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George Harrison - “Any Road” - Brainwashed

“'Any Road’ was written during the video shoot for ‘This Is Love’ [from 'Cloud Nine’]. He was in Hawaii, sitting in a banyan tree, and waiting for the camera crew to film the video.” - Dhani Harrison, Guitar World, January 2003

“…I keep traveling around the bend
There was no beginning, there is no end
It wasn’t born and never dies
There are no edges, there is no sides
Oh yeah, you just don’t win
It’s so far out - the way out is in
Bow to God and call him Sir
But if you don’t know where you’re going
Any road will take you there”

Al has to bend down to kiss his tiny girlfriend.

While I don’t have my laptop to finish my Almei Week fic with, I do still have my notebook to doodles these two cinnamon rolls in, and I’m determined to post something actually during this week.

Can we stop...

Policing feelings and thoughts?

Can we stop acting offended on other peoples’ behalf?

Can we stop assuming that people of other races, genders (male or female), or creeds are not smart enough to recognize when they are being insulted?

Can we all just concern ourselves with ourselves?

But at the same time…

Can we all stop getting so remarkably butthurt over meaningless comments, ads, statements, entertainment and opinions?

If you don’t like it, don’t listen/read/watch/consume. But don’t disrespect it just because it doesn’t fit into your world view.

Open your mind, try to learn a little, and move on.

Headcanon: Vault 95

[soft gasp] What if someone intrepid finds Vault 95 after the Sole Survivor and Cait clear it out, and they use all the documentation, medication, and findings from Vault-Tec to create an actual drug and alcohol treatment program for the Commonwealth? Oops, now they’re the program director!

At first the program director is just in it for the caps, but they find that they actually make more money with a legit program than selling snake oil. It’s great motivation to keep it legit, and they grow to enjoy the work they do. Sometimes the caps come from repeat business (Vault-Tec left behind a program manual for relapses), but most of it is through word of mouth.

It’s a rocky start, lots of mistakes are made, a few people get pretty sick, maybe someone unfortunately dies under their care. Thankfully, Vault-Tec left behind some great program manuals; they wanted the best data for this experiment, and with enough time and feedback, the program director actually sets up some great programs thanks to those resources.

They hire and train counselors, they have a kitchen staff, security staff, housekeeping and maintenance staff. Vault 95 becomes a legit employer down in the southern end of the Commonwealth. They even set up a few sober living houses when they have enough profit and find that the people in the program have better success.

Thanks to @cyborgsurprise​ for helping me hash this out!