find that?” While he’s getting dressed.

     × Protective over you and the bump.

¤ When Due date comes he can’t stay in the room with you. Your screams almost give him a panic attack, so Saeyoung goes in his place while he stays a good 2 hallways away.

¤ When the baby is there, and he kinda just stares at it.

     ×"Its so tiny and chubby”

¤ But he immediately falls in love with them.

¤ He’s scared of carrying them

     × “What if I drop them?”

     × “You won’t”

¤ Eventually he does, while sitting next to you in the bed.

¤ Saeyoung ends up snapping a selfie and BOOM family photo


¤ Blind sex was great

¤ For all you kinky bastards its like a perpetual blindfold

¤ But blindness has its disadvantages

¤ For example: if your blind, you don’t notice when the condom’s broken

¤ Just so happens that’s what happened to our dear V

¤ And that became evident a week before his surgery

¤ On the pregnancy test 

¤ So instead of telling him, you decided to wear a shirt that would read out “Your going to be a father”

¤ Because whats better than the first thing you see after being blind for who knows how long being that your going to be a father 

¤ But that quickly backfires once he’s told that he can’t take off the bandages for three days

¤ And he takes them off at two

¤ And you don’t have the god damn shirt on

¤ And so the water works begin

¤ And so does the confusion and panic

     × “MC why are you crying? Aren’t you happy?”

     × All that be heard is incoherent crying

¤ And once your calm…enough… you explain

     × “It was supposed to be a surprise, the first thing you saw was supposed to be the shirt”

     × “What shirt?”

     × “The one telling you you were gonna be a dad”

¤ And boom the surprise was out.

¤ And holy fuck he was crying

¤ And not out of sadness but out of happiness 

¤ Cause not only did he get to see, he also got the best news of his life

¤ Next thing you know your pulled into a hug

     × “MC thank you, I love you! Thank you so much”

¤ He was supportive as hell

¤ Boy got you as many things as he could

¤ But due to his recent achievement of sight, he couldn’t get you it all

¤ There were certain things, like driving or walking in the night, that just weren’t safe enough for your liking

¤ So you’d ignore your craving until morning

¤ But he always made up for the time needed to get them by going to EVERY SINGLE APPOINTMENT YOU HAD

¤ Still it was helpful to you to have him there

¤ He takes so many pictures of you like there’s no tomorrow.

¤ You and the belly

¤ Everywhere

¤ You both agree a planed C-Section is the best choice, less pain, and less shock and panic than if your water broke

¤ When the day came, you both drove there

¤ He couldn’t stop talking about the unborn yet baby

¤ Once you where brought into the room

     × “Sir, I’m sorry you can’t take that camera into the opertating room”

¤ Someone isn’t getting invited to the next RFA party

¤ The baby was slightly underweight but beautiful none the less.

I was thinking about how Newt Scamander’s full name is Newton and how that reminds me of Fig Newtons, when I thought of something.

Jacob Kowalski’s bakery makes pastries in shapes of the creatures he thinks are sprung from his own imagination. But obviously we know that’s not true. But what if he made more than just the creatures? 

What if he suddenly finds himself craving Fig Newtons one day, and then dreams up a pastry shaped like a newt. He has a strange feeling that the newt should be instead in the form of a man, but shrugs it off.

What if before that, before he made any other of his creations, he had an overwhelming urge to make something fit for royalty, for a queen. He digs deep and creates a beautiful ringed pastry, much like a crown a queen might wear. But frowns. It isn’t enough.

So he keeps working, keeps trying to bring the idea, the overwhelming presence that is lingering just under the surface, to fruition. One day he finds himself playing chess with a friend, and his eyes are nearly constantly fixed on his Queen. He feels he must protect that Queen at all costs, and not just in the game. When he wins, he holds the Queen in his hand as though it were something immensely precious to him. He asks his friend if he can buy the set, insisting until the friend agrees.

Later that night he sets the chess set up on the counter in his kitchen, and begins to bake, working intently without really realizing what he is doing. He casts his eyes to the Queen on his counter often. When he stops to really see what he has been doing, an intricate chess piece stands before him, a Queen, complete with a crown set upon short ringlets. Golden ringlets. It is perfect.

While he pours every inch of himself into every thing he makes, he gives just a little bit more to his Queen pastries. He finds himself shortening the name for them to Queenies. And his Queenies become his most popular item.

