Our little princess is learning and I will patiently teach her more @billybostonjr 😘

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I am on a rampage!!! I am trying to get my whole life in order, started a huge overhaul of my home tonight, it will probably take me a whole month to complete, however when I am done re-organizing I will be able to host a fit club in my home for my local friends.

This will help keep me motivated with my weight loss, and will help them with their motivation as well. :) Plus it will help improve my relationship with my poor husband, because, you see, I am an artist. Artists aren’t exactly known for being clean, we make huge art messes, unless you happen to be an artist with an OCD for organizing. (rare but it does happen!) He loves a clean house and I love to make him happy, so I will do this for both of us!

So I am trying to improve myself by making a new habit of keeping my home clean and organized, and also improve myself by finishing my weight loss, and improve my relationship with my husband by being more organized, not just with the house but with my work as well, so that I can spend more time with him. Which will make both of us happier.
Free Fitness class in Everett, WA

EVERETT FIT CLUB starts on Feb. 2nd, 2012!!!

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You have to come check out this great opportunity. It’s available every Thursday starting at 7:30pm.

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Sometimes it’s healthy to boast/feel cocky. A year ago I began a love/hate relationship with fitness. I would get off to a good start and then fall into a slump. As of today I am down over 60 lbs and have gained a healthy amount of muscle. I dont even have to tell you i owe most of it to @soulcycle but it has truly changed my life and for that I am SO thankful. 

Our Fit Club in Miami

(The Standard Miami, Outdoor Deck)

Summertime, certainly brings out the best in all of us. Who wouldn’t want to maximize their workout for a rocking summer body? The best news you’ve heard all day… The Standard Miami is offering a 2 month membership for first time members at nearly half price! The special Fit Club membership will include all of the benefits of a Standard Wellness Membership, including full access and 12 Health, Yoga or Fitness classes per month. Plus the special fit club members will receive 5 private one-on-one training sessions (Fitness, Pilates or Yoga.) What’s not to love about that?

To get you started, we caught up with three of our teachers to get some healthy tips.

(Viktoria Telek, Fitness Expert + Bootcamp Instructor)

Take your Workout Outside
There are so many physical activities you can do outside such as going on a hike, playing games with your kids. Also, biking, running, swimming, Kiteboarding, and boot camps are good ways to keep your body guessing and effectively burning more calories. Outdoor activities also are a great way to be active with your kids and get them motivated to exercise early on in their life.

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Nike seriously deceived and then attempted to kill me today. I looked at this workout, and thought pfft after yesterday, this will be a piece of cake. Honestly it wasn’t bad, it was challenging, but not killer, and then those fucking walkout to push-ups came along. Now if I were strong enough for a regulation push-up this may have been all good, but I’m not I have to do modified push-ups. So your girl here was walking out, hitting a plank, dropping to her knees, hitting that push-up with proper form, getting back into that plank and walking back up… Jesus sweat was pouring down my face and this picture doesn’t even really show it.

This little hallway is off the indoor track and I’m pretty sure someone thinks I’m about to die every single day, but I just keep pushing through these workouts. Modifications definitely happen, but I haven’t failed to finish any workout I’ve actually started. I did miss two last week, but I did get in other workouts.

Oh yeah btw, I’m doing a 4 week Nike Training Club Workout Plan because I wanted to challenge myself. I was also getting bored, and had no idea of what to do at the gym any more.

Summer Splash

The Standard Miami’s wellness playground is just the right vibe for a relaxing escape and now it’s available at an irresistible price with our Summer Splash package. Explore our indoor and outdoor hydrotherapy, discover the curative effects of water, steam or mud in our Hamam, Aroma Steam Room, Cedar Sauna, Infinity Pool, Roman Waterfall, Hot Tub and Mud Lounge. Here you can indulge in a steamy mix of health and hedonism and learn the ageless art of bathing - indoors and out.

Our Summer Splash Package includes a $35 spa credit, daily continental breakfast, a complimentary pitcher of sangria, a Health, Yoga + Fitness class, and complimentary valet! What’s not to love?

And don’t worry, we didn’t forget the locals! For the local Miamian’s we’ve created a Fit Club – a special 2 month membership for first time members at nearly half price!


These bar brothers got me excited to do bar calisthenics. I will add bars to my Herbalife nutrition plan. Let me help you with a nutrition plan.

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