Guess I like to rock the mint top/blue jeans combo at any size 😂

Left: I’m wearing a U.S. Size 24
Right: I’m wearing a U.S. Size 14*

95 lbs total lost (so far), 2 ½ year difference.
Happy then. Happy AND Healthy now.

* I can’t tell you what I’m doing in the right pic but I know it’s something sexual.

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Little Bird - Part 3 - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader (Mention of Void/Reader)
Words: 2,289
A/N: Here it is! The 3rd and final part of Little Bird. Hope you like it! xoxoxox

Part 1
Part 2
Part 4
Part 5

The rain was coming down in sheets, which you thought was rather fitting for a funeral. You stood under an umbrella, pressed close against Stiles, his arm around your shoulders. His other hand was gripping the umbrella handle so tightly his knuckles were white. You leaned your head on his shoulder, teeth chattering as you listened to the priest drone on about Heaven and Angels and Allison looking down on all of you for the rest of your lives. You wanted to believe it, that your friend would watch out for you. It would be the type of thing she would do anyway. Allison, always trying to protect, to do what was right. That’s why her and Scott had been meant for each other.

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Kid Cudi’s will 😢

“My casket needs to be 100% rose gold plated
I wanna be in my ripped Levi’s jeans and my Incesticide Nirvana
T shirt with my Converse
Don’t cut my hair
No matter what keep the casket closed
Send my body to space to be buried on the moon or
Sent through a wormhole with all my music
and my story on a jump drive, if possible.
Upon my death, all rivalries are deaded.
Dance and celebrate, no sadness
Let my fans have a separate funeral for me so my
family can mourn privately
Cremation if there’s barely anything left of me,
or else dig up my dad’s body and bury us together
wherever my mom sees fit. funeral must be”

My advice to anyone starting the new year out with weight loss goals:

Don’t be so hard on yourself. There will be set backs. There will be plateaus. There will be times where you won’t have the motivation.
But hating yourself and being miserable while trying to get healthy will only make it harder. Don’t let the number on the scale determine your happiness. Love your body now. Be happy now but keep striving for the changes you want to see.
Attitude affects everything.

-95 lbs (so far)

Happy then. Happy AND Healthy now.


1100 years ago some bored Viking carved outline of his foot on ship deck. Found in Gokstadt ship, Norway

The Gokstad Ship was excavated in the late 1800s and is a permanent feature of the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy in Oslo.

For about a decade, from 890 to 900, the ship sailed on ocean voyages. The holes cut for oars along the upper hull are well worn, evidence that the ship had been used for more than just a funeral ceremony.

The ship’s deck was fitted with loose floorboards. These could be lifted up so that supplies and plundered treasure could be stored below deck. The outline of a foot covers two of these floorboards. There are two outlines of feet on the Gokstad Ship. One is a distinct right foot. The other is a weaker outline of a left foot on a different floorboard.The ship was buried on land in a massive grave and the loose floorboards were helter-skelter when it was excavated. So we don’t know whether the planks with left and right feet had been originally next to each other or had been the capricious result of two separate individuals.

Hanne Lovise Aannestad of the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo has measured one of her own feet against a tracing of the carved outline – because no one can actually step on the fragile floorboard, of course. The foot was smaller than hers, and even though people were generally shorter in the Viking days, this was probably a little person.

2013. 2014. 2015.

My weight loss and healthy lifestyle progression so far. The struggle is real…but so rewarding.

I’m thankful to all my tumblr followers and bloggers that keep me motivated.

*mostly* Happy then. Happy AND Healthy now.

I was mulling today on the MCU version of Steve Rogers. All things considered, we’re given very little information about him in the film. What we were told included:

  • health conditions
  • father dead in WWI
  • mother dead while working as a nurse
  • Bucky is his friend from childhood
  • he lived in Brooklyn
  • he gets his butt kicked a lot

So I wanted to look at how they built his character without telling us more about him.

First thing we can tell is that he’s not got money. Look at his clothes in all the skinny!Steve sequences. They are all too big for him, which suggests that they’re most likely second-hand. They were definitely not bought to fit him. Compare them to Bucky in his funeral suit, which is practically made to measure, and we have it very clearly shown that Steve is in a lower social class than Bucky.

