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anonymous asked:

hi beautiful aces! would it be possible for me to submit a long question? cause i don't think it'd fit into a couple of asks, and i really am hurting and wish to speak to someone about this. i deleted my tumblr bc of the aphobia and the constant suicide baiting and threats, but im still not doing well. i do this thing where i compulsively and obsessively check how things are going w the 'discourse' (YUK. As if gaslighting me, labelling me something im not, and being abusive to me were discussion

and i guess i need some positivity. the things i’ve seen lately have made me wanna wretch. have made me not wanna see the house. i check compulsively because im so scared and these people have been so abusive. bad coping mech. i resisted for a couple of months but now im doing it again, and i just wanna know- is it at least dying down? do we have more pro inclusion people than assimilationists and reactionaries? cause last time i was here it didn’t seem like it, and it destroyed me to think abt

In all honestly, I don’t know if I can really say it’s dying down. What I can say, however, is that as it’s gone on exclusionists have realized how complicated their ‘guidelines’ have to be in order for a person to ‘gain access’ to the lgbt community, and those have come out as pretty much every kind of queer bigoted - in my experience, they especially align non binary folks with binary genders in order to uphold the sacred “sga” dictum and gatekeeper as many as possible from the trans label. 

What I personally have come to realize lately is that this really truly does not translate into real life. Queer spaces are very open. My school is frustratingly fake-leftist, exactly the types I would think would be anti-inclusion, but our lgbt+ group advertises itself as “queer club,” and people whom I can already tell are close-minded and too privileged to really understand protest are the only ace-exclusionists I know. The lgbt+ club run by my home, city-wide Pittsburgh library system is explicitly open to asexuals. These are really just a scared ignorant few on the internet, and, it seems, very specific to tumblr.

- Ino


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