They are well known all over the city, and new people are always stopping by just to try one. Until one day, someone walks in that seems as though she stepped from his own dreams, that vision that has been always just out of reach in his mind is suddenly a reality.

She is his Queenie.

“Oh! You startled me… Here I thought we might have to tussle!”

more of my zora boy, alca, as i promised! (his real name is alcaeus btw.) he is, once again, a zora traveler who is obsessed with food and who will gladly buy ingredients from you at exorbitant prices. he likes gourmet meat and hearty bass, but stealthfin trout will make him happy, too!

his cooking is fit for zora royalty, but unfortunately he’s been traveling for so long that he’s totally forgotten about zora’s domain…

Fruit of the Dead

Please be gentle on me. This is very loosely based on the myth and was meant to be a short little one shot snippet for @snh-snh-snh. But, I feel like to do the story justice it has to be a longer piece. I’m still trying to figure out lots of logistics, world building, and character stuff, so it might be a bit choppy right now. I’m hoping to make this a longer fic and go outside my comfort zone. AU’s aren’t my usual thing, so I hope you enjoy! Apologies if I take forever to update!

Will Graham didn’t know how he had found himself in this strange situation. He remembered going out to fish. Remembered the soft breeze through the pines, the smell of lake water and of trout in the basket, hearing his dogs barking happily. At the corners of his memory he recalled curling up into the cool grass next to the lake, using his jacket as a pillow, and drifting off to sleep in the morning’s rising sunlight.

Will dreamed the earth had opened up to swallow him whole, but these were not uncommon dreams for him lately. Thoughts of death, of bodies broken, covered in blood, arranged in macabre positions haunted his nightmares. He often wished to be taken over by a flood or to be buried deep in the earth where his thoughts could be quiet and he could sleep. Just sleep. And, clearly, he had yet to wake from the dream.

The ceiling was dark above him, decorated with beautiful, intricate designs. Skeletons, chalices, jagged edges in ornate gold and red. White marble columns lined the edges of the room. His back rested against cool silk. A bed of sorts.

Looking down at his body, he realized he was wearing nothing but a white shift. He got up from the bed; his head swimming. There was a pitcher of water on a table beside him and an outfit, dark robes; it seemed fit for royalty. His old, worn fishing outfit was nowhere to be found.  Seeing no other choice, he put it on. It felt almost cold against his naked flesh. Pomegranates, sliced in half, their sticky juice gathering at the edges of the platter like blood, made his mouth water. But, he had the good sense to not touch them.

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“More than Cards and Flowers”

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Happy Valentine’s to everyone reading this – even if it’s a day late!  I just wanted to write a bit of festive fluff and feels, and beyond that, this one shot was also borne of my desire to have Killian and Snow White share some bonding time, and to develop for them the sort of friendship and understanding he and David seem to have found.  This may not have the amount of steamy CS interaction one might generally see in a Valentine’s one shot, but it’s definitely still very much CS.

Please enjoy!  I don’t own them, but I would love to hear what you think…


           “So, Killian, if you don’t mind me asking,” Snow spoke up curiously from the bowl of forming meringue that she had been carefully whipping into peaks for the last few minutes.  “Why was I the one you called?”

           At her question, Killian Jones chanced a brief, darting glance up to meet Emma’s royal mother’s eyes.  The apples of his cheeks and tips of his slightly pointed ears are flushed red – he can feel the heat of them – but there is no going back now. “You seemed the best candidate to approach for advice on modern cooking and appliances, Milady,” he offered mildly. Truth, to be sure, but he sensed she could read him nearly as well as Emma would in that moment and could tell it wasn’t the whole reason.

           Shaking her head, Snow pressed mischievously, “Oh really? Me? With the soft spot that Granny seems to have for you?”

           He snorted here, humored in spite of himself. “Aye, well, though the Lady Lucas does have her charms,” he shrugged with a rapscallion’s smirk, “I was hoping for something a bit fancier than meatloaf or grilled cheese.”  He scratched behind his ear sheepishly and added, “Not to mention that, this surprise being for Emma, I felt you would be the one motivated as I was to make the holiday wonderful for her, your Majesty.”