Incidentally, Steve has class issues coming out the wazoo. He’s in that level of poor people where all he really has is his pride, and he’s damned if he’s going to let you take that. The funeral scene encapsulates this attitude in a nutshell: I’m strong, I’m sturdy, I can do this, I’m not weak. A huge part of this is because he knows he’s always been seen as frail and weak, but the other part is the part where you know the whole world - especially the higher class people - are looking down on you.

He really does seem to see any compassion coming from Bucky as pity or sympathy, and he is far too prideful to accept it. Which is why Bucky doesn’t even bother telling him about blind dates until he’s there, because he knows Steve would find an excuse to avoid it, if he knew in advance. So basically, if you want Steve Rogers to accept something from you, you don’t offer it. You whack him over the head with it and say “THIS IS YOURS TAKE IT AND SHUT UP”

But anyway, back to his background: given the time-period, and the comic history of Steve being of Irish stock, it would make sense that he’s first or second generation Irish immigrant. At the time, the Irish were still pretty much at the bottom of the social pecking order in NYC, but were gradually working up with the influx of other ethnicities (especially Eastern European Jewish migrants escaping the pogroms).

The Irish definitely weren’t a minority at that point, but they were still treated badly. Particularly the Irish Catholics. Especially in a society where white protestants ruled the day in some denomination or another. (Long story, Church of England, history of invasion of Ireland, forcing protestantism on Ireland, oppression of Catholics for centuries etc)

For this reason, despite it never being mentioned, I get the feeling that Steve’s mother at the very least was Catholic. Steve, I see as mildly religious, but not excessively so. He likes God/Christianity in principle, but I don’t think he would stand with organised religion and the hypocrisy that ensues. Plus he really doesn’t have the Catholic guilt complex. He is more traditional in his sacrifice-self-for-right thing.

I especially adhere to the idea of Steve of Irish Catholic descent, because it would explain a lot of his issues with bullies. The fact he’s not exactly physically able would be enough to get him picked on, but the idea that he’s also from a socially-snubbed class, dismissed by people who see themselves as his betters? I could see that being the salt in the wound.

He really hates bullies who pick on people who can’t help the way they are or who or how they were born. You can’t help your heritage or your illnesses or your cultural background. That’s why I think the Nazis were such a point of anger for him. He would have been angry anyway, but these people were killing the sick, the weak, people of certain religions and heritages. They were attacking people like him.

And that aside, we know Steve is a smart cookie. There’s a scene at Lehigh, where he’s unpacking and half his case is full of books. He’s clever and a tactician, despite having the self-preservation skills of snowball in a furnace. He likes to be aware of politics and his surroundings (see his book collection in TWS). He may play the big dumb golden retriever to the higher ups, which is what many a good soldier does, but Steve has a cunning little brain between his ears.

And also, art. Which perfectly shows what a snarky, bitter, jaded old grump he is. “Whoo, yeah, I’m just a performing monkey in tights. My life is so awesome right now”. He knows he can’t complain out loud, because all he wanted was to get to the Front, but oh, he will draw you a narky comic or two, to let you know how he’s feeling.

And lastly, Steve’s great inability to flirt with people without being a massive fidgetty doofus. Chris Evans has managed to make skinny!Steve still shine through in big!Steve in his nervous gestures, ticks, and anxiety tells.

Next time you watch the film, watch how Steve doesn’t make eye contact with someone when he’s saying something that he’s anxious about. He will say what needs to be said, then look at the person. He will fidget with his hands, rub his forehead, shove his hands in his pockets or cross his arms. And one of my favourites is when big!Steve tries to hunch back down to the size of skinny!Steve to avoid people paying attention to him. It’s so rare to have a superhero who clearly has social anxiety, no doubt triggered by years of being picked on, belittled, or demeaned.

So, I think this pretty much covers the noble art of how Show-don’t-tell was used in the creation of Steve Rogers. And this is why I love the Cap films :)  

Why I decided to kick my ass and lose weight. For real this time.

I’ve never been skinny but when I was a teenager, I was really in a good shape : I liked to go skating,  play sports, go to the gym and take long walk with my friend. I had a lot of self-esteem. I was considered like a « cool kid» (yeah I know that’s lame haha).

