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On an earlier topic. I think the woman behind Hiro, towards the left, its the bitch who prompted Tadashi to go inside the burning building.

Anon, I think I just fell in love with you!

I could totally see it. She didn’t realise who Tadashi was until the newspaper article came out. She inadvertently feels guilty for Tadashi’s death so she didn’t go to the memorial service at SFIT. However in Tadashi’s obituary (for our sake let’s say there is one), she sees when the funeral will be.

Seeking closure for her sake, she goes to the funeral and from her spot behind Aunt Cass, she is near the boy who was with Tadashi. She realizes that the boy is Tadashi’s younger brother.

She wants to tell Hiro after the funeral how sorry she is for telling Tadashi Professor Callaghan was inside but the words don’t come up when it’s time. All she can say is that she is sorry for the loss.

Put your music on shuffle and answer the questions, then tag ten people!

Thanks @believeinloveex for tagging me! <3

The first song describes how you feel:

Girl Almighty - One Direction (hmm, interesting)

The second song describes your love life:

Spaces - One Direction (hmm, dunno about this one :d)

The third song will be played at your wedding:

Little Me - Little Mix (I guess this makes sense in a way, but ehh)

Add ‘in my pants’ to the title of the fourth song:

Run To You ‘in my pants’ - Pentatonix (ehh lmao)

The fifth song will be played at your funeral:

Something Great - One Direction (how fitting? I mean, the song reminds me of H&L and I die because of them all the time. my larrie ass would be happy)

The sixth is your theme song:

See Through - Pentatonix (welll, okay)

The seventh song will be played when you think of someone: 

Never Been Better - Olly Murs (interesting indeed)

Most of these don’t really fit, but it’s okay. This was fun anyway!

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Car Crash and Disease <3

Car crash - If you could take a road trip anywhere where would you go. 

I would love to go see the Mutter Museum and spend Halloween in Salem, stopping at every strange little roadside attraction from here to there. 

Disease - Describe your ideal funeral.

It is silent and cool outside. Everyone is dressed in black and gathered around a casket and an open grave. There are flowers. So many flowers, roses, dahlias, irises, lilies, daises. Someone has placed a few books and my favorite doll in the coffin with me. Someone else places a silver coin over each of my closed eyes, so that I may pay the ferry man. There is no preacher, no talk of heaven. My friends speak instead, someone tells that story, even though it’s not really fit to tell at a funeral. No one minds though. Bach’s Under the Stars plays as they lower my casket. A woman leans down to invite my ghost to a seance she is holding next week. It starts to gently rain. 

Thank you for the asks Sweetie 🌹

An Experimental Assault On The Auditory System is four tracks of punishing harsh noise, meant to cause physical auditory pain. The fourth and final track is exclusive to downloads and CD purchases. CD will come with randomly packaged artwork, either my photography or edits of mine. Limited to 15.


Fit For A Funeral - Flick The Lit Match

ANTI-SILENCE // The final output from my project Fit For A Funeral, aside from a live recording of my performance at Florida Noise Ordinance Fest 2 that will be out after the fest. This is the closest thing to an LP I recorded.

Decay Of Righteousness
  • Decay Of Righteousness
  • Fit For A Funeral
  • Whispers Between Lovers

From a short new EP of FFAF B-sides

I often dream of my father’s death, because he is the only thing that keeps me alive.
I often question the god I don’t believe in.
I often question why I haven’t taken my own life, but maybe it’s not mine to take.
I often question why I wouldn’t even shudder if I found out you were gone.
I often question why you’re even still here at all.
I’m dead to you.