           Snow White’s lovely features sobered and gentled immediately at his words; her heart melting as she reached over to lay her soft hand on his forearm.  She didn’t speak for several moments, merely waiting patiently, kindly, for him to lift his eyes to hers once more. When her daughter’s True Love finally did just that, the emotion in their blue depths nearly stole her breath.  “I’m happy to help you,” she responded hoarsely, blinking back tears at the obvious devotion this man held for her daughter, at the knowledge that her lost little girl was finally cherished as she should always have been.

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe do some romantic headcanons with the paladins (+Allura because she is Best Space Princess, second only to Leia) with a slightly chubby s/o (that still kicks butt)? You don't have to if you're not comfortable. Thanks, love!

A/N: This is new for me, so, treat me with care here. I’m not sure if its romantic


  • Lance will be Lance. He will be romantic, in a way. He will shower his s/o with some flirtatious jokes and some cheesy pick up lines. He will try to be a gentleman in front of his s/o. 
  • On dates, he will 2x the Lance you knew to the Lance, Mr Romantic. He will boast about his s/o. Telling everyone how cute and adorable they are. Even if they are blushing, he will continue. BOY HE WILL CONTINUE. HAVE YOU SEEN HIM ON DATES? He will be that dork who tried his best to impress his s/o but. But. His s/o will rule the date by blushing red and suttering as hell. 
  • Non-stop kisses. Repeat after me. Non-stop kisses from every direction. Sometimes, it could be a surprise kiss or a wake up kiss. It depends on him or his s/o who do it. Some kisses are cheering up kisses. When his s/o feel bad, he will gently kiss them. 
  • When his s/o kicks butt, oh boy, its like its the first time meeting them. Its like flirting them from square one.


  • This guy, he is a nervous wreck. Romance is not his forte. He will babble non stop and blush as hell. Plus, he won’t make fun of his s/o body form. Look at his body, he will scare those who make fun of his s/o. In fact, he will cheer them up with food. Food is love, food is life.
  • He is the Masterchef of food. He will spoiled his s/o with his cooking skills and master creation. When they go on a date, food galore for everyone - I mean, his s/o. Only his s/o. 
  • Random hugs out of nowhere. I mean it. You can’t beat the hug. Embrace the hug. Kisses on the cheek, forehead. He will cheer up his s/o when they feel bad about their figure. Cheer up with food. 
  • This guy will feel happy when his s/o can defend themselves. He will reward his s/o with some food. Not from Coran, from Hunk.


  • This little girl will give her s/o hugs. She may be short but her s/o loves it. She knows about her s/o body. She won’t make fun of it, instead she gives them some love. She will roast those who make fun of them. 
  • She is smart. She will read some books on how to be romantic. She will try her best to romantic as possible. Her s/o will be happy. 
  • In dates, its her or her s/o who will be romantic. Doesn’t matter who, they will be the adorable couple that makes everyone goes, “Awww….”
  • When she is stress, her s/o will cheer her up with some funny stories. When she stay up all night, her s/o will be there for her. As a makeshift pillow. Or a bed. You’ll decide.
  • First reaction is like, “Oh my gosh, did you do that?” to “Beat ‘em up! You can do it!” She will support you all the way. Even in battle.


  • I think Keith is those guys who are hard on the outside and nice on the inside. He will protect his s/o from bad comments about their body form. You do not want to mess him. Don’t mess with Keith. 
  • For romance, he is not the type of guy who deal with it. He is a shy type. The awkward, blushing shy type. His s/o will tease him, in results, cause him to blush and look away. Despite  his personality, his s/o is the one who will do romantic acts towards him
  • Dating him include, him being all gentlemanly and protective. He will treat his s/o with care. Sometimes he brings them out for some night rides. He loved it when his s/o are wrap around his waist. He knows that they won’t let go. 
  • He will give his s/o some kisses. When they are alone. Not with around the team. Kisses on the cheek, forehead and hands. 
  • He’s impressed by his s/o skills. If they keep impressing him, he will invite them for a sparring. Together.