Then I moved to Quebec City at 18 y/o for college (Quebec is in Canada. Quebec is also 4hours away from my hometown). AND I MET MY BOYFRIEND.

for you to contextualize, my boyfriend is a wrestler. Also, my boyfriend works out a lot and eat A LOT. So when I was with him, we ate. we ate junk food. And I was poor so I couldn’t even afford 50$ grocery per month so I bought Kraft Dinner at 0.99$ the box and I ate that all day long with pops.

One day my mom came to Quebec city and when she saw me, she couldn’t believe how fat I became. She started to tell me that I looked really bad and stuff like that. She was really mean. So I ate even more, I was TOTALLY eating my emotion. I became sooooo ashamed of myself, I didn’t want to see my friends back in my hometown because I was scared they would reject me because I became really obese… I didn’t want people to judge me so I started to stay at home. No more hanging out with friends or going to the restaurant because I couldn’t bare the look on other people’s face - probably I imagined most of them but anyway.

And then everytime I saw my family, they always talked to me about being healthy and it was really pissing me off so I stopped calling them and go seeing them.

I tried so many weight lost program, it never works. I was never motivated and I was doing it for my family to stop judging me - not even for myself,

And last week, one of my friends told me she would like to go to the gym, and on a whim, I decided to go with her.

So far I’m doing really good. I’m doing this for myself. I’m motivated and I’m proud of myself.

I’ll keep you updated !  

Follow me fitness world <3 I’ll follow you back cuz I love to see other people’s tips and motivation and progress.


I’m glad I talk in the past in this text. Because I just started on sunday my journey for a healthy me.

** SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH - I’M FRENCH CANADIAN - i’m learning hehe. ** 

Oh and sorry for my silly face on this pic (post work out shameless selfie )


A 21-year-old Royal Marine was buried in Holland with full military honours – a fitting funeral denied him more than 70 years ago by war and circumstance.

For over six decades, the last resting place of Marine David Williams from Colwyn Bay in North Wales lay unmarked and forgotten by the banks of the River Maas.

But in 2010, the green beret’s remains were found – prompting a five-year investigation to discover his identity, by tracing his family, so he could finally be interred alongside comrades from the Corps in the village of Waspik, 50 miles south of Amsterdam.

On February 5 1945, 41 Commando planned a raid across the River Maas to snatch a prisoner of war from behind German lines.

Bad weather forced the mission to be abandoned – but the collapsible canvas boat used was left behind on the far bank. 41’s leaders ordered the boat retrieved and Williams was sent across the river with comrades.

On the way back, the boat capsized, and three marines were swept down the cold waters of the Maas – here 650ft wide – by the strong current.

Wearing combat boots, battle dress and leather jerkins, the three men struggled – Williams especially as he could not swim – and eventually drowned.

The bodies of Mnes Charles Brandon and Kenneth Ratcliffe were subsequently washed up downstream and buried, while Williams’ corpse was eventually recovered from the water and laid to rest in a shallow grave by the river.

And there the 21-year-old’s body remained for 65 years, until work was conducted on the site – and the marine’s remains uncovered, plus his boots and gaiters. 

DNA testing was needed to identify the body – made trickier by the fact that Williams was given up for adoption shortly after birth.

Eventually, the marine’s half-sister was located in Colwyn Bay.

Now 72 and unaware she had a half-brother – their mother had never spoken of him – she was confirmed as a relative thanks to DNA testing earlier this year and attended today’s service.

Present-day Royal Marines acted as bearers of Mne Williams’ coffin, a Royal Marines bugler sounded The Last Post and Reveille, and a party from the Dutch marines fired volleys in salute of the fallen green beret.

According to his service record, David Williams was well thought of by his superiors who were impressed both by his character and his actions on the field of battle.

Having volunteered for service aged 17 in the autumn of 1940, he served in Sicily, Normandy and finally the Netherlands.

Left: At the zoo in Atlanta in the heat of summer. I remember I was burning up and wishing I had a drink.

•3 years and >100lbs later•

Right: This past Thanksgiving drunk hanging out with my family.

Follow your dreams 😂

Happy then. Happy AND Healthy now.

So here is last years progress pictures. Popped them up for a bit of motivation. Pretty much the exact stats as in my bio so check there.

Very happy with the results and can really see what I need to do this year. Fingers crossed I will be in a bikini 6 months from now laid on a beech in Asia somewhere.

Last year was just prep 2015 is game time!