  • When someone makes fun of his s/o, you could feel him glaring at the person. The cold stone glare. The person would shrink away as he tower over their small form. You see my arm? It glows and it can slice and dice.
  • He don’t care about how their look, he cheer them up. With some funny stories of him in the Garrison and some deep words. He will cherish the moment when his s/o is smiling and laughing. If he’s s/o are happy, then he’s happy.
  • As Senior Officer, he might went on a few dates but I guess he is the romantic/ gentleman role. He always swoops his s/o from their feet with his looks. I mean, imagine him, wearing a tux, all sharp and nicely dressed. Even his hips are killing you.
  • Then there’s sweet moments when its just the both of you, cuddling away. His favourite spot to kiss are at the back or at the side of the neck. The lips are his main attention. When his s/o fall asleep, he will carry them back to bed and join them. 
  • Like a proud dad boyfriend he is, he felt pride and happiness, seeing his s/o who can defend themselves while being adorable. He does not have to worry about his s/o. He knows his s/o can take of themselves.


  • She hates it when someone makes fun of her s/o. Instead of kicking them, she will scold the person. With strong and long words. You could see why her s/o don’t mess with Allura. The person would rethink of their actions and apologize to her s/o. 
  • Seeing she is a lady with a higher status, I suggest a high and fancy date that was fit for royalty. Or else Coran will scold you for bringing her to low ranking place to eat. If her s/o don’t know how to eat with polite and grace, she will guide them. Patience yields focus. 
  • Romantic gestures are all done by her. The way she hugs, the way she give the kisses and some romantic acts to her s/o are sweet and gentle. Besides, she admire her s/o body figure. To be honest, she feel a little jealous with her s/o, always wondering why. 
  • In fact, her s/o will be with Allura. Giving her some words of wisdom, from their world. They will cheer her up whenever she thinks about her father. 
  • It will be killer duo, for the both of them. She can kick butt, her s/o can kick butt. Be careful of these two. You do not want to get your butt kicked by these two. Or else, K.O.

Whispers of precision and sacrifice
A King polishing his crown of razor wire
Jesters cry and the audience applauds
As he brings the reinforced steel home

Down the droplets run against the stubble
The red maze weaving past facial obstacles​
A few collect and grow beneath the chin
Plunging to the remnants of a lost palace

Echoed though time, the cry of a lost army
To kingdom come they witnessed a war lost
Forced to pillage the bread from children
They survive in sackcloth and worn sandals

How can the helpless guide the needy,
the brokenhearted fix a crumbled nation
When the titular hungers and thirsts himself
Drinking heartedly from his chalice of death

I am the least of any death row prisoner
Having brought ruination with speech alone
Having poisoned with the touching of lips
A cancer that cannot be removed wholly

Upon a bed of desecration, hang my chains
Tying down the strength of angelic wings
To keep the beautiful sparrows from flight
Just because I never got to taste the sky

Was I not born with the softness of a child?
Why then, have the calluses overwhelmed
Causing my touch to be one of disgust
Vindicating liars and diminishing my sight

With each step taken, earthquakes erupt
Making me question my right to walk
Perhaps I should give in to summers heat
And rest in the pool of my own degradation

A crown is only fit for blood royalty
In my finest of hours I am a pauper
Sitting in the ashes of my own demise
Scraping the mosquito bites with rocks

Haziness has overcome my every step
I struggle to keep on the winding path
Screaming “How will I ever find home!”
As the rusty crown digs into my palm

{PART 1} Nervous Proposal // Jungkook

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Can I request a BTS Jungkook scenario where he’s preparing to propose and he proposes to you? It ends with some smut or something? :D

A/N: I’ve decided to turn this into a two part series bc I’m a piece of shit and I feel like posting it all would be too much for one scenario.

Read Part 2 here (Smut) ^_^ 

Everything was in place – right down to the dainty flower petals that littered the ground from the entrance gates to the bandstand in the middle of the park. Unbeknownst to you – while you had been at classes and work this entire week, Jungkook had been setting in place a very special and important plan, and as he counted down the hours; he began to feel extremely on edge about everything.

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@morethanicantell | betrothed au bc we are such trash

                   he had not seen her for a few days , && he had the sneaking suspicion that she was hiding from him . he had known her since before she was able to walk . betrothed to her before the age of six && her before she had left the cradle . && belle had spent much of their childhood hiding from him . they were close but belle PREFERRED d the company of books to his own . and now with the autumn ball sounding in less than three days - preparations for it were muddled && becoming more difficult to bear . belle had retreated . && in all senses , adam did not really BLAME her . he was much more attuned to the lavish balls his father held . not her . 

                  he found her easily , his coat trim && glittering with golden animals, he was a depiction of lavishness beyond comprehension . belle was tucked away within the confines of his library . nose stuck in a book && lost in another world that did not have him . smirking , adam leaned against the wall of the book shelf , folding his arms carefully as he watched her . ‘ i MISSED you at breakfast , ‘ he noted with some casual ease . ‘ && at luncheon . two days ago . ‘ 

anonymous asked:

Maybe... please... can we see what Prince Silverwing would look like as an alicorn? Because he would make such a gorgeous one!

Prince Silverwing: First you call me pretty, then you imply that I’d be fit for Crown Royalty? And then you call me pretty again!

Prince Silverwing: I’m terribly flattered.

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What type of wedding (ring, dress, venue/location) do you think Eren, Armin, Levi, Erwin, Jean and Mike would have?

Ahhhh!! This is sooooo cute! 

Long post!


  He seems to be someone inclined to a more “rustic” wedding - what with him growing up in Shiganshina. Honestly, he couldn’t care less about what his s/o would wear - be it a simple white dress or a fluffy one. But considering the rustic theme, a flowy, white dress would suit the occasion. The ring would be something gold, not much stones. (How funny would it be if Eren used his hardening ability and took a shard from his “titan shell” to use as a ring.That sounds a lot like something he’d do. LOL)

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Bexy’s Fashion and Attire

Bexy has a distinct fashion, which makes it easy for people who know her to pick her out of a crowd. Generally fancy and flowing, and alluring as it is elegant, she makes a point to look good if she intends to be seen in public. As well as just looking good, there’s reasons i pick the colours of each piece and why!
I’m also a nerd for symbolism, don’t judge me ♥


Black and dark red dominates her attire, leaning to them for the elegant implications they are known for. Usually accented with either white or gold, it draws a contrast from the darker colours, helping to bring it together. Vibrant blue jewels are present on her accessories, bringing out the various physical highlights she posesses.

Black is symbolic of the darker tendencies Bexy has, be it hiding in the shadows, hiding parts of herself from others, or generally being secretive about herself.
Red has a similar vein of reasoning - Given the bloody path she walks, red is a reference to those she has injured and killed, as well as the pain she has endured in the line of duty.
The white is a reference to the threads of hope she still has for herself. For the hope she might forsake her old self completely, one day, and that it still shows that despite her cruelty, she still has good somewhere within.
Gold is more of a noble colour, fit for royalty and other higher standings. She adorns herself in the colour as a strange display of dominance; even though she no longer leads her company, she is confident that people still look up to her in such a position of importance.
The blue accessories she only began to wear so much when her aether became more prevalent. Blue jewels bring out her eyes, but also call attention to her power, subtlely displayed about her person.


Long, flowing shirts with fine material are a favourite, often showing more than a little skin. Short skirts and thigh high boots are her preference, as well as long gloves that cover her hands, and most of her arms. Her jewelry is delicate and detailed, and the mask she occasionally wears in certain places is just as ornate as the rest of her attire. Leather is also a preference in her attire, given how sturdy the material can be.

Bexy’s need to show a little skin is a long call back to her days as a criminal; where she relied on her ability to seduce people and take what she needed, to live. She’s found it to be useful even now, making her far more alluring and approachable, and to distract and allow herself the upper hand in social formalities.
Short skirts are much for the self-same reason, if not for the addition of mobility. She finds trousers and long skirts to be a little cumbersome, and shorts don’t particularly appeal to her, usually.
Thigh boots are a favourite. Bexy once had many scars that littered her legs, and whilst they no longer remain there, it’s still something she covers out of habit, more than anything else.
Bexy’s gloves are as much symbolism, as they are for fashion. It’s said that wearing gloves is symbolic of deceit, or hiding something, which she does in almost every occasion.
Her mask, which she’s always carrying at least one of, is of a similar effect. Though her reasoning for wearing it is a little different, and less subtle than her gloves.
As for jewellry, it’s a hold-over from her criminal days; certain pieces she stole, and could never quite let go of. A reminder that her past is much the same thing.
One piece of note; her wedding ring. Whilst not often displayed openly, due to her gloves, she always wears it beneath the garment; symbolising that she hides no part of herself from her Husband.

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